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  2. La Femme Mystere

    I'm curious, does anyone else's partner get especially vulnerable and/or giggly with this blend? Once in a while, my man kinda gets the giggles for a few minutes at the beginning of a make out session. It's like he's too vulnerable or giddy or something. It's cute, and I always feel like it's time to back off and just chill a bit, but he still wants to move forward. So it's not like he doesn't want to have sex, or even that I'm being aggressive, he's the one that wants to push through the giggles. I'm sure this sounds really strange, but it only lasts a minute or two and we soon get to where we've headed out to go, I'm just wondering if it's related to anything in LFM.
  3. I got distracted and forgot why I came on here! i just sent an invoice request for the two bottles my man (currently) wants, Veridian Muse and River and Rain, and 2 bottles of Latte Peche. Even though I've had them for so long now, I STILL haven't tested any of the new April releases, because I'm still sneezing a bit and can't entirely trust my nose so I just need to wait. I wore Pallas today and realized it seemed more powdery and creamy than usual, which was lovely, but I normally get the fruit and flowers, too, so I'm not qualified to make any decisions.
  4. The best. I love OW and love these kind of results even more.
  5. I'm not sure I understand your question, but Girl Nip is a sexy scent that has Perfect Match in it. It's meant for men, my man wears it, but Perfect Match isn't a gender specific phero and some women wear Girl Nip too. Some of the men's scents are just really sexy. It happens to me a lot, I say to my man, "smell how amazing I smell," and he says "that's good, but smell me, I smell better," not because he's an ass, but because sometimes it's true. The Girl/Girl phero is meant to be worn by women for women. I have both Bosom Bows and Themyscira, and they're both awesome smelling and have the Girl/Girl female attractant. You can get trial vials of either of those two scents still, I believe.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Lumine d'Terra

    I'm always scared of scents that say "earthy" LOL. I don't know why. This is gorgeous. Spicy, resiny - but in a clean way. It's not overwhelming or anything. A man could certainly wear it, and he would smell like a freshly washed sexy man. But I plan on wearing it too, and I smell like a sexy confident woman. I see a bottle on my future 😉
  8. I'm getting mostly honeysuckle, and it does feel perfumey. I can't pick out out any other individual notes, but it does have a creamy vibe to it. For the floral girls (Flowers Power!) this fabulous!
  9. Erin's Latte Peche

    I wanted to give my bottle some time to recover from travel shock before I gave myself a good slather...this wears pretty soft on me overall. The peach is kind of syrupy, like I expect peach flavoring would be. It's a nice juicy shine in the top. It's more intensely peach in the bottle. I get that sort of burnt-sugar earthy edge from the coffee and caramel and the cream aspect makes this really smooth. I like it!
  10. Warm & Toasty

    OOoooooh, yay, this one is lovely! I had to wait for a day alone with my daughter because both my son and my man hate banana, but I honestly don't think either of them would pick it up. When I first put it on, I was getting that dusty smell I've been getting with the oatmeal note, and I was bummed. Like, "Oh no! My skin can't handle the scent of any bulk dry goods!" An hour later, it doesn't smell like bread, certainly not popcorn, just kind of a cozy skin scent, like how I smell after taking my afternoon nap in my bed of crushed sugared pecans.
  11. I'm one of those people who only seems to like cherry blossom under certain circumstances - i.e. in a gourmand floral context - so Zakura comes off a bit more perfume-y on me and like with Mystic Dewdrop, I was actually surprised that I don't get more of a "fresh" vibe with this one. But because there's no additional sweetness as such (myrrh is not always sweet on me) I think that's why this reads more perfume-y on me. That slighty sweet/creamy vibe I normally get with sakura is present, but it's not as pronounced in this particular scent. I don't really get the woods/grasses elements at all. This one's just not for me, I think.
  12. Oh! The whole reason I came here though was to comment on what a great social the OW was for me - great selfies (relaxed, confident, being totally myself) and someone who usually is polite enough but I’ve always sensed thought he was better than me - enough so, that he felt talking to me was doing me a favor - was fascinated by me and kept seeking me out to initiate conversation, which he has NEVER done in the many years I’ve known him.
  13. Ohana w/ H&S

    Yes this is one of those "mer-florals" which I've mentioned before, but I think this may be the first time - or one of the first - that an LPMP perfume like this has been primarily floral without any fruit/sweet notes, and that's interesting to me. That thing I have about tropical florals being all "Game too strong!" with my chemistry doesn't quite go all the way there, thankfully. It's really a beautiful blending with just that slight hint of sea breeze/ocean water. It's totally a romance of the tropics vibe and thus enables my fantasies perfectly, lol. Just the thing for an island wedding, or any kind of summertime outdoor activity where you want to be elegant yet easy-breezy.
  14. Fairy Cake: Oatmeal

