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  1. Potion Master

    Phero Girl

    Une and Phero Girl are identical. I make them at the same time. One has cops, the other not. Any difference in scent is due to the cops.
  2. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    We've decided to make them, with both versions of Coco Chrissy's, so that's 5 itties for $6.00. Answered you via email both
  3. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    You will notice I edited the info under Coco Chrissy's, I decided to make a second version of it. The first version, it had an extra drop of frangipani in it, and after a couple of days, it exploded. It's gorgeous, but all of a sudden, the flower note is right on top and became the main course rather than just the garnish it was meant to be. So I rebrewed it without the extra drop of floral, and this one is all coconut musk with just understated floral wisps, which is what Chrissy and I had both intended. They are both fabulous, I can't decide which I love more. So those who have already reserved, which version would you like? Please let me know, thank you!
  4. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    There's a few additional ingredients in CCC, (including a darker amber and that Aja honey note) and the coconut is more pronounced I think. They are indeed similar. As I mentioned in the listing, CCC is similar to both Creamy Ylang and Victoria's Pussycat. You probably would not need all three but if you enjoy one you would enjoy the others.
  5. I'm not planning on doing an Itty set this month unless people really want them, as three of these four are variants or rebrews of things that came before. (Chrissy's is the new one.) But let me know if anyone wants an Itty set and we'll see what we can do! Coco Chrissy's Sexy coconut musk - not too sweet, grownup and sleek! Crafted of warm musks, tropical vanilla, milky coconut, and a wee splash of frangipani. 11 bottles available w high floral note ( 9 bottles available w low floral note (Kayla, SeaJam, Bella, Linnea's Brew Who says pumpkin is for Fall? Not we! Linnea wanted something to replace her beloved Punky, so I crafted something in that vein with an entire patch of pumpkins and a dot of apple, sweetened with brown and maple sugars and butterscotch, with tiny dabs of praline and chestnut, and a base of patchouli and oud. Nope, it's not exactly like Punky because those ingredients are long gone, but it's of that ilk, spicy and yummy and nibblable, yum! 12 bottles available (Hildy, Linnea x3, Store x1, Melissa's Second Spark Melissa was missing her old favorite, Spark in the Dark. Spark was released 6 years ago, so no chance of any of the same ingredients, but I crafted something reminiscent using a paring of sweet ambers and fruity musks, with smidgens of cedar and patchouli, and a sprinkling of white sugar on top. It's a sultry musky scent that's perfect for warmer months. 6 bottles available ( SeaJam, Lisa's Creamy Ylang - rebrew The rich scent of whipped cocoa butter - accentuated with a dash of coconut cream - swirled together with creamy ylang ylang blossoms and dusted with powdery myrrh and white amber. 6 bottles available ( SeaJam, Eastwood, Stacy, JLisa, BViolet, 6 Itty Sets - SOLD OUT (Lainey, Luna, BruiseViolet, Kayla, Halo, Eastwood)
  6. No problem on the fwding guys, we are happy to do it. I have had a price change within minutes of putting something in my Amaz cart, and repeatedly. When they do that, I stick the item in my save for later area and only purchase it when the price goes down again. You don't see them messing with prices by the hour? I pay close attention to that. I think it's thoroughly unethical. http://www.wisebread.com/6-ways-to-avoid-sneaky-online-price-changes http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4935422/How-Amazon-rip-changing-prices-300-times.html
  7. Potion Master

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Set of 12 Trials ~ a $64.50 value for $37.95 - ($26.55 discount) << more than 40% off. Not expensive, we make nothing on trial sets, we offer them as a courtesy so people can test before they buy bottles. The current exchange rate is $1.00 USD to $1.30 CAD Our price of $37.95 comes to $49.22 in CAD today. But even at the rate you were given, which we have no control over, the price per vial is $4.22 CAD.
  8. Seriously, I hate Amazon. Do you know that different prices are displayed for each buyer? They estimate how much they think you will spend and try to bleed the most out of you. (Not for us, because we set our own prices and ship ourselves to avoid their bullshit). If I have the option to order directly from a marketplace vendor, I will. Apparently using anonymous browsing will get you better deals on items on several sites around the web, including airline prices. We've done this many times for our international friends: If there's something you need from the states, have it shipped to us and we will put it in your package with your LP order. As long as you pay the postage we are fine with relaying goods.
  9. Potion Master

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    LOL! The hint was in the name....what's another name for Gazungas? MELONS! Sorry, I amuse myself.
  10. I don't know anything about the impact of this yet. I suppose we will still ship everywhere and just have to take the extra fees into consideration. I think I can speak for all of us at LP, we apologize to the world for the moronic douchebag piece of shit that is currently occupying the oval office. We didn't vote for it, I mean him...no, I mean it.
  11. Potion Master

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The New Releases are UP! Please let me know if you find any errors, thank you! I'll be getting the PEs up in the next day or two, as well as a few more surprises before month's end. Have Fun! Oh yes, and how are you all doing with the contest? I have the autographed card set from Callie waiting for the winner!
  12. We've got an exceptional treat this month! Aside from the absolutely yummy wonderful Summer scents, we've got a fab guest artist on the labels! Artwork by Callie L. French - these images are from her award winning Rana George Lenormand Oracle Deck, which we carry in the shop. She is doing an autograph party at the shop this weekend! Let us know if you want to buy a signed deck! ($29.95 each) Cananga Coco Cacao w/ AJA Carta d'Amor w/ DHEAS & Alpha Nol Cowabunga Gazunga Deliciae w/ Popularity Potion (Spray) Dukhan Evening Breeze Iskandar Jardin Tropique Leisha OCCO Ambrosia 2018 w/ Copulins Padma w Hedione Sareena w/ Lace Callie herself. Event flier.... We have an amazingly exciting First Friday planned for everyone! We have the stunningly talented and just plain stunning Callie L. French offering autographed sets of her award winning Rana George Lenormand Oracle Deck, and she's bringing some large prints of her favorites for sale too. Not only that, but we will be debuting our gorgeous Summer Perfume Collection – and guess what – the labels feature Callie's beautiful artwork as well! Squeee! All this plus complimentary nibbles and libations. Join us! June 1st, 2018 5-9 pm Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie 703 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660
  13. Potion Master

    Forum Upgrade!

    We've captured a rare bird, her name is Sharon and she's a miracle worker. I have nicknamed her Scotty. She is slowly fixing all our web problems, including the never launched because it sucked website, which I thought was impossible. Today she added a skin to this forum, still has some tweaks to do and the changes are still propagating, so you might see some shifting for a couple of days.
  14. Potion Master

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    Sure! I asked my store peeps to put it aside for you. Make sure you tell them your screen name when you ask for an invoice. Thank you!
  15. Potion Master

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    These are some of the Peter Pauper books we have, 6x8 inches. and these are 7x9. Prices on all range between $15 and $20 These images will disappear soon, just FYI. They are on a temp host.