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  2. So what does everyone think about this one? I'm still trying to figure out why it turns into soap on me 🤔
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  4. I have this in a spray, and I love it. I'm not sure that I "need" more, but I sure did enjoy it, as evidenced by the mostly empty bottle. Tonight, as I was spraying if on me, it was making a little sound, which I've never noticed in a spray before. I'm sure it's the glitter in the nozzle, but I swear it sounded like it was giggling! That's how I see this one, not sad that it's almost all gone, just happy and giggling that it's getting to come out and play.
  5. hedgehog

    Summer Crush

    When I first got this, this was roses soaking in puckeringly tart pink lemonade. Over time it’s blended together more and I’m getting more strawberry and sweetness instead of the tart rose. As it dries down the lemon fades more and the rose is less distinctively rose but blends with the rest of the scent- the dry down is my favorite part! This is immediately evocative of hot summer days by the pool. I actually get the most wear out of this in the winter, because I use it to take my mind off the cold!
  6. I ordered several of the Sugared Layerables, the Cimaruta sampler set, a sampler of 02.20, and a bottle of Toujours Belle because it is aging beautifully and was almost gone. A Valentine's present to myself!
  7. It always amazes me how differently the perfumes read depending upon body chemistry. I really get a strong chocolate/fruit vibe, and not much sandalwood. I'll have to get out my Wild Cherry to compare them directly, but by memory, they are very similar in my skin.
  8. When this first arrived it was mainly chocolate, and smelled very sweet, which was odd because description said it wouldn't be. Now it is predominantly sandalwood. I like it a lot, but, it isn't one I'll try to buy all existing bottles up. It is unisex, anyone really could wear it. It is a snuggly comfort scent. @Kayla when I first sniffed it, it was before you'd posted your comments. I didn't think Wild Cherry (I wish!!!) but it was familiar to me. I think maybe it reminded me my occo PE from last year, or even the LE chocolate occo that was released at the same time.
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  10. Yeah, definitely not a work scent 😂 or if you’re around men you don’t want to attract
  11. Okay, so I have now learned what "SLF" smells like in the LP universe. This is diiiirrrrty on me. Dirtier than Sugared Honeycomb or Pherogirl’s drydown. I had a sniffie of this and I absentmindedly slathered this on last night before bed thinking it was Pillow Stuffing, and then promptly zonked out. Well, I could still smell this morning, and I panicked when I realized that I was NOT wearing Pillow Stuffing and there was no way I could go into work this morning smelling like I did. You remember that show The Magic School Bus? There was this episode where they took a field trip inside Arnold's body and explored his digestive system. I swear I smelled like I had taken a Magic School Bus field trip inside a vagina. Maybe it's my body chemistry right now? I frantically scrubbed it off with alcohol and applying with Sensual Harmony. But lesson learned- be careful of what I put on on a work night!
  12. Thank you to the LPMP store for getting my 0220 here B4 valentine's day arrived last night!!
  13. I would like to have Caressful Breeze back.
  14. I know that when some people find themselves in this situation, they like to apply it away from their faces/heads: wrists, backs of knees, etc. So it should still reach out to him, but it won't be right in your face hitting you hard. I haven't tried this myself though. Another idea is to add a spritz of DHEAS to yourself to lighten the effects a bit. (I guess you could do both these things.)
  15. Not sure how to describe the notes themselves. The feel of this one is warm, rich, and sensual, like a slow, subtle seduction that kinda sneaks up on you. Perfect for Valentine's Day ❤️
  16. Hmmmm.... Going to re-visit Perfect Match tonight in consideration of 02.20. This is one phero that I've mostly had used "on me," meaning in Firl Bip. (Supposed to say Girl Nip, but I'm okay with Firl Bip.) I had also bought my man Year One w/PM, but we've most likely worn it the same number of times. It smells better on me! I know I'm a responder to PM, but is he? He's already a cuddly MF. I'll post back on this after testing.
  17. I just received this in the mail today and know that it probably has travel shock, but I couldn't help myself, and put it on anyway. My first impression is that it smells a lot like Wild Cherry. Yes, I know there aren't any cherries in here, but I'm thinking that it must be the currant and sandalwood combination with the chocolate. It certainly is yummy regardless of what I'm smelling. I will update my review once travel shock has worn off and see how it changes. ETA: I'm wearing this again today and it hasn't changed much. The currants are definitely reading as cherry on me and this perfume is absolutely delicious! ❤
  18. Whoops! Dolly is so right. My mad little date mix does not have Blatant Invitation. It’s Sexpionage that’s in my tiny dot of Compromising Positions.
  19. The first notes are floral and an almost bitter chocolate. I don't smell smoke, but it reminds me of smoke. Like a crackling fire in the background of a romantic evening. It has a lot of throw and is more of a fall or winter scent. This is a mature, serious fragrance and I mean that in the best way. After about thirty minutes, the notes seem to almost separate. They become more distinct, while both remaining present. Instead of creating one scent, they weave in and out of each other, dancing together like the name. And, then, just as the orchid dies, the honey comes out, beginning a new dance, all its own.
  20. This is one of those where I'm reluctant to leave a review because I feel like I am having an entirely different experience than everyone else. Where my skin chemistry and my nose combine to not just put me in left field, but on an entirely different planet. Where I'm reading the reviews and nodding along while all the while internally going, "Soooooooooooo.......no one else is getting bacon, then?" Because, somehow, I'm getting bacon. I think it is something about the smoke, and maybe how it is interacting with the other ingredients. I've tried it twice, now, to be sure, and both times it was the same. Forest cologne scented bacon. Smoked meat lying on a pile of evergreens, like some sort of medieval yule feast. I felt rather like the ghost of Christmas present wearing it. Once the pastrami scent died down after a couple of hours, though, it was mostly a masculine pine. I'll wear a lot of men's scents, but this one was unfortunately a little too masculine for me. (Plus, y'know, the whole bacon thing.) I really wanted what everyone else got, but, alas, it was not to be. 😢
  21. This is a fresh carnation, very floral. It's more of a traditional perfume, without being perfumey. Has a lot of throw. As it begins to dry down, it gets more spicy, which is an interesting contrast with the freshness of the floral. There are a lot of things going on at once, but they work together. The result is an intriguing, well blended scent. I imagine this as the scent of a person with a high powered job. You take them seriously. Despite that, it is still a very feminine and romantic scent. The person who wears this has confidence and doesn't need to conform to your rules or expectations because they know their own power. You don't know what to expect from them as they always catch you off guard.
  22. Ivysaur

