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  1. Hi Diana! lol So you're hooked, huh? Fortunately for all of us, Red is here to stay! It is a permanent fixture! When I first encountered it, it was a limited edition, so being in fear I may never have a wiff of it again, I bought a large number of bottles. lol You are absolutely right that Red makes you look silly because I too am always smelling myself. Enjoy!! By the way, the original LP is wonderful too!
  2. Hi Mara, As I am not as fragrance savvy as some of the forum posters here, lol, I can't really go into too much detail as to the notes I sense and such, but the reason I love it is just the fact that it's intoxicating! It's like a super sexy, "darker", more intense version of the LP original that I have and love. Since mine has probably aged quite a bit, I definitely smell the vanilla, but the amber and cinnamon are quite pronounced as well. Since I have not tried your favorite edition, I am sure that a "richer" version would be even better! lol Whatever you do, don't tone down too much the effects of this fragrance because I have received so many compliments and reactions to LP: Red. lol I was seeing a Marine, way younger than myself by the way, lol, stationed at Camp Pendleton and he loved this fragrance. When he was deployed to Iraq, he wrote me telling me he couldn't forget my intoxicating scent and that I should write him letters in paper scented with LP: Red. Do you have any recommendations for me being that I love LP: Red so much? I will likely order the LP Trial Size Collection to sample all the fragrances in the LP line. Lastly, do you think you will be brewing Apollo's Gift again? I loved that one!
  3. Ail, thank you for such an informative post. I, too, just love my LP: Red. I don't think you mentioned this, but I purchase unscented body lotion and then drop several drops of LP:Red into it. I don't really measure anything so I just play around with it and see how many drops I need and adjust accordingly. I, have done this with shower gel as well. Next thing you know, you have matching scents for all your bath and body products. It's great! Has anyone tried mixing the oils with perfumer's alcohol for a body splash or cologne? Just curious if anyone has tried this. For Mara: I purchases quite a few bottles of Red from years ago, when it was still a limited edition fragrance. I just love that blend. How does the latest blend compare?
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