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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Decision pushed a few days later, maybe between Monday and Weds....I'm pretty sure I will have enough for you., and yes, it's fine to wait until then. Yours!
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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Got them to here, thank you, everyone!
  3. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    He's coming in tomorrow to decide, OceanJewel. I may have another for you, yeah. I will post an ALT.
  4. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    John thinks we have one more, and we have it there, but I want to make sure it isn't something that was reserved and not packed yet, so we'll give it a few days. You want to be on the list for that?
  5. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    ok, awesome, looks like we have bottles for both of you!
  6. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Bella got the last posted bottle, but we MIGHT have one more for you, Baroness. I will ask the guys.
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    Rose City Shampoo Bar

  8. Potion Master


    A list I made for my own use, but thought perhaps it might be useful to others as well.... This is a list of currently available pheromone enhanced fragrances. I plan to update this when new releases come out and as things sell out. Permanent offerings are in BOLD Pheromone Blend - - Fragrances containing that blend: Men's Blends: Alpha-Androstenol - - Sable Vert, Goldfish Phero B2.2 - - Elementary Ch 6 Balm Bomb - - Peace & Calm Charisma - - Kingmaker, TeeKayOh, Legend Heart Throb - - Pashazade, Smooth Operator, Hot Cherry Hedione - - Sable Vert Hunter Trapper - - Heavy Metal, Libertine, Wild Side Open Windows - - Veridian Muse, Open Arms, Island Rain Perfect Match - - Girl Nip 2018, Year One Super Sexy for Men - - Imperium Swimming with Sharks - - Spell 2015: Money Multiplier, Sharp Dressed huMan Teddy Potion BB - - Teddy Man, Connect, The Big Easy TMI - - TMI, Topper - - True Confessions - - Stormy Weather Wanted Man - - Voracious, Rebel, Risque Whisque Women's Blends: AJA - - LP Pumpkin, Supernatural,Soliel d'Or, Cananga Coco Cacao Alpha-Androstenol - - Goldfish Audacious - - Frisky Business Phero B2.2 - - Elementary Ch 6 Balm Bomb - - Balm Bomb (scented), Peace & Calm BAM Formula - - BAM varieties BANG! - - Odalisque 2017 Blatant Invitation - - Lait du Citron, Luxurious Cougar Potion (Stone Cougar) - - Cougar Potion, Cougar: Panther Cuddle Bunny - - Cuddle Bunny, Vampire Bunny, Gossamer Threads Dominance - - Dominance (scented) Empathy Potion - - EoW Copulins - - OCCO varieties & Ltd Eds, Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, Phero Girl, Fideau, Undercover Lover, Tsunonme, PG-17, Closer, OCCO Ambrosia 2018, {OCCO Ltd Ed Set: Choco, Coco Cocoa, Cherry Tobac, Florale, Orchid Zing, Midnight Lavender, Pineapple, Sandal Musk} Girl / Girl - - Bosom Bows, Themyscira Gotcha! - - Honeyed Love Potion 2015, Heart & Soul - - Passion Bee, Ohana Hedione - - Padma Lace - - Zombie Repellent, Sareena La Femme Mystere - - Sensual Harmony, Winter in the Tropics, Mystic Dewdrop La Femme Noire - - Leather - - Bad Girl 2018 Levitation - - Mango Rainbow, Flying Potion 2017, Super Happy Funtime Lumina - - Pallas, Goddess of the Blue Moon 2018 Magnet Formula - - Magnet (LAM) varieties, Blue Rose, Buttercream Peach 2018 Mega Watt - - Spell 2015: Determination Potion, Anti-Piggy Mother's Little Helper - - Open Windows - - Veridian Muse, Drive By Fruiting, Open Arms, Island Rain, Paradisi, Perfect Match - - Girl Nip 2018, Zakura Popularity Potion - - Spell 2015: Star Power, Laloo, Deliciae Sexology - - Sexology, Wild Cherry Sexpionage - - Compromising Postions, Juicy Lucy, BLUD Super Sexy for Women - - Sneaky Clean, Rocket Fuel, Swimming with Sharks - - Spell 2015: Money Multiplier, Phero Charged Money Potion 2018, Sharp Dressed huMan Teddy Potion BB - - Teddy Man, Nox, Connect, The Big Easy, TMI - - TMI, Topper - - Treasured Hearts - - Friends & Lovers, Liebchen True Confessions - - Misc: Blend of DHEAS & Alpha Nol - - Carta d'Amor
