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  2. Ivysaur

    effects before and after birth control?

    Hi Keznaa 🙋‍♀️ My cycle went away entirely the first few months after Mirena, then came back much lighter than before =D [after my reiki practitioner released congestion which she sensed was my cycle - story for another time lol] I still ovulate, so I personally use as normal. If you're not feeling in the mood as often, I think it's worth trying more to notice a difference. Cops can smell different during the cycle so sometimes I use that as indicator for how far I should take it. Actually, Honey as a perfume note works best for me when indicating skin chemistry. Sometimes it smells powdery on me, so I don't apply cops for a while. Other times it smells rich and sticky, after which I'll slather cops the next day because I know I can
  3. That depends, at least in part, on your skin chemistry. Your skin might amp some notes and completely absorb others. LPs don’t have the stabilizers used in commercial scents.
  4. Hi!I would love to read that. Can you link it if you remember? I tried to search for it but had no luck!
  5. greenappletart

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Went out in the rain to get my latest delivery. Otherwise, I would have had to wait until Monday, and that would have added 2 WHOLE DAYS to my self imposed 'wait a week for travel shock to wear off' restrictions. The bottom of my jeans got soaked, but it was worth it.
  6. greenappletart

    Melissa Joy

    Wow! Just wow. This one is so gorgeous. I took a flyer and got a bottle of this unsniffed since I was craving musk scents. I am so glad I did because this is amazing! It is so beautiful. Straight off I can smell the daffodil. It's very warm and sunny, a perfect scent for spring or summer. The floral gives it a nice brightness, while the musk provides a fuzziness underneath. Wearing it feels like taking a warm nap in the afternoon sun, like lying in a sunbeam. It doesn't morph, just stays a gorgeous floral over a soft musk. Soooooooo pretty. It became an instant fave. I could be happy smelling this forever. I wish I had 100 bottles.
  7. Keznaa

    effects before and after birth control?

    Hi! Sorry to use an use thread but i am super new and havent even received my first perfume oil yet lol. I was trying to find threads regardinf birth control and saw you had a mirena at some point.I am on mirena as well and have had it for about 8 years now. I got my 2nd one in 2016.Ive never used cops fragrances before and i wanted to know a bit more about how much you would recommend for someone with an IUD. My IUD actually didn't stop my periods. I'm regular like clock work every month. For context I've had testing done to see why i still have my period and my iud hasnt shifted or anything. My body just hates me lol. I heard that women on the pill or with an iud do not ovulate so they dont produce cops. Idk if my still having a regular cycle would effect that at all. Should i use more than someone not on birth control medication?
  8. Last week
  9. Have any of you ever just kinda tossed something in your order, mainly because you want to try a certain pheromone ? That's what Super Happy Funtime was to me. I tossed a little trial vial in my cart because I wanted to try Levitation, & this seemed like a better fit for me than Flying Potion, but I was definitely looking much more forward to other parts of my order, like my first full bottle of OCCO : White ( yay ) .....but, as I tore into my order today, the MVP was actually Super Happy Funtime ! That isn't a bash to the rest of my order because I loved every single thing that I got...but I am kicking myself for not ordering a full bottle of this jammy goodness. After the holidays are over, I'm thinking that I'll need this in a spray. It is sooooo good, & so different. And very bright & happy 😁
  10. If i rememeber correctly i bought Juicy Lucy with Sexpionage oil. Ive heard oil perfumes last on the skin longer and smell stronger but i wasnt sure what the radius was. Do people have to be right next to you to smell it or do these oils have good range?
  11. i have had some good results with cougar scented oil a few times, seems to work on the older guys though for some reason! i also have gotcha scented limited edition but need to wear it more to see the results! (oil) all mine are oil scented, which work fine for me, some prefer sprays and un scented, i prefer scented as it's difficult to find what would pair well with each unscented. i have just placed my christmas present order for some more oils soo excited for them to arrive lol!
  12. Beccah

    Love Potion: Red

    I still love this one for scent/intent, & if you add it into your magickal/spiritual workings. Kapow!
  13. swissblondie

    Love Potion: Red

    Guys it's crazy! Because all Mara scents are freaking awesome. Even the scents you would never wear would go good on me. Like Vampire Bait for example. I hate floral scents....Guess what ?it's in my freaking collection! HOW ABOUT YOUR SiGNATURE SCENT????? Too many great scents to choose from Hahaha
  14. swissblondie

