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  1. Has anyone used PP on snotty salespeople? Last time I went to Bloomingdales, no one wanted to help me, and I had to hunt down someone just to pay for my purchases. I was so offended I hadn't set foot there in years. But I made a purchase online and decided to pick it up at the same store where I went last, because it would take 2 days for them to ship. I sprayed on the back of my neck, from belly button to breasts, and wrists. I covered with chanel 5 and went to bloomingdales. I walked straight to where you pick up online purchases - and a saleswoman passed me, smiled and said hello - but there was no one in there. I looked around and another saleswoman was walking by, and she was smiling looking at me. I gave her my info, she got my boxes, and I was on my merry way. I was wearing a cardigan over my shirt, not sure if that covered the pheros, but I am happy PP finally worked on strangers, especially snotty ones.
  2. no dolly, i didn't say right there on my cooch. it was about 3 inches away from my clitoris. i had shaved that day and was also afraid that the alcohol would make it burn, so i didn't want to take any chances. but since my ex has a big nose, he was able to sniff the cops.
  3. Just wanted to say that a swipe of this on your mons pubis - I sworn the name was mount of venus but google said no - and you'll get the best oral in your life. My ex is a champ and I trained him well on this when we were together. But I decided to try the BI somewhere where his nose would be close to when he went down on me, and it turned him into an orgasm machine. I almost said I wanted to marry him I also applied BI in other places, but this was my first time trying on that area. It made a HUGE difference. FYI, my BI doesn't smell.
  4. I sprayed twice between breasts, one behind neck and behind each ear plus on each wrist but no luck. I guess I am going to increase the dosage by spraying multiple times. @nutrix.. mmmm thinking now, i actually move so much that i end up not being too long around people. so next time i use the PP, i will do it when I am in a setting where I cannot get too far from people.
  5. I am going to try it this week using a bit and a lot. I will put behind my neck, on my wrists and maybe behind my ears. I usually apply between my breasts and I guess it is not a good spot. Then I will apply a lot, pretty much in most pulse points or at least 4 sprays per spot I apply.
  6. Thanks, I am going to use it again, it has been a while. I only wore it around my ex over a month ago, and he nearly went crazy.
  7. thanks! well, i sent an email to customer service anyways. mine is a roll on, oil based.
  8. I wonder if mine is from that lot, because I can't smell anything, neither on my skin or on the roll on bottle. I used to be able to sniff a scent and it wasn't bad, so I didn't need to apply perfume over it. I bought it in November 2014. @ephoebe23, when did you purchase yours?
  9. I started with a high dose and eventually cut down to only from belly button to breasts and got zero hits EXCEPT when I am around my ex, because he would have a really hard time not getting close to me.
  10. I haven't had any luck with this one..... I wear it at least once a week and zero hits.
  11. how did you do to mix perfume with the phero? i still haven't figured out the best dosage for me
  12. I bought the spray version of UN PP and sprayed from my belly button to my cleavage, then I sprayed on one wrist and remembered that someone wrote that you rub it down with your wrists. I did that with the wrist that I had not applied it. It dried in less than 5 minutes, so I applied Lina's White Velvet Rose over it and went on my way. Within 10 minutes I felt quite hyper. I kept thinking about going somewhere where I could find a lot of people, instead of going to class, and the mall sounded like an idea... I think it was a self-effect of the pheros because I never skip classes for something so silly, and I am not into big crowds, but I felt like I should. One male classmate would stare at me every now and then, my professor had a huge smile when I went to ask her about something - she is usually nice, but that big grin was unexpected, and another female classmate kept talking to me or when she laughed or smiled she tried to make eye contact with me. She also said she loved me when I said something funny lol. I felt quite giddy and had to control myself to not burst out laughing a couple times. To be honest, sometimes I felt like I was high and I was watching everything from a screen rather than being there. My head hurt a bit and about 4 hours later I started to sniff the pheros again - it smells like sweat to me - so I grabbed my Chanel 5 parfum and sprayed over it. I feel like it intensified the scent because I have been walking on a Chanel 5 cloud ever since. Ok, then I went to the store and this guy who walked in at the same time as me must have been hit by the pheros because he kept following me around but when I turned and saw him, he just turned around the corner, but rushed to be in the same line as I was. The man next to me who had paid for his groceries stood there for a bit after he paid, as if unsure of something. I stopped at a liquor store to get something and the lady who works there is usually either annoyed to see me or uninterested, but tonight she seemed mesmerized, and I had to repeat myself to her. When she gave me my purchase, she just stared at me as if she had never seem a person before. Also, I felt like going to take a nap a few times. Maybe I applied too much? Tomorrow there's a burger grilling sale that I am volunteering for and I want to try PP again, but I will spray only once on my cleavage and rub it down with my wrists. I also have BI roll-on and I want to try it too, but just a tiny bit behind my ears or maybe on my elbow crook. edit: i just read on the description of BI that it is better to apply on torso area, so I will try that.
  13. yayyy finally arrived! i thought USPS had lost my package!
  14. I am afraid USPS lost my package... it was sent Friday and still nothing
  15. Thanks! Another question, if I opt to wear some perfume, do I spray it over where I applied the phero?
  16. I am bumping this thread because I didn't want to create a new one since my question is kinda related to the thread's question I bought some unscented pheros and was wondering - can I wear perfume after the phero dries off? I also have a scented body oil, and thought it applying that and then spraying the pheros over, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea...
  17. Has anyone ever paired PP with Blatant Invitation?
  18. Which one is better for popularity, cuddle bunny 09 or just the unscented one? I want to try the most intense one..
  19. Thanks! Ok, it makes sense, I'll just spray on my chest and if I mistankely spray my wrists (my habit) I'll snif them
  20. Help! The Focus Potion has done nothing for me so far...I have sprayed once and then twice on both wrists and behind my ear. Should I use it more? Or maybe I am spraying the wrong places?
  21. Thank you guys! I also need to research who Kate Upton is, lol I received my order today! And I got 3 free tiny simples: Gothic X-mas, Santa's Little Helper and Tasty Tease. The latter smells delicious! I have been reading the longest thread so far (Super sexy concentrate) and I'm highly inclined to purchase it just to see what kind of attention I get. I'm stocked to be here!
  22. I received this as a free sample and it smeels sweet, like fresh baked pies.
  23. under the chin? mmmm interesting. i guess i can try it anywhere! does it stain clothes???
  24. awwww thanks for the welcome guys, I didn't expect any answers because tomorrow is a holiday! I'm already loving it in here! And yes, I do know that the potions will work because of the great reviews I read. I am avoiding the review area of the forum to not stick to the chair for another couple hours. I didn't see the sample page yet but will take a look!
  25. thank you! i will review my potions once I try them!
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