  9. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Yes, yes, and yes!
  10. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    Yes! Thank you!
  11. I'm not planning on doing an Itty set this month unless people really want them, as three of these four are variants or rebrews of things that came before. (Chrissy's is the new one.) But let me know if anyone wants an Itty set and we'll see what we can do! Coco Chrissy's Sexy coconut musk - not too sweet, grownup and sleek! Crafted of warm musks, tropical vanilla, milky coconut, and a wee splash of frangipani. 11 bottles available w high floral note ( 9 bottles available w low floral note (Kayla, SeaJam, Bella, Saffron, Linnea's Brew Who says pumpkin is for Fall? Not we! Linnea wanted something to replace her beloved Punky, so I crafted something in that vein with an entire patch of pumpkins and a dot of apple, sweetened with brown and maple sugars and butterscotch, with tiny dabs of praline and chestnut, and a base of patchouli and oud. Nope, it's not exactly like Punky because those ingredients are long gone, but it's of that ilk, spicy and yummy and nibblable, yum! 12 bottles available (Hildy, Linnea x3, Store x1, Melissa's Second Spark Melissa was missing her old favorite, Spark in the Dark. Spark was released 6 years ago, so no chance of any of the same ingredients, but I crafted something reminiscent using a paring of sweet ambers and fruity musks, with smidgens of cedar and patchouli, and a sprinkling of white sugar on top. It's a sultry musky scent that's perfect for warmer months. 6 bottles available ( SeaJam, Lisa's Creamy Ylang - rebrew The rich scent of whipped cocoa butter - accentuated with a dash of coconut cream - swirled together with creamy ylang ylang blossoms and dusted with powdery myrrh and white amber. 6 bottles available ( SeaJam, Eastwood, Stacy, JLisa, BViolet, Luna) 6 Itty Sets - SOLD OUT (Lainey, Luna, BruiseViolet, Kayla, Halo, Eastwood)
  12. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Sure! Thank you!
  13. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    There's a little extra saved aside for you, and one person didn't follow through with her reserves, so currently I have available: Dari Gold - 7 bottles Dari's Rocket Powder - 8 bottles
  14. You asked for it, you got it! Presenting our Spell Potion Collection 2013! 20 potions here, featuring our beloved, magical "familiars" on the labels! If we used a picture of your pet on a label, please share an anecdote about him or her in this thread, and we will include it on the Perfumerie page. Thanks! Each pet gets a bottle of their potion as a keepsake. This set covers August and September releases. If you want to buy the whole set at once, you will have to buy two monthly sets. If you prefer to buy 10 at a time, purchase a monthly set and list the 10 potions that you want in the customer notes area provided. For those of you that pre-purchased monthly sets with your sale orders, please send a follow up email to let us know which 10 potions you would like. Thanks and enjoy! Smitten Kitten - Attraction Potion Whisker Wishes - Wishing Potion Psychic Eye - Psychic Enhancement Potion Pro-Create - Creativity and Fertility Potion Patience Potion - Phero Enhanced w/ Balm Bomb Breath of Nirvana - Sex Potion, Copulin Enhanced Lucky Dog - For Attracting Good Luck Love Immortal - A Potion for Finding Your Soulmate Black Cat*Hex Breaker - Anti-Hex Potion Glamour Puss - Glamour Potion/Beauty Enhancer Gimme Money - Traditional Spicy Fast Money Potion Focus & Acuity Potion Sweet Dreams & Comfort Potion Defensive Magic Potion - Protection, Deflect Negativity Away Courage & Bravery Potion Communication Potion Come to Me, Lover - Classic Spell Oil BFF Friendship Potion Ambre Amour - Love Attracting Potion Shut Up and Get a Job - Phero Enhanced Employment Potion with Swimming w/ Sharks
  15. Potion Master


