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  1. Countesszero

    New Releases for JUNE 2017!

    I want them all we can I buy.
  2. I bought full sized bottles of the New Releases. Just received them yesterday and I must say Spring Thyme is lovely. I'm wearing today.
  3. Everything looks great so I went ahead and ordered full sizes of all the New Releases. I cant wait to try these babies out.
  4. Countesszero

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2017 - PHEROTINE!

    I just bought full sized bottles of the women's and the unscented trials. I'm so excited. These will come just in time for our annual trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Hopefully way before then. Yeah.
  5. Countesszero

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2017 - PHEROTINE!

    I cant wait to place my order. I'm even getting some for my hubby. I'm getting big bottles of everything.
  6. Countesszero

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2016!

    I ordered everything. The full sized bottles of the Chakra's, the Elementals and Garland and Lace. But I forgot to snag some of the incense. I'm so excited and cant wait to receive everything.
  7. Countesszero

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2016!

    Hi everybody. They all look awesome. I can see at least 4 full sized bottles in my future.
  8. Countesszero

    Back by popular demand!

    Bring back Potion Bastat
  9. Countesszero

    'Scent Lockets' are here!

    I want to reserve one also. Can I have the Red Glass Accented Orb. It's got my name all over it.
  10. Countesszero

    Spell Collection 2015 - Sigils!

    I'm wearing Road Opener today. And when you focus on the intent of the oil it really works. Driving to work today it seemed as if all the cars and trucks moved out of my way. My mind also feels more open to the thoughts of others. I feel clearer, like my head was in a fog but now it's not. I love the scent and now that I've had it on for hours I get the herbal watery aroma thing, which is clean smelling and for me a little earthy. I LOVE IT. Of course I've already bought a full sized bottle and will probably get more. I'm hoping to change jobs and this potion would be perfect for opening the doors of opportunity. I give it 4 thumbs up.
  11. Countesszero

    Spell Collection 2015 - Sigils!

    Everything looks awesome. I bought both the A and B samples and about 3 of the large bottles. Cant wait to receive them, especially the Hex Deflection Potion.
  12. Cherise. I couldn't have said it better. That's the way this makes me feel.
  13. I received the tester for this last week and have been trying it out for a couple days now. Upon first spritz I felt a surge of energy. Like when it's cloudy out and the sun appears and shines on your face. Revitalized. This Mega Watt makes me feel like I want to expand my mind and be more creative.Creative in the way I think and the things that I do. Makes me feel like stirring things up. It's also making me hot for my own reflection. As if I wasn't already. After spraying I took a look in the mirror and thought. "You've got it going on and you know it". I've already ordered a full sized bottle knowing that it's still in the testing stage. I don't care. I am loving this stuff.
  14. I've just ordered the full sized set of New Releases for Women for $249.00 oh and some cougar of course. I cant wait to receive them. This is going to be one of my many early Christmas presents. Now I have to go back and really check out the descriptions.
  15. Countesszero

    New Releases for NOVEMBER 2014 - Pheromas is here!

    Seems I've been away for so long. Can someone tell me how much it would cost to get all the New Releases in full sized bottles and not the sampler. My money faery said that I can.