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  1. LOL! That's amazing!!! These are the hands of a race car driver or someone who enjoys jumping out of airplanes!! Welp, if you're gonna get it wrong at least get it spectacularly wrong! Haha!!
  2. Our other Fire Hand here, and very much so! Kayla, you look like an adrenaline junkie! Someone who likes roller coasters and horror movies perhaps? I see a lot of excitement here, and not very much devotion to a career yet - your hands say there doesn't seem to be much responsibility taken yet in this life, and you also appear to be a relatively young soul, so you may be flitting to one thing after another, tasting the nectar of many flowers, but not yet ready to settle to anything. There's much of the free spirit about you, and no major attachments thus far. It looks like you might even be attracted to danger, in some form or another, so watch out for yourself! Whatever career you ultimately choose, it seems that you would be happiest with a lifestyle that is fast paced.
  3. Wow, we've got two Fire Hands in a row here (Both Siren Song and Kayla) A Fire Hand indicates someone who is action oriented and craves excitement. On your hands, there may be a hint of impatience there, if things to do not move as fast as you'd like. Or you may lose patience with what you perceive as drama. You're extremely smart, but it looks like you do not really like to devote time delving into feelings all that much. Your hands say your communication style is likely to be quite direct and your choice of career path likely to be of a secure nature. You are certainly creative and appreciate the arts, but would likely not choose the insecurity that an artist's life would provide, so the arts of some kind or another as a hobby seems more likely for you. It looks like your path is established and you are confident and secure with it.
  4. The Event is now officially posted on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/837804833391838
  5. BV, it mean's that the life and safety of others is your responsibility, thus the school teacher scenario.
  6. Sure! I'll be here all week! The first thing that pops out at me about your beautiful hands, is what they call sibling lines between your first two fingers. They are usually indicative of someone with strong family ties, and this is echoed in the lines above your thumb, which say that you are likely to be a respectable person with good diplomatic skills. You also have ties from your life line to your fate line, which indicate that you too will at some point in your life, hold the fates of others in your hands. Elementary school teacher may be something you are naturally well suited to. You are a creative thinker, an artistic soul, and may get emotional at times, especially if family members try to meddle in your life..which is likely why you have become a good diplomat. It looks like you have not yet settled on your ultimate destiny in life - you have many gifts to choose from and you are presented with at least 3 different paths to explore. The center line in your hand will darken as you get closer to finding your true path.
  7. Sure! Well, readers these days are akin to counselors and life coaches. Palm Reading is different because it can be done without any discussion - like doing an astrology chart or numerology chart - you tell it like you see it. But people who come to us for Tarot Readings and the like are usually asking for assistance making a decision, or clarifying their path forward by using the reader as someone to bounce ideas off of, who is not going to judge them or have preconceived notions. This requires give and take between the querent and the reader. Of course many people just want a general reading for entertainment purposes, and we do that, but much of the time the reading will uncover something that has been on the person's mind that they may have been afraid to ask, and then it may become a coaching session anyway. Good readers are very intuitive, and their primary goal is to encourage their clients, assist in problem solving, help them enrich their lives, or find what they are seeking. Some will give you "homework" to do, such as making a list of advantages and drawbacks of a situation. Or a mantra to say to build your self confidence. Or tips to improving your state of mind or surroundings. Most people leave a session feeling encouraged and elevated. I am not going to post it as an event on Facebook until tomorrow, I only did a post so far. But all the info is up top in this thread. So if anyone wants to schedule a reading, just say so, and we will send you a paypal invoice for it, and ask you the following info: Name - email address - phone number - time zone - with whom(s) - how long. We're doing readings all day so you can try a short reading and see how you like it, and decide later if you maybe want to try a different kind of reading with another person. We try to put together Psychic Faires that feature people who specialize in various methods. I've had readings with everyone on our list and they are all very good.
  8. The hands of Eggers... There's a wild side here, someone who can be whimsical to the point of abandon! And this comes from a free flowing creativity of thought. You were born with strong intuitive ability - a natural empath. You're good at divining what other people need. Your hands say that you are strong and capable, very smart, and feel things VERY deeply. I see a great deal of natural talent here, but it shows that you have not yet chosen to hone those talents for your own advancement really. It's more like, you are using these whimsical energies for having fun, and like...being the organizer or hostess of the party, but not demanding of the spotlight yourself. Your fate line has these little ties to your life line, that show that part of who you are is a desire to be in service to others. It also shows, like Eve's reading, that you have been here at regular intervals in the past, and while hers shows indications of being here as a teacher, yours shows indications of being here to help others. It's nice to see though, that you are not drowning yourself in responsibilities. There's a clear sense of GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!
  9. The shape of your hands shows that you are a very capable human being. But it doesn't look as though you have discovered or decided upon your true calling in life yet. Your fate lines are still developing, and show a stop and a start, as if switching gears to another path at some point. You have a very strong long lifeline, but your direction is still in development. You thought you were going to pursue one path, but then changed your mind about that, and your mind is the important factor here. You are very smart and seem naturally inclined towards a path in which you use that brain...perhaps as a writer? It looks as though when you were younger, you considered yourself more of a free spirit than you do now...there are societal constraints that you abide by but your nature craves a bit more freedom than you are experiencing these days. Perhaps you can regain some of that freedom via the art of writing.
