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  1. This one grew on me. Both the fragrance and the phero. It has this rich earthy almost cologne scent without being too masculine. And it still had the same effect. It made men friendly and women just really open and friendly towards me. Many were still very familiar, but I was able to steer it a bit better today.
  2. Thanks Greenappletart. I missed your post. That is a pretty good idea. I will try that and I can maybe try it in a neighborhood that is not my own. Thanks Eggers. I appreciate the feedback and you sharing your experience.
  3. You are right...maybe I wasn't clear. I guess I am more concerned with comparing the phero ratios. Maybe a better comparison would have been Carta vs Flying Potion. Thanks StacyK. You remember all the stuff... Ok so this would be like Topper vs Levitation. Ok. I don't remember Dance of Passion. What was that one like?
  4. I was looking at Padma, but I think I will try the Popularity Potion new release - I can't think of the name of it right now....
  5. Oh wow. I didn't know that. I had no idea that you could have a pink floral. Would this be similar to a lavander floral like fuzzy wuzzy?
  6. Hey StacyK. I have never been too much into pink scents. It is hard for me to find a fruit scent that my skin won't turn. Wow. I don't think I have ever heard of that - Lick of Pink. That is great that both you and she got awesome hits from it.
  7. Wow.... I am hoping that doesn't happen to me. Or if it does I am aware of it and can stop myself. I think the one I have is Mistress Mine.
  8. Hey OceanJewel. Thanks for joining in. I am scared of cops and alpha...alpha is potent enough! Goodness adding cops ...I dunno. I tend not to get selfies. I am worried if it flips other women's bitch switch! Haha! I don't think I have single DHEAS. I think I have that Cart D Amour with Dheas in it and I have Levitation.
  9. This is all good to know. I noticed that sometimes when I am in alpha blends there is always one women who will test the heck out of me and I was scared that I might incite a mob to beat my butt or something if I wore it out in public. Hon an alpha blend with cops.... Sheesh Dunno...it all does make me curious. I think I will try the dominant blends on specific targets. If they both give you a boost of confidence, which one do you like more?
  10. Hey StacyK, I hope you are well. Thanks for that response. I never tell about the pheros, but I am curious about reactions because I typically don't wear alpha fragrances and people respond so differently to me when I do. I have to go to the library - I wonder if this would work there? Do you think Dom or Leather has the potential to make others challenge me? Particularly women?
  11. I want to test these two, but I don't want to ruin relationships or upset people. What are some good scenarios and places to test these two pheros?
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