    Maya, the FIRST post contains the list that is available now. The post you quoted are Sold Out offerings, as stated. Just read the top post. Correct, some items are available on Etsy, but ALL are available on the temp site, LuvPotionPerfume.com
  16. Potion Master

    Pure Sugar

    DD, Pure Sugar will lighten up ANYTHING and make is softer. If you have anything you feel like is too pointy or sharp or floral or too dark resinous,,,whatever the issue is, it can make it seem more round, more delicate, more demure, softer, and of course a little sweeter. Let us know how it goes!
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    I just spent the last few hours restoring the Amazon credits that were rolled back when the forum upgraded. If there are any other boosts that you can remember from elsewhere on the forum, please let me know and I will restore those too. Thanks!
  18. Potion Master

    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    Everyone should have a nice journal, or twelve. There's a magic that happens, a communion with the well of creativity of the universe, when you hand write things in a book that gives you pleasure. Have you ever noticed, that songwriters and novelists and all sorts of creative and scientific people, when asked about their process, many will say - "I didn't write this, it was presented to me in finished form. I only transcribed it." This is absolutely true. I have experienced this many many many times over my lifetime. JK Rowling said the same thing, and so did Mozart. (I'm not trying to compare myself with giants, I'm just saying if you don't believe me, then maybe you'll believe them.) In my own mind, it's like a cloud layer that circles our planet, and sometimes I have this straw, and I can sip from it. I'm given music and stories and ideas that are finished, I just have to transcribe them and make them happen. I think this is why there are universal ideas, inventions or stories or songs that crop up simultaneously in different parts of the world at the same time. We all tap into that same well. We sip from the clouds together. When you hand write things in a book, in permanent form, you commune with this creative well. Your mind and body are engaged and you channel it. You take from it, you add to it. The more you do this, the more deeply you connect, and all the more is presented to you. Making notes on a computer or phone is absolutely no comparison, it doesn't work the same way. Using a notebook with tear out pages won't work either. I think it has to do with permanence. I guarantee you, that your first draft written in permanent form, will be better than your 5th draft written in a temporary form. Don't be intimidated by the process - so many people say they are afraid to write into such a pretty book, they don't want to "waste" it. Don't think like that. It's likely a $15 book you're talking about. You waste that much at the mall or on an overpriced meal. If you feel like you messed it up, buy another one. I have been using blank books for writing down dreams, songs, spells and my perfume recipes since I was 12 years old. I use them for planning - my move 1,000 miles away to a new town, my new home, my store. Writing in this form....it makes things happen, it makes thoughts into reality. Makes dreams come true. Try it.
  19. Every butter or lotion or wax or soap has a max amount of additional oil it can handle before it breaks down. It can be anywhere from 2% to 20%. See if you can find out from your supplier how much oil they recommend for each particular product. Otherwise, it's pretty much trial and error as you learn. It might be an ounce per pound, it might be just a few mls per pound. Tell us how it goes! Good luck!
  20. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Welcome, Crash! I reserved you an itty set, thank you. When you send an email for your sale invoice, just make sure *Itty Set July 2018* is on your list of things to buy. And please include your forum name in the email. CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com or LovePotionPerfume-Store@yahoo.com
  21. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Yes, yes and yes!
  22. Potion Master

    Dari's Rocket Powder

    Sorry, I left Dari's notes at the shop and had to retrieve them! D'oh!
  23. Potion Master

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    I may have another or two in the end, I am reserving for the creator, who is a serious NOSE! Has spent days upon days sniffing at the shop!
  24. Potion Master

    Annual Sale is Coming Soon!

    I am still a few hours away, kids, look for it this evening.
  25. Potion Master

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Thank you, Ladies! Everything is updated to this point. Sorry it took me so long to get all my info up there...LIFE HAPPENS! XOXOXOX