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  1. We still carry OCCO Black, don't we? Yes, they will all be OCCOs in this case.
  2. I will post the rules a week before the sale starts so everyone has time to familiarize themselves with them without stress. If you have 4 bottles in your cart right now, the sale would earn you an additional 2 free bottles from a long list of available choices. The sale will be on for 2 weeks this year. I am aiming for Aug 1st thru the 15th.
  3. @Hildegerd - I really love your ideas, they would make fab complex perfumes or PEs, but I fear too complex then for OCCOs. How do you all feel about me doing a musky/dusty/herbal type one that would be layerable with the kind of scents Hildy is talking about? Maybe something like sandalwood/sage/myrrh and like a dot of cardomom or chai?
  4. I usually brew the OCCOs as simple as I can so they can be layered with other perfumes. Do you wish for these to be more complex stand alone scents?
  5. Hmmm not sure I have a Cabernet perfume oil. That scrub is made with actual red wine and coffee, and then chocolate flavor oils for bakers and ice cream makers. It smells like authentic food because it is! Lol.
  6. @luna65 Unfortunately, I do not have any of the light sweet honey right now. I have the smutty types, or the beeswax type, and a wildflower which is also kinda waxy...I have some nutty ones too.
  7. Ok, let's get serious here, peeps! It's time to brew! The thing you need to remember about OCCOs, is that if the scent is crystalline, the cops show through pretty easily. Also, citrus notes on MOST people are extremely fragile, esp lemon which burns off most people's skin in about 20 mins. So you have to consider what will be left after that. So, when doing a citrus OCCO, it's going to wear more successfully with a heavier note underneath. Lemon Buttercream would work well, as would a honeyed citrus. Lavender is also a very thin note, which is why I teamed it with the amber last year. I know everyone is asking for at least a mixed citrus, and I can def do that, but think about what you'd prefer as a base note. Tangerine and/or Pineapple will also bolster Lemon (and Grapefruit) and make it last longer. Butterscotch Vanilla would work very well as an OCCO! My teeth are hurting just thinking about it. lol! I can do a choco van swirl too. Good ideas! I can give Choco Chip Mint a try, creamsicle scents we have done successfully in the past, as well as banana split types. These are all doable as OCCOs. Ummm, no. lol. We have done cheesecake scents in the past, I actually have the note on hand. But I am not sure OCCOs need an extra dose of cheese? It's sounds delicious to eat though! We did a Raspberry Cheesecake one once, called Cops and Robbers. It was not overwhelmingly successful. That would make a great OCCO. Honey makes a great base for OCCOs, but also dirties them up and makes them smuttier. Not necessarily a bad thing of course! Did we do this with Prince and Showgirl? I can't remember. We did one that was grapefruit honey and I loved it and still wear it sometimes, but it's rather slutty and didn't have the widest appeal. I am getting quite a few requests for more chocolate and coffee scents lately, so I would be willing to do a coffee/mocha one, and also like a choco/vanilla swirl one? Titillating Temptress sold very well, that one was basically a mocho OCCO, wasn't it? I love sweet pea as a note, does anyone else have a vote for this? I feel like I like it more than many of our customers in the end. Liebchen is Lavender Buttercream - always a favorite to me - and easier to pull off as an OCCO than a delicate lavender. I could do a creamy pumpkin one, I like that idea! Does anyone else vote for a spiced coffee? I would rather it unspiced myself, and people could layer with something else to get the spice feel - like the pumpkin one, lol. Hildy, when you say green, do you mean more like a ferny masculine/unisex kind of green? Because a fern or fergiere would go well with leather, but I can't really picture it with a pale green stemmy kind of scent. What are you imagining? Eastwood, did you try Ellie's Elephant Snacks? Ok, so - votes? I am going to do 8 of them, like last year. In the 5ml bottles and in sets of trials. They will be released at the same time as the sale again too. A couple of last years flew off the shelves and maybe does anyone want more of any of those? I think it was the sandalwood one that sold out the fastest. We still have a very few bottles left of some of the others. Let me look.... we only have these left. OCCO: Cherry Tobac OCCO: Florale OCCO: Orchid Zing Input please! I want to make you happy!
  8. The USPS now will not deliver any packages that contain initials for the receivers name, or to a partial name. Please make sure you give us a first and last name for your packages or they will be returned to us. This also means, if you mail something to us, you CANNOT write just LPMP, it's better to write LOVE POTION GIFT SHOP. (Using the word Fragrances or Perfume might get it flagged and returned as well). At first it was just international, but now it is domestic too. Packages to us are getting returned to sender. Outbound packages are being returned to us. Supposedly this is an anti-terrorist measure.
  9. I bought my first pair of men's white Nike high tops in junior high school. I think the canvas ones were around $26 and the leather ones were around $40. That was 1978 The first year they made them. But they were considered main stream not thug. I liked high tops so went from converse high tops to Nike high tops. I still wear the same design. It's tough to find them in size 6 so always on the hunt. I never thought of them as thug. Is that really all people think of now? @Eastwood22 I got behind on posting PEs over on etsy so it's likely we still have some. If not I can certainly make something similar. I still have that recipe.
  10. They stated they were following a recipe , likely jutte's, but didn't use EoW. Jutte herself altered her use of that recipe in time but didn't alter the written recipe So Stone followed her original recipe in the beginning then she told him how to improve it for the later batches.
  11. ok, so there's this thing going on, on a worldwide basis this week. There was an attack on the world's cloud servers, I heard someone say they think it originated in China. Regardless, it isn't just us. You may have noticed that Facebook and Instagram have been showing problems the last few days - pictures not showing up, files not transferring, etc. I think it started on Tuesday, they thought they had it licked, and then it exploded the last couple of days. So at first all the server hosts were scrambling to fix things, including our site, before they realized it was a global issue. So on our end, they backed up the version to a few days previous thinking that would help, and I think it knocked out the sale code. So, relax about trying to use the code. I was driving and trying to get to our First Friday party when I got the call about the back dating of the site so I couldn't post myself, and John didn't get what I was trying to convey exactly right. Forget trying to use the code, it's been deleted by host servers by now because their back dating pre-dated when I added it. So just ANY TIME this weekend, send us an email at CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com with the list of things you want to purchase, and John will send you an invoice on monday. As long as you remember to mention RUNBARRYRUN in your email, you will get the 20% discount. And sure, I'll extend it to GGGs and PEs that are located on Etsy as well. Sorry for the stress and miscommunications! Thanks everyone! ❤️ PS, I just checked and extended the sale through Monday. It's working on my browser, hopefully it will work on yours.
  12. Thank you for sharing! I cannot tell you how much I love that story! ❤️ My Uncle was also a Flash, much like your Dad. Ha! I wonder if they knew each other. My uncle went to NYU for college and Long Island for High School in the 60's. What about your Dad? Apparently those dudes had some serious notoriety that is still remembered.
  13. HAHAHA! GOLD STAR FOR YOUR SON! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Tell him I held myself back from making a July 'Speed Fourth' joke.
  14. Do we want another Ltd Ed OCCO set this year? And if so, what scents would you like this time?
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