    Love Potion: Black

    Oh yeah! It's very Tammy sweet dark smell,very sexy and beautiful. Surprisingly it wakes me up in the morning. I just put little smuge and it gives me energy. Love it. Deffinatelly on my list
  15. Try looking here for phero-enhanced fragrances. There are lists for those that are still available and those which have sold out, but you may be able to find on the trade threads.
  16. Thanks! I must be bad at searching for products because i can't seem to find alot of them on my own! Thank you for taking the time to send the link to me!
  17. I'll share a little story time for context. Sorry if its long! I met this guy when we worked together when in was 19 and he was 18. We worked together gor about 4 years before i quit and we stayed in touch though text. So i was married when i was 24 and was married for 4 years and got divorced. He lets call him "JPM" was the first person i told about it. From there is almost instanly got dirty. Like texting cuz we didnt see eachother at that time. Then he got a gf a few months later and it cooled down a bit as you'd expect but there was still a tention there that we just ignored. Fast forward almost a year of them dating and i get him a job at my work. Unrelated to me though, they broke up and from that point we sorta went back to flrity texting for a while then when my roommate went out of town about 8 months later, was the first time things esculated in person. Not all the way stuff but.... things occured lmao. So that has only happened i would say...a hand full of times in the past year and a half but the texting and tention is near constant. But so is the flakeyness. Now for the hang ups. They are to me and to him to an extent excuses because he over thinks. So he grew up religious and still is so to an extent sex before marriage worries him now that hes older, mind you he was a hoe for sho as a younger adult. He had a thing with his ex gf still but they werenr dating so he felt some guilt from that. We work together so he felt awkward becaaaaause of that and he didnt wanna ruin our friendship. I would say the only valid worry he had was maybe the religion thing cuz i mean. Its his belief. But then that is also bs cuz he used to mess wkth his ex still lol. As bad as it makes him seem i do want to say he is probably the 2nd closest person to me so i know he means no harm and definitely doesnt want to be a jerk. Apologizes all the time for his oddness. And i know for sure he isnt bsing about wanting to be for reals fwb. And we dont wanna date. I dont want a bf and we wouldnt work. But in that way we would be great. Just friends messing around. He also wants to be able to let go and just have fun too.
  18. raydee8_love

    Ivory Cats: Silken Glow

    When I 1st tried this I thought of my childhood and 5 & dime stores with wooden floors. I thought - do I want to smell like an oldtime store?? However, just like many other scents from LPMP this one has grown on me and is a favorite. Luckily I snagged the last bottles....
  19. Honeyed LP has Gotcha ☺️ https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/522693712/honeyed-love-potion-w-gotcha-limited
  20. Welcome !! .... I have used other perfumes but I am spoiled now and I'm not sure I could or want to use any other brand. Ok - is this what you really, really want?? a guy who flakes?? - Hang ups??? what kind?? weird fetishes, doesn't do sex outside of a committed relationship, has another full time girlfriend, thinks sex is dirty, needs to have the 'STD' talk, doesn't mix business and pleasure, on the down-lo, has ED, thinks he can do better?????? - I mean .... You are worthy of someone who finds you adorable. If you want a battle plan - I would start with la femme Mystere, while ignoring him- nothing rude or overt, polite and open but getting on with your own work. ....""""bulls jump fences to get to cows, not the other way around. """ and the cow always has the opportunity to walk away - she just talks 1 or 2 steps forward - and he has to try again.... Then move on to another mix maybe TMI or Open Windows for that you can tell me anything vibe -- then back to LFM then move onto something like Gotcha, LFN or another mix with cops when you are within hours of passion - that means he has shown up....
  21. Thanks, thats awesome to hear. I tried looking up gotcha in the store sitr but couldnt find it. Can you recommend a perfume that would have that in it?
  22. SugarKitten

    Hi, everyone!

    Yeah, Aja is wonderful to sleep in and it does wash out fine, I forgot to try the Sandalwood OCCO again to see if I like it, lol. It's definitely had a bit of time to mellow, if it's gonna, lol. I actually want to buy another Aja even though I still have a ton, hehe.
  23. raydee8_love

    Hi, everyone!

    When my Aja came I thought "oh NO!!" I will never be able to wear this it's total funk. Now I think it has aged a bit and mellowed - I do like to wear this in my bedroom - so far I have not had trouble getting the scent out of my clothing
  24. La Femme Mystere is in Sensual Harmony. Seconding Eastwood for trying La Femme Mystere or La Femme Noire on him. I usually use Gotcha or Sexpionage on my guy, but if he gets inattentive I break out the LFN and it works 😁
  25. Lol i like your style! He is one of my closest friends but is irritating when it comes to this so being a tease sounds so fun. Thank you gor answering my questions. I just discovered this shop and forum the other day so all these fragrances and what they do are so so new to me so i appreciate you explaining. La Femme mystere and Le Femme Noire a perfume? I know the shop sells the pheromone mixes separately and also infused in scents is that right? There are alot of terms in threads I've read that i haven't picked up yet lol luckily i learned what occo meant yesterday! Lol and i think you are right on thr challenge part. Once i started to not care that he kept flaking he started being more attentive. Its funny how chemisty is like magic lol it sounds like its real potion like in a fairy tale or something. Its awesome reading about all this stuff
  26. No, it's a separate phero, don't wear two different blends. LP makes straight pheros and scents enhanced with pheros. I recommend you stick to enhanced. Do remember that dudes talk. Consider that there could be a guy that's way more your type that you'd be into that you might not notice while messing with this guy, or a better guy that won't approach you because he thinks you've been with him. Dudes don't hide who they've made out with, they just don't. Don't let him mark you. I say that you should just be a tease regarding him. If you put it out there and he flaked, it might be more fun to just make him want you and NEVER give in. You might have more fun with a blend that has La Femme Mystere or La Femme Noire, which make you more mysterious. Maybe he flakes because he needs a challenge? Guys like to chase. There's an expression about how bulls jump fences to get to cows, not the other way around.
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