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  2. Do we maybe know when the spell collection will be ready to order?
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  4. Wow, @StrawberryKitten . That's pretty powerful. I really hope things are going better for you now. I tried this for the first time last night. Just did a spray on my pillow before bed. I love the scent and I slept so hard and woke up later than usual. I'm the worst sleeper in the history of sleeping and always wake up way sooner than I'd like, so that's saying something. I had to peel myself out of bed. I took one more sniff from the bottle before I left my room. So lovely.
  5. River is beautiful and the artwork is great. A couple of the labels look like they ould be on wine bottles.
  6. You rock the Casbah, all day and all night, friend! Your art is a always a stunning experience.
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  8. Thank yous and HUGS to all!!! Mara made such beeee-you-teeeee-fuuulllll labels!!! I am honored to be part of this community.
  9. Wow! I thought that it was a photograph at first. She is incredibly talented!
  10. I screamed when I saw it, for real. I said, that's not just any ole black cat, that's MY cat! Perfectly captured the curve of her sweet little chin and everything. So impressed. And River with her gigantic crazy whiskers was perfect for this.
  11. That's awesome! EoSP! Where the heck? I'm looking at a bottle of Ambre Amour right now. She's a beautiful cat!
  12. Betsy is amazing at capturing da kitties. Look what she gave me as a surprise gift a few weeks ago! The best present ever! Even Bat approves of her likeness!
  13. River has indeed appeared on previous labels. I think I did use her on Ambre Amour, because her original name was Amber before I met her. She used to have amber colored eyes when she was young. She's a SHE! But the largest cat in the house because she is at least partly/mostly Maine Coon. Everyone thinks she's a boy, she's kinda huge and intimidating looking, but honestly she's a pussy. lol. I like people to think she's a guard cat though, but she's more the intrepid explorer.
  14. Was River Newt maybe on Ambre Amour from 2013.?
  15. I found an old partial bottle of this in the back of my stinkies drawer. Ohhhhhh.... *drools* This has aged nicely. Sooooo nicely. Smooth chocolate. Oh, and I was doing some early Christmas shopping and literally had women follow me around. I'd forgotten what this scent does to women. I felt like John Travolta in the movie Michael.
  16. River Newt is a handsome boy. A beautiful collection and I get to learn about a new thing, this is a win-win.
  17. Omg! So excited! And River Newt looks like my Charlie! I'm going to go put on some Whisker Wishes right now, wishing my cold away....
  18. Trivia: The font used on the titles and potion line is Jane Austen's handwriting. The Kitty featured on Whisker Wishes is my child River Newt.
  19. Amazing! And so beautiful! ♥️♥️♥️ can’t wait to see the notes and read the descriptions ♥️
  20. They look so amazing! I love the label art and the concept and the names and all of it! Well done ladies! A lot of people will be over the moon happy to see Whisker Wishes!!!!
  21. These look amazing! I can't wait to see the notes. 🙂
  22. Thought you might like to see what a cimaruta charm looks like. This is the one Darcie wears.
  23. Awesome!! I love the labels! That art style would look great on tarot or divination cards.
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