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  1. Sorry, I've been a bit busy to hop back here and update! I originally told him I wasn't sure what my schedule was for the next week or so... Well, we ended up getting together again yesterday. I wore the same mix as before for my own edification. This time he was definitely a lot more comfortable - our conversation was more lively (as it had been on the phone previously), he displayed a lot of positive body language toward me, I caught him staring at me when I was looking away, he took a lot of opportunities to "accidentally" touch me, etc. He asked me out for today, but I couldn't make it. He told me he definitely wanted to get together again soon, though. So yeah, I think my first impression was correct: he's somewhat shy and reserved.
  2. Tyvey, your response was exactly what I needed to hear, and I felt like a huge dork for ignoring all the things you pointed out. I feel like an even huger dork right now, though, since he just called and asked how long he had to wait to see me again. I know this is atypical. Thanks everyone for your responses! I so appreciate it!
  3. I met a guy a few years older than me on a popular online dating site about a month and a half ago. For various reasons we couldn't get together for a first date until this past Saturday, but we e-mailed, texted, and talked on the phone a lot. I could tell by our conversations he was a little bit shy, but he was also engaging and we had fun conversations. I already knew I liked him from that standpoint. We met for a couple of drinks Saturday night. I layered PheroGirl with Heart & Soul and a smidge of Pink Sugar. He was already there when I walked in, and I walked up to him and gave him a hug. He did hug me back, but he was a bit hesitant and acted nervous. We hung out for three hours that night and had good conversation and good banter, but not only was he a bit on edge and nervous, but he was tired from working all day until right before we met. When we parted, we kissed (I initiated it) and he wasn't hesitant about responding (in fact, he made a surprised/delighted "oohhh!" sound after the first kiss). He asked me if I wanted to go out again this next Saturday - I stopped to think about my schedule for a second and he said "I'll just let you call me later in the week about it" and laughed. I told him I liked him and he giggled! He told me to text him when I got home so he knew I had made it safely. I did, he responded with "Good, I'll call you tomorrow". He didn't call Sunday. I texted him around 8:30 and said "I had a good time. I want to meet up again this next Saturday if you'd like". He responded "I had a good time, too" and made a comment about the food I ordered with our drinks (long story, but it was funny), but no response to my mention of next Saturday. Soooooo... He had mentioned Saturday that he had a lot of things to do since it was his only day off, so I want to chalk it up to that, but part of me thinks "nah, this is one of those 'I met you and now I'm just not into you' things" OR he was overwhelmed by my pheros and those coupled with my kiss initiation might have equaled "aggressive and easy" in the guy's mind. What do you think? Am I just too worried about it? I mean, I do realize it's only Monday.
  4. Another vote for scented Sexology! I use it about every other day, and I'm afraid to be without it!
  5. ariadne

    Sugared Honeycomb

    This newest rebrew of SH has a weird smell, to me. It's much more plasticy/sugary than the previous batch. I've had the new bottle of this last rebrew curing for a month or so, and the scent has not really changed. I hope it does soon, because I LOVED the previous SH.
  6. I was wondering about this as well.
  7. ariadne

    Potion 31

    In the bottle I smell straight carrot cake: spicey goodness with cream cheese icing. On my skin, wet and after drydown, I just smell spices and a bitter vanilla that seems to make my nose itch. I like the way this one smells in the bottle, but my body chemistry reacts with it in a not-so-good fashion.
  8. In the bottle (femme version), I smell coffee and vanilla with a smidge of coconut. Immediately after application the coffee scent comes to the forefront on my skin, but after a while it turns into a vanilla smokiness somewhat reminiscent of Demeter's Bonfire (but with much more depth and staying power!) I haven't tried Sugared Bonfire, but I wonder if the scent might be comparable. I love that lingering smoke smell that sticks with you and your clothes for days after a nice autumn bonfire, and this scent reminds me of that.
  9. I agree! I just got my samples today, and this one smells exactly like warm gooey chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven. The first vision that came to mind when I smelled it was the Nestle Toll House commercials where they show a cookie being pulled apart with the strings of melted chocolate streeeetching out between the halves... Good lord, I'm so hungry for one now.
  10. I'm so terribly picky with scents, so just samples for me. I bought Mummy Chunks, La Vie De Boheme for Women, and Potion 31. Now I'm thinking I should have picked up a Carpe Noctem. I just can't get into any scent that's predominantly flowery, musky or herbal. I like them in theory, but they just never work for me in practice.
  11. I have not had much luck with the oil based EoW. Every time I have worn it, I have gotten negative comments. Mostly of the "GOD, what stinks like CHEESE??" variety. It put me off trying to use it for the time being. It's weird because around the same people, I can pretty much walk into a small room wearing just applied alcohol-based EoW with no cover and have no reaction, but the oil-based gets the stink face. The closest thing to a neutral comment I got on the oil-based was when I asked a coworker what he thought of the scent of a Pink Sugar lotion I had mixed a couple of drops into... He said "It's... complex."
  12. Haha, I'd be interested in smelling that one! Hello folks, I'm also from over at Androtics. Have posted here and there but mostly lurked. I see a lot of AR folks are starting to come this way.
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