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  2. Wow, I was just wearing cuddle bunny (2009--I've been very stingy with my bottle since it's such a favorite! which is silly, because it's permanent...) and thinking about how much of an anomaly it is compared to what I usually gravitate towards. I usually like 'rougher' fragrances with more herbal or resin notes, tobacco, honey, if I want sweet I prefer sugar over flowers... well, came to check the notes list and there's my tobacco and sugar Combo unbroken! I don't have a nose that can easily pick out individual smells, but cuddle bunny is DELICIOUS. When I've shoved my wrist into people's faces they've told me it smells "clean" which I can agree with, but that's not the place it takes me mentally, and I don't think about laundry at all which others have compared it to. There's something edible about it, even though it's not foodie in ANY way. It just smells SO GOOD! I want to eat it with my nose, maybe... the overall energy is very "soft cotton" which is, of course, the whole point and spot-on! Really lovely, but for whatever reason, not a crowd-pleaser. Maybe reads too normal-clean for people to feel compelled to comment on it?? Not that the scent is generic, but if someone walks by me smelling good and clean, I'd just assume they were freshly showered and not in need of a compliment ๐Ÿ˜„ Oh, ETA I don't really notice phero effects, but I'm chronically socially oblivious AND I usually just wear this for myself to huff, lol. Like I said, I'm stingy with it!!!
  3. Thank you!! I need all the good juju I can get, otherwise hooooow will I make it until sale time??? A.๐Ÿ‘GREED.๐Ÿ‘
  4. That sucks! Fingers crossed they find it soon!
  5. No! I'm beside myself. That's me, beside myself. The "investigation" is still on, ostensibly, so I'm putting all this full moon energy into my goodies turning up! Ahhhhh!! Don't they know how pivotal these deliveries are to my well being????
  6. Thank you! I hadn't heard of that one. Last year we did environmental and humanitarian both...I will look for the list. I chose them last year, based on the areas I felt were being attacked by the current regime. But all I can focus on this year is the issue at the border, so I thought I would ask for help choosing. This is from last year:
  7. @anchoredinopulence Did the post office find your package yet?
  8. @Potion Master Are you looking for humanitarian charity suggestions or can they be environmental charities? This is one of my faves https://www.panthera.org/
  9. Thank you for all the input, it's been really helpful! โค๏ธ I would also love some feedback on which charity or charities we raise money for this year with the OCCO set. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
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  11. We still carry OCCO Black, don't we? Yes, they will all be OCCOs in this case.
  12. I love this scent. It's the perfect kind of green scent with a woodsy drydown that has a hint of amber in the background adding just a hint of sweet depth to the dry woods. This lasted all day on my skin and it was really fun smelling it evolve as the day wore on. My bride seemed to really enjoy the scent on me as well. I also really enjoyed the Hunter Trapper phero blend but I always do. My bride seems to have a natural affinity for beta-androstenol so this helped her to be upbeat and cheerful while also being a bit more affectionate than normal. Just a smooth blend that is bonding and attractive.
  13. Something Dark and incense-y like the old OCCO Black would be awesome. I'm hoarding my NOCO black, it's one of my favorite 'church' incense scents of all time. Which makes me wonder if these will all have to be spiked? Will you have any phero free ones or no? If not there's plenty of other stuff to buy,lol, just thought I'd ask. And THANK YOU ALL for the congrats!! ๐Ÿ’— Sorry so late getting back to you!
  14. Last week
  15. I also prefer them as layerable rather than stand alone, I also feel like I could wear any of them alone already. I just enjoy mixing things up, but there's no reason I couldn't wear OCCO White or Pineapple alone as they are. None of them are overly simple. I also realize that wasn't the question.... Midnight Lavender is the only one I do wear alone, because it has its own indomitable vibe. Mostly I wear it with Tickle Tickle, though, because that's a Lavender that will not allow it's thunder to be stolen. I'm with Hildy on the OCCO to layer over a fougere. My vision is more about mixing some sweaty OCCO off of my body onto some sweaty fougere on my man, but that is still a type of layering. That sounds lovely. I'd prob layer that with something with a lot of oakmoss or even Sugared Sandalwood. I like Sugared Sandalwood alone, but like to add a little warmth, that kind of OCCO could be a killer combo. Obviously I'm only guessing at the moment.
  16. This one grew on me. Both the fragrance and the phero. It has this rich earthy almost cologne scent without being too masculine. And it still had the same effect. It made men friendly and women just really open and friendly towards me. Many were still very familiar, but I was able to steer it a bit better today.
  17. I understand. (You see, I am A SUCKER for Chypre and old fashioned perfume and have spend a lot of money tracking up the olfactory monsters from the past). Yes, please.
  18. Exactly!! It never happens when I order like, bulk cotton swabs. I've had far too many incidents happen that I think it's an issue with the specific carrier assigned to my building. Most issues have been resolved in time (albeit murkily and with great delay), so I'll keep all my digits crossed for a positive outcome... Thank you! This is probably a good lesson for me re: expectation and adaptability. I had planned all the scents and pheros I was going to wear for the week. I suppose it's good to be kept on one's toes. Le sigh.
  19. I hope that it magically turns up on Monday. I had an LPMP package stuck at a distribution center about 2 hours from my house one time for about a week. I thought that it was lost, and then all of a sudden, without notice from USPS, it arrived. It is beyond frustrating when special packages don't arrive when expected. It's never something mundane that I have ordered from Amazon which gets lost.
  20. Wonโ€™t be home until Monday to review this fully but seriously, how does this not have more reviews? Although I really do appreciate Lunaโ€™s review because that is what inspired me to try this. NICE!!
  21. that is traumatic - i feel terrible for you yes i do hope your package makes it's way back to you (hugs)
  22. For the sale, Original Love Potion, Love Potion Red, OCCO Red, & Cougar. Who am I kidding, I'm sure I'll add to that by then. I loooove my Red Lace, but I'm craving an un - boosted Love Potion Red to pair with OCCO Red & my UN - LFM this fall ( possibly for a delicious man that I hope to be spending some time with by then, shhhh ). And I'm tired of knocking scented Cougar off of my list & then regretting it, so I need to finally keep her in my cart this time.
  23. I'm legit traumatized, y'all. USPS has opened an investigation. Lord please let my goodies find their way to me. I had some serious deliciousness in this shipment! My weekend joy BRUTALLY MURDERED. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  24. I am really excited for the upcoming sale, I was not a forum member last August, I missed that one - I am not really sure what to expect. I have a pretty long list of FB's I would like to get, a little bit of everything: newish releases, permanent collection, Un's, Limited eds..... so hopefully I will have a happy cart! Plus I still need to get Summer 2019 sampler set. I have been hearing good things about that collection
  25. Oh, that sounds AMAZING !! I may wait, then & thank you so much for the reply ! You are spoiling us like crazy, first the flash sale, then this, lol. Cannot wait ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  26. I will post the rules a week before the sale starts so everyone has time to familiarize themselves with them without stress. If you have 4 bottles in your cart right now, the sale would earn you an additional 2 free bottles from a long list of available choices. The sale will be on for 2 weeks this year. I am aiming for Aug 1st thru the 15th.
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