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  1. Store 1 trial - Elementary Ch 6
  2. You guys, I am redeeming your forum credits for you on your invoices (hopefully remembering each time), cuz I figure most of you will want to use them now, but if you don't just let me know.
  3. I can edit invoices up to the time they are paid, so just send me changes and only pay when you are ready. I am working on them now. I've got 2 pages of requests here so it will take me a while. No rush.
  4. What popped into my head was, no matter what the White House says, LPMP does not condone the use of cleaning fluids in or on the body.
  5. This one is perhaps my fave of the month next to Thatched Cottage. It was @halo0073's idea, I had saved for so many months, by the time I got the chance to do it she had forgotten she'd asked, lol. Making this one taught me something really important. You know I have had to replace my main vanillas for LP Original a dozen times over the years due to extinction of ingredients, so it has gradually moved further away from the original smell, but adding the balsam and vanilla together for this scent was like POW! There's my original vanilla! So the next time I brew LP Original, I'm adding a dash of balsam resin.
  6. LovePotionPerfume-Store@yahoo.com or CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.vom
  7. Got everything to here. If you have already sent in a request for an invoice, please be patient and do not worry if it takes me a few days, it will not run out your clock. They take time to do and I will not be able to do any more until Wednesday. Expect to wait a couple days until you get yours in the email. Thanks!
  8. It's pretty macho. The tobacco note is broad leaf cigar tobacco, not sweetened pipe tobacco which can go rather unisex. I'm sure some females will like it, but it would be too BOY for me to wear
  9. I am so sorry Usagi! It's a weird Shopify glitch that started last month, and we haven't figured out how to fix it yet. It only happens sometimes, and seems to happen when there is 4 items or more in a cart, but has nothing to do with location really. Please just send me an email with your want list and I will send you a PayPal invoice and we'll circumvent this nonsense. Apologies for the inconvenience! My email: CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com
  10. There were tears I laughed so hard.
  11. Do you see it now? There's an additional button to push to make it visible, and sometimes it's either glitchy or I forget to do it. I see it on my side.
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