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  1. Dreamergirl

    Anyone ever use Yule Snuggle or Vantine's Chocolates?

    Valentine's chocolates is one of the few scents where the chocolate note doesn't go all wonky on my skin. I love it!
  2. Dreamergirl

    Introduce Yourself!

    *Waves* Heya everyone!
  3. Dreamergirl

    Pirate Bumbo

    I had the same thing happen! When I smelled it in the bottle, I thought "ehhhh it looks like this won't work after all." But once it started to dry down it was really nice. I'm glad I made sure to try it on my skin. It reminds me of Malibu (the drink; I wish I've been to the place) while still being original.
  4. I just had to make a topic for this scent. I abosolutely adore it! It blends so well that the single notes seem like they were meant for each other, although I can definitely detect the vanilla helping everything to get along. It's not a scent I would usually try, but I'm so glad I did because it has fast become a favorite of mine. I can't vouch for the effects on others (well, other than my mom walking behind me one day because I smelled good) but it makes me feel good and gave me the courage to talk to a certain cutie at work the other day. I need a big bottle. Or maybe two. Or three. XD (How big are they again?)
  5. Dreamergirl

    Love Potion: Pink

    This scent smells exactly like I hoped it would. It's yummy, but with a sweet kick. It's a girly scent that doesn't smell fake on me!
  6. Dreamergirl

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there! My name is Alicia. I was given a sample of Love Potion to try and just had to get an order in! The samples I chose to start out with are- 1. Love Potion Perfume (Original) 2. Love Potion: PINK 3. Pirate Bumbo™ 4. Sugared Red Berries 5. Sugared Vanilla Mint 6. The Sandman Snoozeth ~ Sleep and Dream Potion 7. Candy Pop 8. Sugared: PURE 9. Sugared Coconut 10.Sugared Vanilla Bean I'm excited. Nice to meet everyone! Edit- And hi Mia! Thanks for that enabling. XD