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  1. Thanks for the offer Amalthea! I'm afraid I'll have to pass up on your offer as I'm located in the South-East Asia, instead of the U.S. Definitely wouldn't want you to spend so much on the shipping cost just to send a bottle. I'll check out on the phero boost split option. Definitely sounds like something that I can consider. As much as I love Caramel Musk, I'm trying to test new scents and avoid ordering anything new with it for the time being. Been using it a little too much since most of what I have are scented with it.
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations and good words! They all sound like great choices! I'm leaning towards Open Windows, Teddy BB, Popularity Potion and in particular, Lumina, since it's like an all-in-one "attention + social" phero based on the reviews. In fact, I'm so tempted by vladmyra's review that I feel like getting one for myself. Scent-wise, I'm planning to get a couple of trial vials and just add one to the unscented phero. Lesser chances of her not liking the scent as compared to having it lightly scented in advanced. My cousin and I are both big fans of caramel musk, so something similar would be great, like those musky, caramel, vanilla type of scents. Anyone has any experiences with the listed scents as compared to caramel musk? - Pure Sugar - Goodie Tooshu - Snow Musk - EGG 2014 - Love Potion Humidity
  3. Hi all! I'm on a lookout for a suitable daily phero (and a light scent to go with it) for my cousin to help her mix around better in the university. It has been a challenge for her to be more social due to her shy and quiet character. Considering the high ratio of guys in her course, something that would help her bond with the guys while not pissing the small number of girls would be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. Stealing Heaven, Get Happy!, T.M.I., Return to Me, ...and I feel fine and Sneaky Clean. I'm loving the smells particularly from T.M.I. and Sneaky Clean!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm totally new to perfume and pheromones and imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon LP. This place feel like a wonderland with lots of treasures to be discovered! I have already received my first order of samples and they smell fabulous. Can't wait to test them all out and make my next purchase soon!
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