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  2. stormyweather21

    AJ from Canada

    Hi everyone! Nice to virtually meet you! I I ordered from LP a while back but only really started using the ones I purchased recently. I have researched quite a bit on this forum regarding regarding application and unfortunately haven't quite found something that specifically mentions how to apply using the trial size. I've been applying it by gliding the trial size applicator from the middle of my cleavage down to my belly (without redipping the applicator) - does this sound like too little? I'm currently using the LAM in Vanilla and Honey for reference. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! β™₯️ Thanks so much! - An LP Noob
  3. Eastwood22

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    @dolphindolls2 I'm so glad! Did you do oil or spray? If you only did oil, maybe make one into a spray, I think it makes everyone happy! No reason to have grumpy bumpies in your vicinity.
  4. Tinkerbelle

    La Femme Noire

    WOO!! πŸ‘
  5. dolphindolls2

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    I rally like Pallas, I stocked up during the sale and already have one bottle half gone. This is such a bright and happy blend, it goes on very smoothly and all of the notes blend so well with my chemistry. I can pick up the Rose note first then it fades after about an hour to the background where the grapefruit keeps the blend uplifting...Love it
  6. oceanjewel

    La Femme Noire

    Wore LFN with Goddess of the Blue Moon tonight. Stopped for gas and decided to go in and grab a lotto ticket. There were 3 cops I've seen in there before, all 3 went full DIHL when I walked by and one dropped his (iced, fortunately) coffee πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Definitely will be adding this to my next haul 😍
  8. Vicki Lee

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    Nevermind! False alarm 😫 I think the link I saved was broke
  9. Vicki Lee

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    I had this saved to my faves and I clicked the link the other day and it didn't work... Is this one gone?? 😫 Please say it ain't so! There's no other mones with Lumina except for the UN. πŸ˜ͺ
  10. Last week
  11. Mara’s like that!! πŸ’• I attempted placing just a regular order during the sale, and she posts that I need to pick what freebies I want.
  12. Fang


    Hello and welcome
  13. For those of you who have the straight b-nol...do you use it alone? Or do you add it to other blends? What results have you seen? Everywhere I read says the magic number to evoke the truth serum effect is 20 mcg, and the website descrip says the spray is 25 mcg per spray. Have any of you ever used it to try to get the truth serum effect, but ODd or ghosted with that much? Super curious about this molecule and what it would be like to use it alone (I have a pherotine trial which I'd probably turn into a spray)... or what it would be like to add it to Perfect Match, particularly. I'm open to hearing all experiences with b-nol in this concentration. Thanks!!
  14. SugarKitten


    hehe, I just became Mrs. Kravitz!
  15. Right now, I think Lace, Popularity and Cops/Aja have been working the best for me in terms of favors getting done or people wanting to help me, but I need to do more field testing, I think. Maybe I'll test different ones each week, or something (I've already been using Lace for a while, so maybe I'll switch to Cuddle Bunny or the OCCO's for a week and just alternate to see which ones work best. There are a few in the list I haven't bought, yet, though). I'll keep coming back to update with more findings.
  16. They are not technically as potent Scented as they are UNscented. UNs have 1000mcg of pheros whereas Phero enhanced fragrances contain 333mcg of the Phero blend. I think Eastwood means that many people find them just as effective given that the fragrance is brewed to be congruent with the Phero blend.
  17. Welp that's it! Between this thread and the LFM thread I'm gonna go ahead and buy another batch of mones lol! And I just got my first set of 4! πŸ˜‚
  18. Ohhh wow thank you for the break down! Very informative! And yeah I agree I feel like I have more control as a newbie with the scented ones. I'm glad they're just as potent scented and non-scented. πŸ™‚
  19. I had seen that post and I'm going to actually read it right now! ❀️
  20. Wasn't it a poll last year of what pheromone got you most favors/gifts? Check that one?
  21. Eastwood22

    Body Butters

    Damn. Wish I knew about these before they were all gone. Picked up Aphrodisia on the sale, I can only smell it now if I press my nose into my arm, so I keep on doing that. Really yummy stuff. Wait? This is body butter, different from the tin I got in the sale? This is a butter/cream for moisturizer/skin care? And it's still available on the website? I have the Aphrodisia perfume, does the body butter smell the same? I'm not a rose fan but I can't smell the rose in this one.
  22. No, if it's just the phero LFM, we call it UN LFM (for unscented,) the UN's have more of the phero molecules than the scented ones, BUT the scents are made to enhance the pheros so they're just as powerful, IMO. Mara offers the UN's so we can mix and match. I recommend starting with scented, though, it's easier to not put on too much and some of the pheros on their own have a distinct smell. Plus, for your purposes, you'll be using cops so just stick to scents made to cover them.
  23. Yeah, and in 30ml since I have a thing for collecting all the perfumes with cops. I love cops and wear them almost every day.
  24. Also Quick question, what's the difference between let's say LFM verses (Insert Name) w/ LFM (I.E. Mystic Dewdrop w/ LFM )? Just the characteristics of the scent right?
  25. I was reading the LFM thread and seen it referred to as Sophia Loren and LACE as Marilyn Monroe... I kinda like to play the meek, playful, "Oh my Gosh we can't do that." When a customer asks to take me home. Kinda passive but subtly direct... I'm looking to do some domination work as well so Dom I'm guessing would be awesome πŸ˜†, but that's more reserved for once I start figuring out how to intuitively read customers and learning if they're submissives and exploit it from there. 😈 So I definitly will be trying LFM and LACE from the reviews I've seen on the thread. I'm just debating on a sampler or spray, that'd be a big investment for me right now (As I have 7 other hobbies which need to be funded) lol! But.... In a sense I could spend the money and make it right back from the attention 😜. I'm not going back to the club until the winter so I'll have a month or two to think over it.
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