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  1. Potion Master

    Stalk Talk!

    I apologize. I had actually planned something for December but I've had some crises to deal with and didn't get it completed in time. I still plan on the set, it will not be deliverable by Xmas tho, sorry! And it was not holiday specific scents at any rate. I still plan to have them up by New Years.
  2. Potion Master

    Mixing with lotion?

    It does, it does! I will amend to say that if it is a loose cream, you can probably even skip the heating phase. And if it is a thick heavy cream, you might be able to get away with as much as 6 mls of oil. Have fun!
  3. Potion Master

    Earn posting credits for Amazon reviews

    I am so sorry I didn't see this sooner! This new board system confounds me...I can't see new posts like I used to! I just added your credits, boosted you 200 points. Thank you so much for the reviews, and sorry for my lapse.
  4. Maybe try Heart Throb as well? As it has copulins in it. I would suggest a trial vial of Pashazade and see how she responds to that.
  5. Potion Master


    free shipping does not apply to B&B or wax melts, but I think the discount should still work.
  6. Potion Master


  7. Potion Master


    Our Vancouver store will be closed Thursday and Friday, but you can shop our Cyber Sale online at www.LuvPotionPerfume.com & www.etsy.com/shop/LovePotionPerfumes! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! We LOVE you!
  8. Potion Master


    Yes, I really did! I was singing the song while I made it, while I made the labels, all week long!
  9. Nope, they smell like a combo of musky flowers and chemicals to me. Tho I am familiar with that kind of smell on a man and he probably eats enough of that stuff that it comes out of his pores. I can almost always tell if someone ate a lot of garlic or pepperoni the day before. But doing what I do, I've become hyper sensitive to smells.
  10. Potion Master


    Yup, I named the perfume after this song. Spot on, Eastwood!
  11. Potion Master

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    Actually, it is 5 trials that equal a bottle, so the price is pretty much the same either way. And yes, you do lose a smidge in every trial vial so buying a bottle gets you more usable perfume oil. We have found that when we empty a bottle to make trials, we make 5. But when we try to fill a bottle using trials, it takes 6, because of the loss in the vials.
  12. Potion Master

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Don't forget kids, if you only want something "for the label" there are prints available from Shannon! I am going to order a trio for my brewing studio....Espiritual, Ebil-ish, and Moondust Cocoa.
  13. Potion Master

    Fairy Cake: Peach

    I might do this one as it was my personal fave, but I do not have any time for requests right now, sorry. It will have to happen in a few months. Sorry to disappoint.
  14. Potion Master

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    @phergineer Nothing with ALL of these ingredients, but I would suggest you try Elume this month. :)