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  2. I love mango, any kind of mango whether juicy or tangy, but this really gives me an appreciation for more sugary kinds of mango. Not quite as juicy as some others but so happy! I'm actually really curious to layer this with Sugared Grapefruit now.
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  5. luna65

    Cupid's Cathedral

    I think editing was disabled for the sale, so no worries.
  6. Eve

    Cupid's Cathedral

    Okay... called it by the wrong name. Can’t fix it! (Edit turned off, or is it just me?)
  7. Eve

    Cupid's Cathedral

    I was completely taken by surprise at this one! This was part of a generous gift (also a huge surprise!) from two amazing friends. (💕💜💕) I’m not a florals lover. And, generally speaking, I expect that the summer releases won’t be for me. AND I grow lilies. Lots of them. Don’t really like how the gardens smell when they’re all blooming at once. But this fragrance is amazing. It is so so good! I don’t know if it can replace my dearly missed Wild Cherry (but nothing could). The two don’t smell similar in the least, just trying to convey how much I like Cupid’s Chapel. Thank you @Potion Master for sharing your talents and your heart with us.
  8. Wow! This is amazing!!! I’m so glad I picked this up in the sale/ If only I had known, I wouldn’t bought this a long time ago! I have many, many pumpkin scents. I didn’t think I needed another one! This rounds it all out, though, and this is my absolute least spicy pumpkin. I do amp spice, so even this one where the spice is so mild, it shows up after a little while. I wasn’t planning on wearing anything extra to bed, I’m tired and not wanting anything but sleep. I put on a few drops of Phero B2.2 and, whew! That had a strong scent that I wasn’t expecting. Mara is so good at covering the phero’s that I never have to think much about it. But this needed help. I grabbed this Sugared Pumpkin because I assumed it would be a simple solution, but it’s far from simple and I won’t underestimate it again! I hope I dream about pumpkins!
  9. This works pretty well for me. I have a problem where I seem to produce a lot of copulins all on my own just regularly and I've had issues covering the scent. Well, I think I'm going to explore the OCCO scents in virgin or Noco because this covers me and the cops in the perfume equally well. The raspberry is a little sickly sweet at first but it calms down to nice sweet pumpkin. The spices didn't survive but it was still pretty nice. Not really foody on me, a little candy like but not sickly sweet. It's pretty nice though pumpkin pie is not at all what I get.
  10. I like how this is mainly sweet but with a definite undercurrent of tartness, gives it a dimensional kind of feel in terms of more of a "real" smelling accord. I actually don't get as much of the berry sugars like I do with the Sugared Berries one. Looking forward to layering this with Chocolate Fudge and Roses!
  11. Well yeah, Cougar is a musk-based scent so it will cling for sure.
  12. His heart may be good but I don’t think that’s why he couldn’t leave!
  13. I’m thinking I might be only person on forum who doesn’t get enough grapefruit out of Sugared Grapefruit! Maybe because mine’s a spray? I dunno. I think it’s me. I love grapefruit so much, I want to get punched in the face with grapefruit power. Pow! Give me more! 👊🏼 I wore it under Tangy Tart today, though, and this is perfect. Just what I needed.
  14. Girl this has been my reality, LFM is my favourite go to either by herself or with a scented fragrance oil. I purchased unscented because of the gym and work being scent free zones. Also sometimes I really don’t feel like smelling like anything. Most recently a man I’m good friends with who I also flirt with offered to train me in martial arts. The first time I worse LFM he was all shy which isn’t like him and we trained for an hour. Today I get a text while running errands from him saying that he had an hour to kill and he could pop by and train me before he had to go back to work. Well one hour led to a total of THREE hours! He ended up canceling one of his clients to spend two more hours training me out of the goodness of heart. Of course we ended up flirting some more when he got ready to leave. 😃
  15. Thank you! I have seen you in a lot of reviews, I think in almost all that I've seen here hehe! Thank you for the warm welcome! :D I already ordered LP: Red, but I'll probably get my hands on it next year, but it might come much earlier so I don't know. Black seemed much too dark for me, and pink might be too gourmand, but I'll consider your word for it! I also looked at crown jewels too because it seemed the least gourmand among the collection. I'm not a fan of coconut notes in my perfume which seemed prevalent in this collection. I've also really considered Potion Bastet, but I guess I wanted 1/3 fl. oz.-sized perfumes first; I'm not really sure why though. Thanks you for these suggestions!
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  17. I'm sad, this one might not be for me. Many berries don't play nice with my skin, but all the other notes love me so I went FB, un-sniffed! It's rare that I guess wrong, and I do love fizzy and fruity scents, like Peach Sparkle. I was hoping it would work, but it might end up on my trade page. I'll try it again in a week or two. It smells great in the bottle, though.
  18. I just wore this today for the first time and I'm in love. I purchased this during the sale and I must say its truly not what I expected... It's light airy and gives an air of elegance.
  19. Vika

    Petticoat Lane

    I have a trial vial of Gossamer Threads and I was really disappointed when it sold out. I stocked up on this one hoping it was the similar and it is! Lol It's a beautiful scent for people who like white amber type of perfumes like Kuumba mades Persian Garden, this is in the same family. Very pretty!
  20. Vika

    Cupid's Cathedral

    This is just as I imagined! Wet I get Lily and vanilla but the lily burns off after a bit. The dry down is beautiful where the vanilla and balsam combine to a very creamy sweet scent with depth.
  21. I mixed 1/3 Mother Goddess, 1/3 Savage Beast, and 1/3 DPG oil in a small roller bottle and in a 1 oz. spray, and it is so soothing and smells amazing! ❤
  22. This kinda smells like a raw furniture store to me, by that I mean, bare wood and wide open space which I like. When it was wet I got a little floral but it dried down to a mild blond wood so I guess teak is the dominant on me. Wood scents like me but I'm surprised I didn't get distinct hibiscus and I can't be certain about guava berry, either, just a tiny bit of sweetness. Maybe that'll change with time but I like it as is too. It's really mild.
  23. @Eastwood22 I was just in WY this week and it dropped from 93 F to 15 F in 48 hrs. 🥶 So who knows, maybe the cold is coming? Hope you are doing ok with the fires!
  24. It sounds like a no brainer FB for me, too. I didn't get to try Mother Goddess, but I've seen a few comments about it since the sale started. It sounds yummy too. I just can't believe I missed a new phero release! Especially one that sounds custom built for me! I'm so excited to try it! And the scent it's in sounds divine! Whoo!!!!
  25. Oh wow! Snow! I’m in CA in the Bay Area, it was 100 degrees yesterday. I’m just getting emails now about buying passes for the winter for the ski resorts, but it seems a million miles away.
  26. The tarot one is super cute! Not requesting, I’m all stocked up on masks, just observing!
  27. This was a no brainer FB for me. I love it. Also reminds me a lot of the 2015 Spell Collection’s Mother Goddess, both the creamy goodness and the drawing in of small creatures. @Kayla I’m sure you’ll love the scent!
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