    Tangy Tart

    omgosh goodie! Thank ya I'm 'bout to go on a cherry spree here in a sec, er at least tart-ish. I'll see when I can buy this and 02.20 together.
  23. Happy to help, now you can slather with abandon! 😊 I’m excited to try it - I’m hoping Mara’s Rocket Fuel comes back because I always wanted to try that too!
  24. Thanks for the review @luna65! Sorry, wallet.
  25. I managed to practice remarkable restraint last night when my Parcel of Happy arrived, lol. So this one has had a little rest. In the vial I do get a really nice mix of the resins and sweet notes with that tang of currant on top. Delicious! On me, and with this being newly-brewed, the sandalwood is front-and-center, and in such a way that it has a totally unisex vibe. It strikes me as one of those scents you could wear anytime. It's primarily sandalwood-amber on me with threads of the other notes interwoven throughout. The musk is more of a weight and a smoothness to the overall impression. The chocolate and vanilla are gourmand accents but not really fully noticeable, more just the suggestion, although I think sandalwood and chocolate is a fabulous combination and I like what I'm getting from this. The drydown evolves nicely to a soft snuggly feel; it does have a relaxed yet sensual evocation.
  26. Same. I have a tendency to not wear the things I really love. The more I love something, the more reluctant I am to wear it. When I finally get stern with myself and put it on, I am so happy, though. I'm practically giddy with the prospect of wearing Bang regularly again.
  27. @hedgehog You have no idea how happy you just made me!!! I have a quarter bottle left and I've been rationing it. Cannot wait! You're so sweet for remembering, much appreciated 💜
  28. hedgehog

    Tangy Tart

    https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/538088767/tingle-tangle-handcrafted-fragrance-for It's even on sale! @Ivysaur Me neither, I don’t know how a lot of the scents smelled new. But it’s fun reading the very first reviews and comparing them to my impressions now!
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