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  2. Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Ooooh, I like Heavenly Lei more than I was expecting.
  3. Bernice's Pigeon Potion

    Ooooh this is so sensual! I'm all in favor of resinous rose blends. and the rose attar in this one is gorgeous when framed by the other elements. There's that lovely depth and warmth of the base mingling with the floral, but interestingly the rose moves to the back and this evolves into a really smooth sexy skin scent. I really only get the green stem as such in the vial. ETA: in the long drydown the amber and sandalwood are such a beautiful pairing!
  4. Today
  5. They are here! OMG, I can't even handle my excitement right now! I have to get dressed and go across the street to get them. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Threebies listed on Etsy

    EGG!!! OMG! I never got to try EGG!!!!!!!!
  7. Threebies listed on Etsy

    Oh my goodness. Paging @Eastwood22!!!
  8. I'm hoping to learn the same, really. I think when I get the dropper, I'll start with a drop, then work up to two, if necessary.
  9. Lol, I expect I'll feel the same way. I'll be out this weekend looking for a small flatfish case to keep them in for when I'd like a change-up. I've seen others mention keeping them in cigarette cases (can't remember if it was here or another forum), I might look for one of those emergency makeup/nail kit cases, soft fusion, flat, still unlikely to result in damage, small enough to fit into one of my million bags, hehe.
  10. Fluffy

    This is a very intense Magnolia with a smooth finish (which I assume is the musk) and a soft sweetness. It is a scent which is fitting for "one of the most ancient flowers on the planet". I did not know that about the magnolia flower. The scent is now receding slightly which I approve of :-). It now smells like I have bathed in the richest of baths and the fragrance is clinging to me and enhancing my natural scent. I am curious to discover what a few hours of wearing this scent will reveal.
  11. Amethyst Haze

    I love this one ... it is a bright and powerful sweet floral with an undertone of mystery, something not quite recognised yet which smoothes everything out. It is both a sophisticated and a "splash on my wrist and go running down the street leaving a wisp of something behind" scent.
  12. Lumine d'Terra

    This is like a tangy take on concentrated sunshine. On me it is intense. I think it would smell very nice on a man or on those who are able to carry off powerful and distinctive scents.
  13. Hi Kayla!! You can reach out to me through the email exchange to discuss more.
  14. Soleil d'Or w/ Aja

    I can smell the lemon in the vial. Then I smeared some on my wrists and I smelled the rose. Now there is a strange, bitter, base, earthy smell. I am not so sure about this - the rose was stunning when that was dominant but I wonder if the Amber is playing funny with me ...
  15. Funny thing about having to wear a moonboot - no matter what you do it smells! And NOT in the lovely fragrant way that LP perfumes do either. Yesterday I had to go to the physio and I decided to put a drop of BAM on my foot. My foot smelled wonderful afterwards and the physiotherapist seemed to be in a very good mood.
  16. Threebies listed on Etsy

    Sweet, I just got the threebies with Wicked in it... One of my all time favorites...
  17. I ordered pherotines for the very first time a week or so ago. How much do people usually put on - one or two drops ... or a whole load more?
  18. Glace au Cafe - Summer 2017 Collection

    I tried this yesterday. This is my first trial of a coffee scent - and I love it. It is beautiful and creamy in the vial. Upon application it is dark and seductive with a little bitter bite. I smelled yummy. The scent dries down into a rich creaminess. This is beautiful ...
  19. Hi from melisse in california!

    Melisse. I love all your stories already - you are going to fit right in here :-).
  20. Hi from melisse in california!

  21. Threebies listed on Etsy

    Yay! Thought I had missed out on Totem: Wolf and Bear
  22. Threebies listed on Etsy

    Just posted a new round of THREEBIES in the shop! Via the LPMP temp site: https://luvpotionperfume.com/shop/18490581/on-sale Via Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LovePotionPerfumes/items?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=18490581
  23. Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth

    Damn. I've been wearing Friends and Lovers all day, but my jacket is wearing yesterday's Lady Macbeth, and I keep getting the best little trails of scent in the air.
  24. I thought I'd do more mixing myself, turns out I've also mainly kept them as is. It also feels a little like heading out with a loaded gun in my boot, except it's a little phero dropper bottle in a denim jacket pocket.
  25. Hi from melisse in california!

    I run a studio over here, Loka Yoga, in the Diamond district if you ever want to come by and say hello. You can rest assured that it does smell good at my studio!
  26. Time Travel: Somewhere in Time

    Somewhere in Time is so delicious. It begins very almond forward, but quickly evolves into a creamy caramel with just a hint of spice. The fragrance is so decadent and sweet, but not so much that it gives me a headache. Gourmand fragrances like this one often disappear quickly, but even after hours of wear I still get wafts of scrumptious delight.
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  28. Hi from melisse in california!

    Yoga is something I’ve wanted to do, I took a beginner class a few years ago. My daughter is really into yoga.
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