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  2. 😁😁😁πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
  3. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see/smell them! It's nice to have something to look forward to.
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  5. @Potion Master That's awesome! My credit card is ready. *rubs hands together*
  6. I can't wait for new releases... I really need something positive right now...to take my mind of the reality.
  7. I don't even know how long it has been since I posted on these forums, but it has been a long time. With all the down time I'm taking a snoop around this and 'the other forum.' I feel that I owe a personal review of The Love God. I had previously ordered four of the pheros from LPMP during a sale. I think it was a "pherotini" sale or something like that. I got them all unscented. Charisma, Heart Throb, Wanted Man and Super Sexy for Men. I saw and felt zero effects from them. each of them. They all had no impact. I honestly thought that there was a mistake and all I received was the dpg oil, or whatever the oil is, and that the pheros were forgot to put in. Zero results. After reading a bunch of reviews, primarily from two reviewers mind you, it just sounded too good to not take a chance on. This was before it became a regular in the rotation. I think it was right about the time Mara was indeed in the process of making it a staple. I had to email her and special order it at the time and that's when she told me it was going to be a full batch. Anyway, I made the purchase unscented as I like to use my own covers which include a lot of LPMP scents. I have tried not all, but most phero blends that are on the market. Well over 70 different blends I still have and use. For me this "The Love God" is in my top 2 of all-time, if not tops. I have never posted a top 5 list or anything like it regarding pheros. I also 100% believe that pheros work very differently for different people. It helps get multiple dates and it helps get girlfriends. I have personally seen the awe in a woman's eyes when wearing this. I like the way I look and keep in shape, but that was really cool to see. Like a real jaw drop. That's fun! Speaking of fun, it is uplifting to the user as well. When I slap this on it gives me a glow. I have only used this at 4-6 sprays as Snoopyace originally recommended. Only good times with this. I am now on my second girlfriend since acquiring this (not all personalities work out) and I don't use this all the time. In fact not that often on purpose. But when I utilize this gem it's always at least good, but mostly great. The first girlfriend was a very tough nut to crack. I knew this and gave her time. After repeated exposures she made the moves and came onto me opening the door. Current girlfriend was hooked right away. This just deserved my proper endorsement. It is a shining star (at least for me) amongst all pheros and blends out there. Take care of yourselves and others through this awful time our society is experiencing. Peace & Love, HappyGoSkillfully
  8. Wow! You nailed me. Exactly! Fire hands!! πŸ”₯ Thank you! Much love πŸ’• 😘
  9. Last week
  10. Maybe in a past or in my next life I was/will be a great adventurer. I used to love rollercoasters when I was younger, but having children "ruined" my body in the sense that I get really dizzy on rides now, and sometimes even on regular swings. I do love fast cars and know a lot about fixing/maintaining them, but I drive a typical mom car - nothing exciting right now, until I retire.
  11. LOL! That's amazing!!! These are the hands of a race car driver or someone who enjoys jumping out of airplanes!! Welp, if you're gonna get it wrong at least get it spectacularly wrong! Haha!!
  12. Wow! My hands have betrayed me, lol. This is absolutely the complete opposite of me. I am fairly introverted and stay at home most of the time with the exception of work and socializing with close friends in more intimate environments. I have had the same career for over 26 years and am close to everyone there. I am definitely more of an old soul, and people often come to me for advice. I think that I have someone else's hands, Mara.
  13. Our other Fire Hand here, and very much so! Kayla, you look like an adrenaline junkie! Someone who likes roller coasters and horror movies perhaps? I see a lot of excitement here, and not very much devotion to a career yet - your hands say there doesn't seem to be much responsibility taken yet in this life, and you also appear to be a relatively young soul, so you may be flitting to one thing after another, tasting the nectar of many flowers, but not yet ready to settle to anything. There's much of the free spirit about you, and no major attachments thus far. It looks like you might even be attracted to danger, in some form or another, so watch out for yourself! Whatever career you ultimately choose, it seems that you would be happiest with a lifestyle that is fast paced.
  14. Wow, we've got two Fire Hands in a row here (Both Siren Song and Kayla) A Fire Hand indicates someone who is action oriented and craves excitement. On your hands, there may be a hint of impatience there, if things to do not move as fast as you'd like. Or you may lose patience with what you perceive as drama. You're extremely smart, but it looks like you do not really like to devote time delving into feelings all that much. Your hands say your communication style is likely to be quite direct and your choice of career path likely to be of a secure nature. You are certainly creative and appreciate the arts, but would likely not choose the insecurity that an artist's life would provide, so the arts of some kind or another as a hobby seems more likely for you. It looks like your path is established and you are confident and secure with it.
  15. Shoot. We gave ours away, infused with the Love God when trying to help our young man friend. Nothing here to sniff. I'll have to trust you guys.
  16. The Event is now officially posted on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/837804833391838
  17. BV, it mean's that the life and safety of others is your responsibility, thus the school teacher scenario.
  18. I will hold the fate of others in my hands? I wonder what that could mean. It is true that I don’t know my path in life yet so it will be interesting to see what I end up doing. Thank you for the reading. 😊
  19. Hi, Mara. Thank you so much for offering to read our palms. I am so excited! My right hand (top) is the dominant one.
  20. Hi, Mara! I’ve never had this done. My dominant hand is my right, the one without the ring.
  21. Sure! I'll be here all week! The first thing that pops out at me about your beautiful hands, is what they call sibling lines between your first two fingers. They are usually indicative of someone with strong family ties, and this is echoed in the lines above your thumb, which say that you are likely to be a respectable person with good diplomatic skills. You also have ties from your life line to your fate line, which indicate that you too will at some point in your life, hold the fates of others in your hands. Elementary school teacher may be something you are naturally well suited to. You are a creative thinker, an artistic soul, and may get emotional at times, especially if family members try to meddle in your life..which is likely why you have become a good diplomat. It looks like you have not yet settled on your ultimate destiny in life - you have many gifts to choose from and you are presented with at least 3 different paths to explore. The center line in your hand will darken as you get closer to finding your true path.
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