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  2. I really like the fruitiness of this in the vial and how it goes on. The red currant is really nice and "bright", but well blended, not tart. As the red currant burns off, it's very perfumey, probably the most "perfumey" scent from LP I own. It's pleasant, but I'm not always in the mood for perfumey perfume, if that makes sense? The drydown, which I can only identify as "perfumey smell" (haha, very discerning, I know) reminds me of what happens when you take all the perfume sheets from magazines and put them all in one drawer, so they all kind of blend together. Can't comment on the phero right now due to social distancing, but no dramatic selfies. I'm getting a bit sleepy, but I've been a little sleep deprived lately so I think the phero is just amplifying that.
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  4. I have a bottle of Sudden Impact - I will have to go back and retest to compare. This is a very classic male scent and again a forum favorite for anyone new reading these reviews. Yes it is different as already described from the original. In this variation the amber and oud seem a little stronger giving it that deeper resinous feel that Luna described. But the tobacco and vanilla give it some sweet notes and my skin always amplifies any tonka notes so they are definitely there also. If you are not familiar with the Charisma pheromone blend there is a good solid thread on it. But basically it is a great social pheromone blend that goes well with this very male scent. Can't go wrong with this one!
  5. This is the only one I have tried so far I cannot wear. I think it is the tobacco note that explodes on my skin. Crazy part is, looking at the ingredients, I thought this was a "for sure" I would enjoy. But ... everyone is different and we all have one or two scents that just don't work for us. So like Luna said above - don't be afraid to give it a shot.
  6. BBM = Beth's Blushing Milkmaid 🙂 https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/518137668/beths-blushing-milkmaid-w-eow-copulins
  7. What is BBM? OMG, a creamy vanilla doll head type scent sounds soooooooo yummy!
  8. Fantastic, thank you so much. I have been loving it! And my husband as well as my ferocious little Yorkie love it, too 😁
  9. I would love to know if people are still using the Aja straight or combining it with their favorite scents ? As opposed to just wearing in one of the many yummy blends we have access to. I keep forgetting about my bottle. I chose "Supernatural" this morning and of course 14 hours later it's still going strong. I used to combine with others but just seem to have gotten out of the habit.
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  11. This has become quite the favorite of mine for those times I want to play and help my beautiful bride feel like playing as well.
  12. Got my package today!! Trying to avoid sniffing too much before it’s gotten a chance to rest. But I can already tell I’m going to love everything!
  13. Found my trial of this in my backpack today, and put it on without sniffing. Felt instantly tropical, but not in the coconut sunscreen way, more like the end of a long beach day when it’s still warm and humid. It literally makes me think of lava at the beach in Hawaii, right after sunset time. Not a showy “Ooooh look at that” sunset, more like the “how long can we reasonably stay in the ocean on this moonless night before this becomes a bad idea?” sunset. When you’ve been there long enough that you know how to be on the sand and lava around the shores edge without hurting yourself, and when any shoes other than flat flip flops seem excessive. The maile vine scent is unique, almost as if a plant secreted a green honey/vanilla sap. But not sticky, emphasis on green. Any stickiness would be from skin and the humidity. BF said, “surprisingly floral, for you,” as this girl wears no florals on the regular. (He always says “you smell nice,” when I wear a flowery trial to bed, but I’m not looking to smell “nice.”) I’m guessing it’s an association with the ozone accord, as it’s often paired with Jasmine and whatnot. This is not a floral, IMO. Full disclosure, the True Confessions phero insists that I tell you, I did once get married, at sunset, wearing a maile lei on a beach in Maui. But this doesn’t smell like that, I smelled like hair products on that day, my BIL is a strong willed hairdresser and he had a vision. Tortuga is absolutely unisex, but I think it’s beach sexy for a woman who has no interest in being cloying or sweet. It’s a very ‘honest’ scent, makes a perfect pairing with TC!
  14. I am not going to make phero recommendations but I think you and the ladies have sorted out which pheromones to use (ie not OCCO up front lol) to send out the right signals to draw in the right guys for the right purpose. As in "I am a high value but approachable young lady interested in a high value guy for potential long term relationship". Remember you are high value so don't put up with "less". Set your standards and boundaries and make them respect both. Sorry - that's the "dad with daughters" in me coming out lol. Dad TED Talk over haha! I think the approachable vibe is key when you combine your height - taller than most guys - with the psychology you see in play: a combination of its easier to have someone throw a punch at you that to get rejected in front of your friends PLUS what seems to be the pressure to dive straight into serious courting in your community - well - it just makes the friendly, approachable phero vibe work more in your favor IMO. If it is any consolation, a lot of guys make make the same mistake - they try to "brute force" the attraction with sexual pheros, go too heavy on application, then just scare off the TG.
  15. I read the notes and said i am gling to love this. When I first applied it, the notes did not seem to match the description above. But once it dried down - really in just a few minutes - it was even better than I thought it would be. Like Luna says, one one hand you have that classic vanilla & sandalwood combination and that balances out the cedar and smoke. Just a great manly scent. I may have to put a slightly more sexual phero under this.
