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  1. I have never tried this ... but after all of the reviews over the years I have a FB invoiced and waiting to be mailed. Happy dance.
  2. Since I can't decide which to get as after all of these years I've never tried either, I am getting both when I place my order this week. I have avoided cops because it oddly sets off my husband (I think I know why but that's for another thread) but ... maybe just a little won't hurt. I've been putting just a little of a scented cop (unsure which trial has been hiding in my drawer) and covering with TH or PM and so far, so good and I don't want to go straight EOW. Then I can play and see if I'm BAM, LAM or BLAM hahaha Going with the Brown Sugar for both.
  3. LAM, BAM (both in Brown Sugar), BBM, NOCO White ... Sneaky Clean and Sexology. Making a list of things I've never tried and some will be FB totally untested and some will be trial ...
  4. livinlavidacabo

    Kingmaker w/ Charisma

    Seriously thinking of getting this for my 21 year old ... in part because I think Charisma would be a good fit for him, but also because he was super bummed when the (I forgot which it was) the scent he liked that was boosted with OW was no longer available. I think, he'd be happier with a scent that will always be available. He has no real preference in scents. I am familiar with the main stream brands everyone has mentioned this kinda reminds them of, and just wanted to say thank you for giving us all (me) a clue as to how this might smell. Going FB so I hope he really likes it and that Charisma will help him like OW did. I'll review on his behalf when he gets it and gives it a try ... but also will review how OTHERS are towards him. Not that I expect people to stop treating him like he's 15 and offering him Shirley Temple's and chocolate milk when we are out at dinner (he's not a big drinker but often orders a Jack and Coke because it to him, seems more ... manly, when out with his female BFF)... sigh.
  5. wow. wet, it was like dousing myself in almond extract which is funny as I really should have gotten up early to make a certain someone an angel food cake this morning but since he is rejecting that it's his birthday, he got a card, and while he usually responds negatively to cops or est I decided he gets a reminder I am a goddess, damn it. Lightening the mood with a little (or a lot) of OW and yes, he was very happy to sniff me. Hug me ... yeah that was it but whatever. I smell fantastic.
  6. livinlavidacabo

    Odalisque 2017 w/ BANG!

    I didn't do a full sniff test while applying wet, but on dry down my nose says hello musky amber, would you care for some chocolate?
  7. I do not do well with cops either ... but it's probably more to do with my partner. cops just tick him off. ha, that sounds funny out of context. Add est and it's instant fight. Oh my poor CB just sitting there not getting any love as hubby is not getting the message.
  8. Exactly, which is why I was more detailed than I would prefer to be. However, maybe it will help someone some day ...
  9. It's all TMI from me which makes replying difficult - I will lay it out there anyways as I can always edit it out later. Let's see ... some time ago, my relationship with my DH who was not DH at the time, just Mr very long term living together relationship that was coming to an end I presume, from too many outside influences and major life stress to where we barely spoke. There was that one night I awoke to him telling me that he didn't want to be in our relationship anymore. I pretended I had not woken up and that he had never uttered those words. Life was too complicated to just move out at the moment, and I was positive he had an outside influence of the suddenly single BFF male variety and my disdain did not help matters. The thing about phero's, as I am sure you already have read, is that they cannot make a person love you if they do not. They cannot make a person want you sexually, if there isn't already something there or the possibility of there being something, right? So as a last ditch effort, I tried phero's as I was sure we weren't really over, or had hoped that they would help uncover if there was still something between us and if it was worth saving. One night, his back being in terrible pain, I offered to massage him even if just to relax him which he scoffed at. I told him straight out the regardless of the way things were (at the time) that I loved him and his pain was the least I could help with. I added a few drops of PM, as it was one of the samples I had received and did my best to ease the tension in his sore back since I was finally in proximity to him and it helped me, too. It opened the door, to soften us to each other because the love was still there. I couldn't just wear the phero, I had to put effort into it. That was some time ago ... we have since married. Now, PM didn't outright save my relationship, but I truly believe it helped us with actual effort thrown in at least, on my part. I also wear TH too much, actually, but it's a good one to wear around my mother. Makes her less, snarky.
  10. livinlavidacabo

