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  1. Wow, thank you, everyone! And Quiet Guy, I don't mind telling you I'm quite in love with Telly Savalas now, after reading your very wise posts Thank you also for the offer of the Sneaky Clean (gotta love that name!) MrsChrissyrez! I'll see what comes, I added it onto a 'sample' order. I'll certainly keep you all posted on my progress both health-wise and man-wise. I feel like I've found a really good group here. I've always been a bit of a smell freak. That 'right to the memory nodes' that fragrance can do to you is so unlike any other sense. My first realization of what pheromones or fragrances can do was back in 1971; I was walking down the street downtown to catch a bus and caught an amazing whiff of old leather and dusty paper, like an old bookstore. I turned a 180 and hypnotically followed this nondescript looking man back into an ... old book store. Turns out he was there to sell an antique book that was, indeed, bound in old almost crumbling leather; it was a Book of Spells and Indian Magick from the late 1880s and I ended up buying it from him before the bookstore proprietor could get his hands on it, much to his chagrin. The bookseller and I ended up having a long and torrid friendship. And from my old hippie days, I have a cherished, now empty bottle of Oakmoss oil, which I still like to get out once in a while. Takes me right back to Woodstock! And beads! And granny dresses! And I have a bottle of the original formula 'Pheros' from 'Dr. Smell This!' of another forum; it smells like Cleopatra and I have no doubt that there is at least one here that surpasses it; your alchemists are of the most stellar quality, of that I have no doubt. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your warm welcome and wishes! signalfire
  2. Oooo, thank you BklynG! Love the kitteh! I think it needs it's own perfume, don't you? 'Gray Fur and Little Pink Tongue'
  3. Thanks to everyone for the sweet welcome and advice I already ordered what I listed up top there; I'm not clear on how to order a sample pack and Sneaky Clean doesn't seem to be available when I go to that? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. Okay, here's what I got: Perfect Match, Gotcha Honey Love, Essential Mystique Water, BAM original and sandalwood, Goddess of the Blue Moon and Hunter and the Woodland Nymph, Candy Cane Cookies Some of these were second choices cuz SCSS wasn't available. That pretty much uses up my budget for the rest of the year :-/ Wish me luck!
  5. Wow, good advice already! It looks like Sneaky Clean is sold out (ack!); will this be back in stock soon...? It actually looked like the perfect one...
  6. Hello Smart Ladies and Wise Gents; it's been wonderful lurking here the past few days, trying to read up on everything. I found you through a quirk of fate from another phero site, so it must be kismet. You ALL are wonderful writers and I'm so a word lover! Here's the deal; six weeks ago I met an amazing man; within days of this first introduction, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I feel like I was hit by lightning and found the gold at the end of the rainbow all in the same few hours... He's 63 and very huggy, communicative and open; incredibly caring to the point where I at first thought it was an act; I've learned since that it's anything but, this guy is the real deal and unlike anyone I've ever known before. After a long marriage to a relatively emotionally distant, unaware man, this is a true shock. I'm 59, been single now for 10 years and long ago thought my dating days were over. My stress levels are at an all-time high (natch!!) and we live a bit of a ways apart; about an hours' drive. So meetings are lengthy but infrequent so far. He calls every day, emails at least once and sometimes a half dozen times and we've had equally amazing conversations both emailing, on the phone and in person. So, the problem (is there one?) is he 'wants to go slow'. His last relationship started immediately, and 'stopped even quicker'; apparently she just moved out and took all her stuff and a lot of his stuff with him when she left. He's been burned in other words. He said it never was a good match after the first sex high wore off, but you know how things are when you really want to try to make something work after the inertia has set in. I have very little money to spend so this is going to have to be based on a sample kit (it's all going to cancer-fighting supplements and green smoothies; who knew kale was so expensive? I may opt to treat this with a lumpectomy, already done; and pass on the burn and poison recommendations; the pathology report was reassuring and I have time to fight this naturally...). I know he likes vanilla (and chocolate-peppermint bark!?) but other than that don't know what smells or pheros he might react to. I love vanilla myself, sandalwood, oak moss, and some of the resinous smells but they might be too heavy for a little blonde like me... I'm sure given both our ages, our natural phero supply is very low, almost nonexistent - it's hard to knock someone over now with that instantaneous 'Tony and Maria across the Dancefloor' kaboom, in other words. What say you, Oh Wise Ones? It's not so much that I want to nail him to the wall (although the idea has occurred ) as much as I want to get over the hump of 'watch out or I'll get burned again' and have a full relationship rather than a guarded but incredibly cuddly and intensely emotionally charged one, for good and bad as it stands right now... I'm leaning toward Sneaky Clean with SS if it's available, Perfect Match , BAM; perhaps Sexology or would that be too much? I'm still unclear on which mixes are still available, perhaps that's made clearer at order? Thank you all so much...
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