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  2. Yeah wow I actually started reading about ODing on another thread. Amazing you can have such strong reactions to something like that! Now I know to be more careful! I think I'll also avoid putting it in my cleavage again. Crazy. That's great! You'll have to let us know how that one goes too.
  3. This is so freaking good. Yes it smells like fresh springy succulent daffodil stems, but there is so much more going on. It is complex and rich, and throws more and lasts longer than I expected. Very very sweet but even there, not in a simple white sugar way. It’s not specifically floral but to my nose it’s quite decidedly feminine. I could wear this all day every day. It’s a stunningly gorgeous clear sky day in a bottle. Beside myself
  4. Thanks for the awesome review! I have a bottle of this Coming soon. Can’t wait to try it!
  5. This isn't at all what I was expecting it to smell like. I really like the scent a lot. It's fresh, green, and crisp, but not loud at all. It's a really comforting smell that makes me feel relaxed and happy.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Gotta be honest, I’ve had fun watching that myself!
  8. Sorry I disappeared! Yes, our date has went well. He wants to spend more time with me. I went with my Topper boosted Cougar for our first date, Levitation poition for the second.
  9. Bella15

    Toujours Belle

    I thought I would really like this one, but I'm getting the "fizzy" that Luna mentioned, and I am just not a fan of scents that tickle my nose like that. I'll see how the drydown goes, but for now, this is a no-go for me.
  10. Mmm.. this is a gorgeous clean, herbal type of scent. A titch masculine, but not so much I would hesitate to wear it. I'll let Mr Perfect try it this week, if he likes it, we can get a bottle to share 😉
  11. You and QG are safe. Lol. Not at all the type I’m talking about! It’s pretty rare but every couple years one pops up. Watching Luna take one down is one of my guilty pleasures in life, much like hearing Mara curse like the true New Yorker she is on the phone.
  12. Yes that is an OD. The jittery shaky thing are most common first signs and nausea for sure means it was a little more. My worst OD ever was with Cougar and I puked for 13 hours lol. That was a very extreme case and not many people wear enough or react as strongly as I do but I definitely know others who have. So just wear less, and be wary if you are going to be drinking. If you are drinking, make sure you eat and also hydrate with water. My OD with Cougar was also a result of overzealous reapplication. I think Cougar just doesn’t need it.
  13. This starts out kind of in cough syrup territory, but fear not! Then again, you might not get that at all. I decided to compare it to the very first brew of Special Delivery because I think that's the version which has the most cherry-ness to it. In the drydown the cherry is still center stage, of course, but it had evolved into more of a fresh cherry to my nose. The chocolate surrounds it like a creamy-smooth pillow. It doesn't have as much of a candied vibe as Special Delivery. This impression remains, it's pretty linear much as Lemon Buttercream was on me. I get a bit of the red currant later on, which basically bolsters that tangy cherry quality. If, like me, you love having ten different versions of chocolate-cherry in your perfume collection, then I think you will enjoy this one. i'm wondering what this would be like layered with a rose or orchid note.
  14. You guys are great. The OFF comment ROFL. 😂 And yes absolutely smelling good is huge to me. My go to scents are Carmel Musk from here, a light Amber oil and apple body spray. I also like to were phero girl on occasion under my shirt. I definitely get compliments on my smell a lot. That comment about him being patient b/c he fly fishes is a good point. My friends told me he is an awesome guy so I trust their judgement. It would be really nice if we actually hit it off. I wore Cougar today to work and I think I might of over did it, I applied some this morning before work and then reapplied at around 5pm cause a guy I kinda liked came into my work so I wanted to see if I could get any hits off him. Anyway I put on kinda a lot when I reapplied in the afternoon by accident and all of a sudden I felt jittery and was almost having a hard time speaking without getting tongue tied. It was weird. I had a slight headache all, day which I am prone to, but I'm wondering if it was the pheros b/c it seemed to get a little worse after i applied it the second time and then I even started to feel a little nauseous. I ended up eating something and felt better but is this a possible reaction from Cougar? I hadn't eaten much that day so that could of been it too. When I put it on this morning I put on a lot less and also had some phero girl on under my shirt and I was feeling pretty good about myself. 🤔 Could the molecules in Cougar cause the jitters? I kinda felt high but not in a good way. Or it could of been just a coincidence and low blood sugar?
  15. This is really delicious! It reminds me a bit of LP Bittersweet the way it reads on my skin. It is a sweet, chocolate coffee, that smells great on it's own, but would be easy to layer. I bought some Warm Milk & Sugar during the sale and plan on layering it next time I'm wearing OCCO Mocha for some extra creamy sweetness.
  16. Ahaha! Sorry but I’m already a member here. This one has me intrigued! If they aren’t sold out when I am ready to order again I will have to try it.
  17. I didn’t get an invoice, or email reply this is my first sale so maybe I did it wrong?
  18. Hehehe... 😄 I was wearing virgin Adam’s Nectar today and was getting all sorts of attention from my clients. It was fun!
  19. Last week
  20. Oh wow a new word and a Quince sighting in one day. This is too much. If a misogynist asshole joins today and I get to watch you shred him then my life will be complete. Lol.
  21. I'm trying it! (The Alexi Relax) this is perfect for me right now. So great (not) that I missed the sale, and now I'm shopping again. Timing is everything.🤨
  22. I've achieved the rank of Mr Mxyzptlk. I had to look it up lol.
  23. I know your question was about which phero choice was best, and I absolutely would go with any of the ones the veterans here suggest, an expert I am not. But, don't forget about just plain smelling good! The scent memory is a powerful thing. You couldn't know what scents he likes (of course) but, you know what you like on yourself. Don't overdo it, but smelling good is an attractant, and helps define who you are (if that makes sense). I've been mia on this board a lot lately, so I apologize if you've talked about what types of fragrances you like, because I haven't been around to read this. Smell nice, don't scare off the fish, and have a great time!!! (PS, if he fly fishes, he is a patient guy who is willing to show determination. THAT is a good trait!)
  24. Oddly enough, what this remind me of - to the T - is Lorien's Skelly Tart, a Private Edition which cheeseburger79 requested years ago (lemon creme brulee) because that candied lemon right in the center of it is so delicious! Butterscream Lemon, on the other hand, is to me more of an all-around bakery-type lemon; I get the lemon and the other notes blended in equal measure. But if you're a lemon lover this OCCO! is really great, I love how it's tangy and sugary and creamy and warm it is. It's got a good intensity to the blend which means it wears well, and it stays pretty linear throughout.
  25. I think this was what I wore around my mom, that was SO effective at making both of us calm and making us really listen to each other and be kind to each other - which we are both pretty bad at normally - that it was quite uncomfortable and I never dared try it again. Lol
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