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    LOVE that labels. I've been telling myself I need to use what I have before getting new one but dang it - I will be shopping
  11. Finally got around to ordering a FB in spray. I am sooooooooo happy! Cannot WAIT until it gets here :-) Never got to play enough to get phero hits worth mentioning that I can recall and I am totally just wanting this scent. Bwahahaha I can always find my sweet spot having lots and lots to spray vs the sample bottle.
  12. livinlavidacabo

    Bad Girl w/ Leather

    Wearing this for the first time today. First and probably only reaction to the scent I will get: My son walks into my office and starts sniffing the air, shrugged, and walked out. When he returned later I asked him what that was all about and he said he thought he smelled something burning. REALLY? Ugh. I asked him to sniff my arm in case it was my perfume and yep. He said I smell like incense. Not bad, just thought I was burning incense. While, I think I smell nice. It's mellowed to a powdery scent but I likey it. On the skin not so much as it's morphed into leather and musk but my shirt smells so lovely.
  13. livinlavidacabo

    Leather--Unscented in Alcohol

    I looked to see if I could find this in Oil ... I am not wearing UN ... I am wearing Leather in oil in a scented blend but it's my first time ever trying this phero. I should be in a bad mood today. I really should. But I am just in a really good-ish mood and can only pin point it on Leather. Can't wait to see how the rest of my day goes though I am in an office alone for the most part and have no real contact with people to test run ... if this is supposed to make ME happier than normal ... it's working.
  14. livinlavidacabo


    Never one to offer TMI ... I had never elaborated on the spouse's response. We were going through a rough patch and barely speaking and on the verge of separating. I received the Gotcha along with other samples as part of last ditch efforts of "I will try anything" to make this relationship work. He had inquired if I wanted to go for a drive around the neighborhood (yay, he wanted to be near me) so I sprayed some of the Gotcha UN as it was from the UN spray trials and after a few minutes of looking at exterior decor and landscaping of the neighbors homes for ideas, he turned and looked at me like I was an alien because I was obviously putting off a vibe foreign to him. He did lighten up slightly, but it hadn't gotten the deed done but that is based on where we were at the time in our relationship. As we all know, or should, phero's can't make someone want you, love you or like you. The love was there, but I don't think we liked each other very much at that time. Cue the wrong blend ha That being said, it did in some way assist in getting us back into a much better place because WE weren't the true cause of our issues. (Other phero blends were much better suited for that role along with some serious attitude adjustments on my own part and his removal of a few negative influences; ie his energy sucking male friends) So I never went back to Gotcha until just recently when I received Vampire Bait which OMgggggggggggggg is LOVELY. Still a no go ... but I will try again in about two weeks when the treatment he just had for chronic back pain (real mood killer) has had time to further alleviate his discomfort and when my um, cycle, is different. It made me crappy too ha. I have a sneaking suspicion this blend will become one of my fav's now that life is different. It has better because I am so in LOVE with Vampire Bait w/Gotcha and Aja just as a scent that it has to because as I said in my review of the scent, I smelled so dang pretty
  15. livinlavidacabo

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    I am already considering the AJA on it's own for the sheer fact that after my skin ate up the Vampire Bait, the AJA was still there as lovely ... with or without effects. I do not do well with honey in general on my skin so it will be fun to play with. I do not recall which scent though I probably shared it on the forum somewhere ... but I had a scent that had someone in my store sniffing around searching to find where maybe a dog has pee'd (we are dog friendly) only to find the source was me and whichever scent I had on. What was left of AJA truly did smell of honey and I LOVED it. As for the effects ... that will be something to play with more in the future.