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  1. Ahhh, I see, I thought it would be automatic and override the old theme! Thank you! If you all go down to the very bottom of this page, you can choose the newest theme that matches the newest site colors. It's the choice marked UPDATED.
  2. Because they were ALL just added! That feature will start working properly as the site ages a little. THANK YOU EVERYONE, FOR ALL THE KINDS WORDS, ENCOURAGEMENT AND HELPING ME FIND PROBLEMS! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  3. Peeps, let me know if anyone sees any more visible invisible characters on the FAQ page, we MIGHT have fixed it. Thank you! (You'd have to clear your cache if you visited that page previously.) THANKS! ❤️
  4. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER! Put things into a wish list, and it will allow you to make an account that way.
  5. I was ALWAYS the programmer up until recently, when I could not wrap my head around the friggin' lame ass Wordpress format, which I was told was a necessity in this era, so I had to hire others to program it, (badly - to say the least). I finally found a newer system via Shopify with backend html language again, and it took me a month or so of no sleep to do from scratch what I had been paying others to do for the past 2 years. I am so relieved to have found this format, I cannot even tell you. And, YES PLEASE, EVE! I cannot wait to meet you in person! I wonder if we will have room to do what I wanted to do in this place - which is to have a world map on the wall and people can put a pin and ribbon showing their name where they visited us from. Meeting people we have become friends with online is one of our biggest joys in the shop!!!
  6. Thanks so much for sending! That really helps!!! ❤️
  7. Thank you! And YES! That's the plan. A larger location is available up the street and we seriously need it. Every single day I have to say NO to people - Do you offer classes? Can I book a party here? Do you have a bathroom? So if we get this larger space, we can say YES to all these things that the locals wish of us. Plus, I get to move my office into the shop and out of my house and that just might save my life and sanity in the long run, as right now I only get to be in the shop a few days a month.
  8. @greenappletart Sharon wants to know if you would be so kind as to send a screen shot so she can see the problem and fix? Thank you! CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com
  9. Thank you! Ummm, no! And I checked on my version of chrome and I am not seeing it. Are you on phone or puter? And do you know which chrome version? Thank you!
  10. Notes: Free shipping in USA applies now to orders over $24.95 (and is $4.50 if under). Automatic discount without having to use a code if you spend more than $100. (Fill a sample cart to see how it works.) For Forum Freebies, for those of you who do reviews, you must enter what you want in the notes section at checkout, along with your screen name. You can get them with a min order of $24.95, and your spending limit is $10 each month in freebies. If you are trying to see how many of an item there are left, you have to put it into the cart at a high qty, and it shows you in the last checkout window, but we are splitting the stock pretty equally between the LOVE and LUV sites so if you double what you see on the LUV site, that's your answer too.
  11. THANK YOU! I appreciate that hugely, my friend! ❤️
  12. On the menu on the left side, there are direct links to the Etsy and LUV sites. I am just keeping the one calendar on the LUV site so Events leads there too. The rest of the stock is split up between the two sites, if you usee it on one site but not the other, just ask for an invoice and we will get it all into one cart for you. The LUV site only uses Etsy checkout, the new site only uses PayPal, and the store uses Square, so you have options.
  13. I have the Private Edition page turned off still. I am sorry, I simply don't have the time. I have to do taxes next, then move to a new location, there won't be time before the new year, I apologize. It will be there eventually! Oh, for the ones that are already made, we are going to do what we did previously, which is have those listed on Etsy since there are so few of them. So all the GGG, low stock and PEs are on the LUV site or on Etsy. I didn't want to bog down the new site with too many things that were almost sold out.
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