  10. Send them to me over facebook messenger and I will reduce them and post them for you.
  11. Hmmm, parallel fate lines! Now, is one of those on your right hand a scar? It looks like it may have been from a cut. If so, that's interesting as well. So parallel fate lines can mean a couple of things. It can mean that you have two income streams, two concurrent careers. It also can mean two relationships going on at once, polyamory or a double life. I also see a passionate nature with a potential for jealousy, so if the multiple fate lines are talking about relationships, have a care that you do not put yourself in a situation that could hurt your heart. A fan of lines going upwards as in your left hand, show great potential for monetary achievement in life - so I have a feeling this is really more about career though. If that's a scar on your right hand rather than a birth line, it indicates that more focus should be devoted to the singular path lest misfortune befall the endeavor - whether career or personal. You are likely highly unconventional - the space in the lines above your thumb indicate, again, a couple of things. Either, like me, you are of the "I don't give a fuck" variety and you are going to do as you like regardless of what anyone thinks or tells you - a highly independent thinker. OR, it could also mean you were adopted, or there is a great distance between you and your family for some reason. You have strong emotions, and you are also very intelligent. You are a good learner, but maybe not in a conventional sense - your mind is unique so your learning style may also be unique. At some point in this life, you will take on a career or an endeavor that effects the lives of others. You will have the lives of others in your hands. We often see this in medical workers, but I have also seen it in people who build homes or roads. The strongest one I ever saw, I asked the fellow if he was a surgeon and he said, "No, I'm a commercial pilot, I fly jumbo jets - over 300 people on every flight." So you see, it can be many things, but in some way it will effect others. This looks like, maybe between the ages of 30 and 50 this will take place. Also, the shape of your hands shows a person that is highly capable.
  12. You also seem to have been born with great intuitive abilities. I'd like to know if you often find yourself reacting to a person's "vibe" rather than to what is coming out of their mouth. You seem to have that gift of seeing through people and their BS, and you can sometimes find yourself becoming angered by things that you are sensing, perhaps more than other people around you do. Because you have that ability, you might find it difficult to separate emotion from logic, because they are the same thing to you, dramatically intertwined, with much of the information you gather coming to you from the aether. You're somewhat like a Moon Goddess. Femininity is so very much a part of who you are. Intuition being a part of that. But also so many things in which you have devoted your time and energy would be considered feminine arts...creative feminine arts...all these lines sweeping onto the Mount of the Moon. Your hand shows sexuality, yes, but more so than that is this distinct femininity. There's great intellect here, and tremendous capacity for learning new things. Something turned out differently for you than you expected in life. There's a little fracture and a disconnect that made you have to think about things in a different way at some point. But that's ok, you forged different pathways and your capacity for learning enabled you to find success there too. You have a recent lifetime that you may remember bits of. Maybe in dreams. You have been here multiple times, but like clockwork. Long, measured lives, and returning at regular intervals, as if you come back because you like it here. And not just to learn things, but to impart things as a teacher.
  13. It's always interesting to compare and contrast the hands of a couple. What's interesting here is, as much as you are driven by your own personal path, your honey actually has more soul deep passion and drive than shows in your hands. But what your hands do show is rather astonishing. On the right side, what you are born with- since you're a lefty, those large triangles denote born psychic ability and a connection to the divine - a protective energy that is spiritually channeled through you. A high degree of intuition too. On the left, what you have done with those gifts, shows that you have forged a path that is uniquely your own. You invented your own career path from nothing, and eventually it will lead to great success. You have such a dark echo of your lifeline, it's as if part of you still lives there. Your connection into the past is very strong. Now, we all know what you do for a living, so maybe everyone will say, well, duh. But here's something that we couldn't know, so tell us if this is true: It shows that you have come a very long way from where you started in this life. When you were younger, it shows that you really didn't much care what other people thought about you - your reputation, your opinions, you were pretty ok with people not approving of you. But this has all changed in the last few years. You have gotten more serious and having the approval of those around you and your community has become increasingly more important to you. One last thing, you are an emotional being. This makes sense as you are highly intuitive as well. You have the potential for jealousy though, so watch out with letting some of those emotions get away from you.
  14. Another Artistic Hand! (I bet we have a lot of artists around here!) Now yours is very much so, indicated by the two center fingers pointing towards each other and the pinky setting a little ways out. I see a great yearning to reach for the creative life within you, but your hand looks like you may not reject your strong practical side for another few years yet. Your mind points towards creative fulfillment, but you have a strong logical drive that keeps reminding you that there are bills to pay and don't you forget it! I think that emotionally, you have very strong convictions about what is acceptable in a relationship and may get crabby if those expectations are not upheld by the other person. This may have caused some strife in your past, disappointments. There's lots of little interruptions and side trips in so many places on your hands, as if you have gotten derailed or distracted by circumstances multiple times in multiple ways. I do see echoes from previous lifetimes here, some of them quite deep. So when you react to something now, you may want to investigate within yourself whether you are reacting to the actual circumstance, or maybe pulling from baggage of the past that may not even apply right now. There's some big change to come in the future - a change of path, more than one to come, and they look to be leaning more towards personal fulfillment. Put less attention into what other people may think, and more towards truly pleasing yourself.
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