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  1. Thank you, @halo0073! Hi @hedgehog!! Thanks so much! I just boosted you 300! ( a lil extra for the long wait and your patience!)
  2. These start shipping in the morning! Please get your order in by the 6th to ensure it's in your hands for Valentine's Day! If you're in the neighborhood, come down to the new shop on Friday the 7th for our sneak peek opening night and pick up a free itty trial!
  3. IT'S UP! https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases/products/02-20-february-2020-unisex-phero-enhanced-fragrance
  4. Hello!!! Apologies for being so scarce lately. We've been moving and my computer died right after I finished the last collection. Didn't want to buy a new one before I had a place to put it in my new office! The answer is YES, there will be a Pherotine and it's going to be spectacular but it's also going to be late. Spectacular because Dr Stone is making us a bunch of brand new blends to replace everything we've lost from our old supplier. I'm so excited for these as there is no one on earth better than Stone and he finally found time to formulate for us again. The man is insanely busy and flies all around the country constantly so getting his undivided attention is a rare and special thing! He's making us new formulations for Super Sexy and Bang, Gotcha, Popularity, and Girl/Girl. As well as replenishing our whole supply of single molecules so I can formulate too. They are supposed to arrive around the end of January. And since my perfume ingredients are currently all packed away, the realistic release date for the Pherotine collection looks like it will be sometime in March. But let me tell you, your jaws will drop when you see our new LP castle. You'll want to start saving your pennies for a pilgrimage to Portland. The place can be described as nothing less than MAGICAL!!! Pictures to follow soon!
  5. There are! And John and Izzy are still shipping orders while Jen, Jacob and me pack the store. So hopefully online transactions will not be much disturbed by the move. CURB YOU PETS! lol.
  6. I purposely did not use herbs or leaves of any kind in the bottles because I didn't want easily degraded materials in the bottles. I used heartier roots and seeds and stones. The stones were soaked in alcohol prior to inclusion. I expect these to have a good long shelf life.
  7. Hope your holiday season is going well! Just letting everyone know that the last day we will be shipping before Christmas is Friday Dec 20th, so if you want something shipped that day, you should get your order in by the 18th. Our current store location will be closing at end of day on Dec 24th. We will be moving the following week, so you might experience a slow down in shipping but we expect to be back up and running pretty quickly, and hope to have the new store open by Jan 15th. New location is only 4 blocks away: 1104 Main Street, Suite #100, Vancouver WA 98660 We are having a combined Xmas and Moving SALE in the shop so we have less to move! 25% off many items, so please contact me if you want any gift items from the shop! Happy Holidays!
  8. Done! I hope! Please let me know if I made any errors, thank you! https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases?sort_by=created-descending
  9. Thank you for voting, my friends! ❤️ I'll let you know how we do. So the Potions are now LIVE on the LUV site, and I will have them up on the LOVE site in a couple hours. (Note that we are not allowed to post these in our Etsy shop because they won't let us list Spell Potions.) Peruse now here: https://luvpotionperfume.com/shop/21642631/new-releases But recommend you wait for the listings to go live on the LOVE site before you order, as you may get an additional discount there, just a couple more hours from now: https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases
  10. Good evening! I am still programming them in but should have them up by the time you wake up in the morning. In the meantime, if you have a spare moment - it will only take one! - could you please do us the favor of voting for our store window in our local window contest? The voting closes this evening. If we win, we are donating the money towards needy children. Here is the info: HOLIDAY STOREFRONT DECORATING CONTEST Vote for your favorite window! Come to downtown Vancouver and check out the beautiful holiday window displays! You have the opportunity to vote for your favorite display - the winning business owner will receive $250 in cash and be declared the winner of the People's Choice Award! Votes must be received by December 8th. View participating locations & vote by visiting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X2NRLHZ Thank you! Here's pictures of our window and our visit with Santa this weekend!
  11. I screamed when I saw it, for real. I said, that's not just any ole black cat, that's MY cat! Perfectly captured the curve of her sweet little chin and everything. So impressed. And River with her gigantic crazy whiskers was perfect for this.
  12. Betsy is amazing at capturing da kitties. Look what she gave me as a surprise gift a few weeks ago! The best present ever! Even Bat approves of her likeness!
  13. River has indeed appeared on previous labels. I think I did use her on Ambre Amour, because her original name was Amber before I met her. She used to have amber colored eyes when she was young. She's a SHE! But the largest cat in the house because she is at least partly/mostly Maine Coon. Everyone thinks she's a boy, she's kinda huge and intimidating looking, but honestly she's a pussy. lol. I like people to think she's a guard cat though, but she's more the intrepid explorer.
  14. Trivia: The font used on the titles and potion line is Jane Austen's handwriting. The Kitty featured on Whisker Wishes is my child River Newt.
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