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  1. I dabbed some of this on my sweetheart on our way out the door last night. We went to dinner last night with a group of folks, and every single nubile young woman under 30 in our group just about instantly gravitated over to our end of the dining room, giving him (and me!) hugs and basically standing around our chairs, chatting and giggling and generally being charming and adorable. I thought it was lovely I'm sure my sweetheart agrees!
  2. I second this. I got a sample and it's FANTASTIC on my sweetheart. No one fragrance element stands out here, as far as being more woodsy than musky or whatever--it's just a nice masculine scent. We went to a party Saturday night and he got many compliments on how nice he smelled...in addition to lots of hugs and cuddles. I think I'll gift him with a full size for the next holiday or occasion I can think of. Too bad his birthday was in Feb. Maybe I'll just have to make up a holiday...I want him wearing this often!
  3. bramblekite


    This one starts out smelling like cinnamon candy on me. After a few minutes, it fades to a waxy crayola smell...then it's gone. *sad*
  4. I like it. On me, it starts out chocolate and fresh rose and STAYS that way. No subtlety at all. (just like me, really! LOL!) My sweetheart really isn't into rose scents--he thinks they are too old-lady so this didn't do anything for him at all. Personally, I like it, because rose stuff usually ends up smelling like dirt/dust on me. So I'm impressed it stays rose-y. ANYWAY, I am thinking it will layer nicely with one of my more customary scents. I tend to wear incensey, spicey type stuff (patchouli, amber, sandalwood, etc.) I didn't get any underlying vanilla, coffee, or bitterness. Just those two very strong top notes.
  5. bramblekite

    Dirty Sexy

    I got a lil' sample and I just tried it this morning. Wow! Can I just say Dirty Sexy is Fan Friggen Tastic! The fruits come first, full force, with the musk right behind it. BAM! BAM! Then that tones down and there are the resins...almost like going and getting sap on your hands, it's that strong! (Think Retsina!) Fortunately the resin phase is very short-lived. Finally it all tames down to a gentle clean amber-ish scent, a delicious "up close and personal" SEXY perfume with no one note taking precedence. Yummy yummy yum. This perfume is so gorgeous it makes me want to [censored].... kiss myself.
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