    Okay, I will. I can also guinea pig both on my daughter, she's a willing test subject.
  15. Fairy Cake: Oatmeal

    Not oat's. But, that has happened to me with other notes. The only thing I can say is try it one more time. Different times of the month (cycle) can have an impact on some scents with me. Otherwise it might not be your thing.
  16. Fluffy

    Thats what I want...
  17. Amethyst Haze

    I smelled this month’s scents without reviewing the notes, and this one was truly a mystery. I had to stop and look it up! It is so seamlessly blended, I truly can’t decipher one note from the other. It is rich, floral, and elegant. I tend to amp oud but not once during the wearing of this did it rear its head. Everything stayed perfectly balanced and like Luna said, towards the end I got a really creamy soapy smell. I went to a garden party yesterday with a bunch of blue-haired southern ladies (it was an experience!!) and wore this on a whim. It was so perfect. I only wish I had worn my LFM with it! It’s early but this is in the lead for my favorite this month!
  18. Delectable

    This is incredible. Rich and buttery and yes, like some others have commented, almost like pancake syrup on my skin. But then the heady orchid on top...omg. This is to die for!! Despite the richness, it’s still a wonderful lighter scent perfect for the spring. It melds with the skin. It’s very sexy in a languid way. I’d wear it with LFN.
  19. Now, there is no Androstadienone in Hunter Trapper, but I warned my man about the A1 effect a while back. He has a blend in with Hunter Trapper, Ambuscade, and it's so rich and smooth. Just for fun, I said, "remember, it's really dangerous for a man not to put out when he's wearing Hunter Trapper...." This is how the best misinformation spreads.
  20. Tinkerbelle, I have a full bottle that I tested once or twice that I'd be willing to trade or sell. Let me know if you're interested.
  21. Delectable

    Thanks, Eve. I bought a bottle of LV's Midnight Snack in the trade section a while ago and just assumed that it should smell like maple syrup. It wasn't until I got my latest order that I figured out it was the caramel reading that way on my skin. I wish I would have known before I ordered a full bottle of Delectable unsniffed. It does smell lovely in the bottle, though. I might try a scent locket or trade it.
  22. Last week
  23. Love Potion: Gold 2013

    I'm lucky to have scored this off the trades after it's had a chance to age. Now lemongrass, of course, could overwhelm anything, but I can't even pick it out on my skin. I'm sure Mara used a delicate hand, but I think it's just faded in the mix. I can't pick out the grapefruit either, there's just a light cheeriness to the blend. When wet, I get a blast of cocoa butter, but quickly settles into vanilla and honey with a patchouli chaser. I get why it's called Gold, it's warm, sunny, with a touch of sparkle. Its the perfect "let's go for a walk," on a perfectly sunny but not too hot day. NOT a hike. A short walk for some refreshment. I'm having a bery lazy day, and my goal is only the corner store, but it's sunny and I smell fabulous.
  24. I sure hope we get one this time! I wore it last night and while it wasn't my favorite in the beginning, it has grown on me A LOT. And I need a full bottle now.
  25. Delectable

    Kayla, I get a strong maple syrup too! I’m glad it’s not just me. Not all caramel does this, but it happens.
  26. This particular honeysuckle reads a bit more perfume-y on me, which I wasn't expecting. For some reason I thought I might get more a watery green behind it, but honeysuckle does tend to amp on me. Usually I either get the uber-sweetness or the waxy white floral aura - this is somewhere in between those two qualities. It's also pretty intense but only if I get up close on it. Now in the vial I get the other notes for sure. But on me this is a honeysuckle happening, but only for the sexy people.
  27. Fluffy

    Magnolia and I have never been friends but I have to give it up for a great floral musk, because this has that amazing intensity to it - this is MAGNOLIA and you'd best respect. I get the same feeling from it that I do from Cherry Blossom Musk, a definitive floral moment (as they say). Eventually the sweetness begins to creep in, it threads its' way through the other notes, but what I get is a sugary sweetness from it - in a way which totally complements the magnolia. It's like a Sugared version on steroids. I think that's how the marshmallow is reading on me, not "fluffy" but just sugary. If you are a magnolia lover then you definitely should try this one! ETA: in the long drydown this ends up having a "plush" kind of aura, it softens up but it's still very intensely floral.
  28. Oh, yeah, I remember looking at that one! Were we discussing robes on another thread somewhere? None of those would fit me (I'm plus-sized) but I did find this one: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00CH5TQM4/?coliid=I3BRFFQ7SMU936&colid=13MJOQEFP2K5C&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1&psc=1 The price is insane, though (but that's Canada for you). But everyone says it runs really big so it might be good for my ego, lol--I could maybe order a size smaller than I normally would. I put it on my wishlist so maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. Currently I have an okay-ish robe from Torrid. It's shorter than I would like, though, and it's gray and I don't really like that. The ones I linked have so many colour options! How would I ever choose? lol
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