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  2. Aw, I wish it made me feel gorgeous. Yikes on the crankiness! I wonder what causes that...
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  4. I know I’ve written at least one glowing review about LFM and it still stands...it makes me feel absolutely gorgeous and the reactions from people are terrific. However, no matter the amount I put on, I find that by the end of a LFM day , I am an extremely cranky woman. Every. Single. Time.
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  6. This smells DIVINE!! I ordered this in a trial vial at least 1 year ago. I just tried it today. I am truly enjoying wearing this. I do like Lace anyway. I feel pretty upbeat wearing this. I will see how it feels as the day progresses, but as a scent, this is a winner!
  7. Yeah, well, personal style, I guess. I wear things like Sex and Violins, Divine Magick, and Bad Girl on a regular basis. LP Black is not really "in your face" or dramatic on me. It dries down to a luscious cloud of...."damn who smells so good"? My skin absolutely loves resins! I have worn it a couple times this week, just for me. Going to be my scent of choice this weekend. I haven't broken it out for a run with the new man because I had to go digging in my humongous perfume stash to find it! I am sure he will love it. I will definitely roll on some unscented BI before application of Black.
  8. Added 5 more in the last few months, just posting now in case I forget. Under the name hedgehog: Vampire Bait, Phero a Girl, Sugared Patchouli, Pure Sugar, and just posted Balm Bomb so that one may take a while to show up.
  9. Cherry Divinity or something along those lines. Was wearing Sugared Cherries recently and it really made me crave more non-chocolate cherry scents. Mmm.
  10. Will there be a Pherotine collection this year? I've been thinking about placing an order, but the prospect of Pherotine goodies may shift some of my priorities. Also don't want to make y'all pay for shipping twice in a short time span.
  11. ... yes - very much a thing a really special thing - try connecting the dots , locations /people/events/thoughts can be very spooky !! I have realized it's the cosmos telling me how much i am loved oh my word!!! - i call it lucky money too !!! - but I keep it in ziplocks witha piece of ducktape on the outside so i wont spend it and really special lucky coins get scotch tape to keep them seperate in the lucky money
  12. When I first got this, the raspberry was a bit too strong for me. As I have so many other LP's to play with, I put it away in the "yeah, I dunno" section. I don't know why I grabbed it today, but I'm so glad I did! There were a few moments of "um, smell me, I smell good..." and then I mostly forgot about it. Eight hours later, there's still a sweet coffee cream and perhaps a bit of amber lingering on my wrists. I'm not a big fan of berries on me because my skin can make them go sideways, but not so much when there's cops involved. I know cops are considered stinky, but they tend to enrich and ground a few scents that I wouldn't otherwise enjoy. If you have a bottle gathering dust, bust it out! It made me real happy today, and it's my understanding that it has not insignificant amount of cops, so I expect it to rev some motors later this evening.
  13. I don't believe so; I was thinking if any would then it would be Agua Fresca, but it doesn't so I'd say no; but Mara would have to confirm.
  14. Has there ever been an LP with cilantro?
  15. @halo0073 I was constantly finding coins as a kid, my grandmother called it "lucky money," she kept it for me and I had two full Crown Royal velvet bag's worth. I read a study about how people who consider themselves lucky to begin with are more likely to notice and find money on the street. I've found all kinds of paper money, too. I was once walking back to a parking garage and remembered that they only accepted cash and thought "I need to find five dollars." I looked down, and there was a folded up $5 bill. When I unfolded it, there was also a $20 and a $50! It was a nice reminder to not think small when asking the universe for a favor. I have taught my kids never to walk past coins on the ground, that they shouldn't ever tell the universe "thanks, but no thanks" when it comes to little gifts, EXCEPT for tails-up pennies. I've taught them to turn them over, so it will be heads up for the next person to see it.
  16. I find coins constantly. Is this a thing? Like I will walk through the hall and there will be a coin outside the bathroom. And I’m home alone and it wasn’t there the 8 times I’ve walked through that spot that day. I am always like where did that come from and then blame myself for not noticing obvious things. I can be hyper observant and then also have days just on auto pilot floating along so I always BlAme myself
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  18. no one was in te house when it happened - same thing with the coin on the freshly washed counter that was sppoky but kool, the nickel on the staircase ..... somany and outside all the time
  19. yes - has been happening for decades !!! the spookiest of all was when we were cleaning out my mom's house for sale. One night a never before seen picture showed up outside on the back porch, on top of a plie - I of other papers I thought my sister found it ... but she had no idea of where it came from. The picture was of My father's Mother, her 2 sisters and their mother - they were all young college /high school age my great grandmother did look old but it was more likely the style my mother often said things moved - none of us believed her - I thought she was just unorganized ....... Now I know better .... way way way better I think there is more than one person I think I have about 5
  20. Oh wow! That's crazy that it disappeared but hey, at least you found it where it belonged! Sounds like you've got someone in Spirit messing around. The Dagger seems to work REALLY well for protection, hopefully it works for you as well! I've been really loving The Sun, The Moon and The Rooster scents personally.
  21. Ok. I figured something out from reading this forum as well as Pherotruth. My boyfriend is a positive responder to A1. That molecule is in LFM, LFN and PM. He has responded consistently well to all three. I think it makes him feel at peace. The PM seems to have an imprinting effect on him too. The only other blend that has had this effects on targets has been Gotcha (although Gotcha doesn't have A1 in it).
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