  16. @luna65 gives a very good take on this scent. It is a light "green" scent that would fit in great for the office or anytime you want a clean but understated scent. It is very lightly herbal but again as Luna says, nothing like Eternal Sunshine which both Mrs. QG and I like quite a bit. You can sense hints of the "barbershop" feel but it does not move in that direction either. It is a little understated but the MVP gives it a little extra "oomph".
  17. This is probably my favorite iteration of this great scent. What I like about this iteration is that the vanilla seems to be just a little less foody and the leather is a little more forward. Then you combine it with Heart Throb which is one of the best pheromone mixes around for guys IMO.
  18. Yes the pepper is a little more forward in this rebrew but this has become a favorite scent of mine.I do not wear it often but i wore it today and as always it reminds me of how much I like it.
  19. Hi! Is the sale going on this year at the usual time?
  20. Has anyone noticed the oil smelling different than the spray For Pallas? I feel like the oil bottle I’ve just opened highlights the rose, whereas the spray is more grapefruit forward. Or maybe I just need to shake the bottle. I know the carrier shouldn’t affect the final drydown, but I’m getting more rose from the oil.
  21. I second everything @Eggers says about Open Windows and Heart and Soul.
  22. hedgehog

    Buds of May

    This is simple but very pretty. This makes me think of someone very sweet and innocent, like a turn of a century ingenue who is the ward of her benevolent great uncle and goes for walks in the apple orchard. The apple is stronger at first but fades and the lily of the valley comes out. I like layering this with something a little fruitier to bring out the apple.
  23. Now that I’m at home a lot, I’ve been experimenting with all my random TVs and sniffles. Travel shock strikes again! When I first smelled this, it was super green, almost astringent. Now this is so different! It’s not green at all, it’s fruity and clean, with the coconut rounding things out. Something about the clean but sweet drydown reminds me of Lady Frost. It feels like you’ve just taken a luxuriously long shower at a fancy tropical resort, and you’re lounging on the balcony, looking over the beach and enjoying the ocean breeze.
  24. this is an excellent point Eastwood i have to agree with you i think with groups that expect marriage in the community, (especially closed groups) often issues of lifestyle are similar - compatibility is highest on the list and that is really important for you too!! are you a matched set? the cup & saucer,. and is he worthy of you?? could you live day to day with him??
  25. Yikes! Definitely sounds like you dodged a bullet with that first fella! Personally, I'd shy away from LFM too. It tends to make people "admire me from afar", like Eastwood says. Popularity Potion and Lumina are both good picks for your situation. Some others you might want to consider are Lace, Heart and Soul, and my favourite for almost every situation, Open Windows. Lace, because it gives off a happy, approachable vibe. Plus, the slight giddiness it can induce in the wearer might help bring a more playful feeling to situations, rather than a "dating = marriage proposal" thing. Maybe a good pick for games nights. Heart and Soul because it makes people want to know all about you, and it gives the wearer a good-natured "sweetheart" vibe. It's friendly and sweet as opposed to overtly sexual, but can be made more sexual with a small addition of cops, should the occasion call for it. Open Windows is one that I suggest for most occasions. It's got a way of boosting not just the mood of the wearer, but the mood of those in your "cloud", too. People feel good around you. It also gives a boost in confidence, as well as a boost of charisma - both very attractive traits.
  26. Oh wow @Virtue_Pony, the first story with that boy sounds really painful! It also sounds like there’s a reason he wasn’t very lucky with the ladies. Sounds like you dodged a bullet with that one! A healthy man doesn’t scream in pain at the first sign of sexual rejection (unless you kick them.) It’s just part of being male, they normally just try to read the room and try again later if it seems appropriate. I think, under the circumstances, you need something to make you seem more approachable, so I would suggest Lumina or Popularity Potion. LFM is great but I don’t think admiration from the other side of the room is what you want, you want men to be comfortable around you. This is great advice. You need to seem calm and approachable. Men are always on the hunt. Also consider your own comfort with yourself in each situation, a blend that helps keep you calm wouldn't be a bad idea. Let them come to you and then you can slowly transition to something more sexual after you make a connection. If there is a lot of pressure to marry, these guys might not be looking for the sexiest woman in the room!
  27. great post - OCCO save it for later - Church: I recommend LFM and/or OW and/or treasured Hearts. - and yes to attendance!!!!! go to anything and everything offered - even if the old ladies just see you at a meeting they may know of some connection that would be good for guys to approach they need a signal that is - "" I will not laugh in your face , rip your heart out, humiliate you, and force you to never speak again"" a once read a man would rather take a swing at the biggest guy at a bar than to face rejection from a woman - don't know if that is true but..... say hello to everyone and smile - everyone from the wizened old folks to the smallest 3 yr old gets easier with practice
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