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  2. Because they were ALL just added! That feature will start working properly as the site ages a little. THANK YOU EVERYONE, FOR ALL THE KINDS WORDS, ENCOURAGEMENT AND HELPING ME FIND PROBLEMS! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  3. So, I let this settle for a few weeks before reviewing it because I wasn't getting much of anything besides berries on my skin, and I knew that it should smell more cakey. Honestly, I was afraid that the blue raspberry was going to ruin the scent for me because it amps something awful on my skin. Well, today, I am FINALLY getting some creamy pumpkin, maple and vanilla along with the blue raspberry, and I am so happy because it smells delicious! It is still very sticky and sweet, as expected, and I am really enjoying it on what is a rainy, blah day.
  4. @halo0073 I love that! My man seriously is trying to get me to learn ASL with him, presumably for the same reason - shit talking about people without them knowing. I can picture you making jokes and cursing while he mumbles sweet nothings....
  5. Last week
  6. I tried the "Sort by Date added" and it doesn't seem to go by the order of the collections. Not a big deal, but just wanted to let you know. It's awesome and easy to use! Love it. And congrats on the larger space!
  7. LP: Pumpkin w/ Aja *sigh* I was so late to that party.
  8. On my knees begging for a rebrew of LP Carnival.... phero'd,with anything, virgin, whatever...just PLEASE ! It's my fave scent ever, & I discovered it far too late
  9. I am not into PDA at all myself. Very very occasionally if BF and I are drinking together. Just us. Lol so I guess that’s not public. I guess every so often if we are out and drinking as a couple and are out with other couples or just the two of us. He is not into PDA or emotions at all regularly which suits me just fine but when drinking he gets all emo and sappy and wants to drag me around by the hand calling me mi Amor . We really rarely speak Spanish to each other so it’s the drinking that brings it out. Except he says loving emo sappy shit and I largely say funny stuff peppered heavily with curse words. If any Spanish speaking people are around ( like his family) they find it highly amusing. Sometimes we talk about other people in Spanish though.
  10. @tyvey thank you for that story! I love how accidentally wearing pheros can sometimes turn the day into a sitcom episode. I can picture both of your male colleagues doing their strange little dances. Poor guys!
  11. I'm sure Mara will be on it now that the new website is up and running. Strangely I've never bought a bottle of UN Gotcha, but I have Fuzzy Wuzzy, Tickle Tickle, and stocked up on several bottles of Honeyed Love Potion when I heard that there was going to be a break in it's availability.
  12. Okay, I finally got my man to wear Adam's Nectar WITH The Love God. I really do believe it enhanced my mood. We've been traveling a lot this year, and he does do one thing that annoys me. I've traveled alone a lot, and I like to move quickly. He walks slower, but needs to get to airport like 10 hours before the plane boards. Once we've gone through security, I like to put our carry on stuff down and run around independently to get/do what we need. He doesn't. He's like, "wait here and hold this, I'm running into the men's room," and I'm like, "no." Why do I have to wait outside the men's room? What if I also need the restroom? He says he doesn't want us just running off all over the place without eachother, as if we're going to "lose" eachother. If we're both going to gate C26, how will we misplace eachother? Especially if the plane doesn't board for many hours? I think we will have time to reunite. Now it's it just the airport, it's everywhere we go when we are traveling. We're in New Mexico for a work trip for him, so we got up early and went hiking and that was great. But after that, he wanted me to hang out in the bar while the band rehearsed all day. Um, no. I felt bad when he said like we "weren't even spending time together on this trip," because I know he thought what he said was real. Some of the people on this trip annoy me, so I did choose to get into a different car back to the hotel after dinner the other night. And last night before the show I told him I'd walk instead of riding with them because I just needed some quiet. He said "but I'll be working all night and this is my only chance to hang out with you!" Which, obviously, is not true, but man feelings are very big feelings, as we all know. I made up my mind that I would hang all over him when I actually got to the show. And I had requested earlier that he wear the Adam's Nectar trial with TLG which I had asked him bring. So I was pre-committed to being clingy, but it wasn't a challenge. I'm not a clingy person, I'm the least fond of PDA's of most anyone I know. But he's such a doll (it's the best way to explain it at the moment) and he is thrilled anytime I shower him with love, in public or in private. Public affection from me is just way more rare. But the Adam's Nectar and TLG made it so much easier!
  13. ^ everything sk said. “BAM MINIMIZING SPELL” - SO CUTE and so generous!!!
  14. Loooove the new site....my fave so far. I love how the phero boost option is on it & that mad scientist option is insanely cool ! Also love the automatic discount code. Beautiful site, cool new things...it's a win !
  15. Peeps, let me know if anyone sees any more visible invisible characters on the FAQ page, we MIGHT have fixed it. Thank you! (You'd have to clear your cache if you visited that page previously.) THANKS! ❤️
  16. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER! Put things into a wish list, and it will allow you to make an account that way.
  17. I was ALWAYS the programmer up until recently, when I could not wrap my head around the friggin' lame ass Wordpress format, which I was told was a necessity in this era, so I had to hire others to program it, (badly - to say the least). I finally found a newer system via Shopify with backend html language again, and it took me a month or so of no sleep to do from scratch what I had been paying others to do for the past 2 years. I am so relieved to have found this format, I cannot even tell you. And, YES PLEASE, EVE! I cannot wait to meet you in person! I wonder if we will have room to do what I wanted to do in this place - which is to have a world map on the wall and people can put a pin and ribbon showing their name where they visited us from. Meeting people we have become friends with online is one of our biggest joys in the shop!!!
  18. It works great! And after I placed my order, a google map popped up showing where it will ship to. Very cool I didn’t see a spot to create an account, but that could be because I used PayPal
  19. You guys have talked me into getting this. And, I’m going to use the NEW WEBSITE to do it!
  20. @Potion Master I’m so happy for you. I remember you were looking for a more spacious location quite a while ago You’ve had quite the eventful year. Now, in addition to being potion master, you’re a mad programming website master too! ...and, Someday I intend to make the trip out there, and see all the wonderfulness in person.
  21. Thanks so much for sending! That really helps!!! ❤️
  22. Thank you! And YES! That's the plan. A larger location is available up the street and we seriously need it. Every single day I have to say NO to people - Do you offer classes? Can I book a party here? Do you have a bathroom? So if we get this larger space, we can say YES to all these things that the locals wish of us. Plus, I get to move my office into the shop and out of my house and that just might save my life and sanity in the long run, as right now I only get to be in the shop a few days a month.
  23. No probs. Y'all are so great, I'm happy to help any way I can.
  24. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Everything worked for me so far. Easy to navigate, very readable type font. !!!!!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT !!!!!!!!! (Yes, I’m yelling). And you’re moving store location?? 💕🍾🎉🍷🍷
  25. I'm on a computer. PC not Mac, and it's running Windows 10. It says my version of Chrome is Version -------- I'll work on getting that to you. It'll be just a bit. ETA: OK, sent it. (Or at least tried to.)
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