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  1. Love Blossom sounds absolutely amazing. I hope I can get some (both literally and figuratively )
  2. D!!!! I have a gift for you my sweet lady, I'll shoot you an email! Well, I just ordered a beta perfume of midnight cravings, I was so afraid I was going to miss out on that one! I hate that I was only able to buy one bottle this month, but at least I have one right!!!!
  3. Me either Invi! Ha ha! Native Soil is one of my all time faves and I am literally obsessed with constant cravings, so midnight cravings I'm sure will be a wonderful new obsession! Although I can't order for at least a couple of weeks and I am so afraid I am going to miss out on them. I actually had a dream about it last night, it was horrible!
  4. I am over the moon for the new Native Soil, I lurves this one sooo very much! :J001: Ooh, ooh...also super nutty for Midnight Cravings...I literally do crave constant cravings!
  5. D!!!!!! Hello beautiful lady! And Shelly, I'll add my excitement here for the cherry amber musky honey! It sounds delicious and I am a big fan of cherries!
  6. MyDogDaisy

    Mellonia's Secret

    Oh Rosebud, I just had to comment and offer you my condolences on your chemistry not working with honey! That breaks my heart! Sug'd Honeycomb, I'm absolutely positive, I would not be able to live without! I am excited to try mellonia's secret, I ordered a sample with my daisycakes but I am pretty sure a full bottle will be more than required after I try it!
  7. I ordered two this morning! I can't figure out how to post a pic of my Daisy, but trust me, she is a gorgeous girl! I can't wait for this perfume!
  8. I can't wait to try this one! I've been trying to put together a PE with something mysterious and unique added to the vanilla, but I think I'll wait until I get some daisycakes! I love the name of this, I call my dog Daisycakes all the time! :dogg4:
  9. I would really love Constant Craving and Native Soil to re-brewed. I have one bottle each, and as much as I would love to wear nothing but these two daily...I am cherishing every little drop instead. It sure would be nice to have enough of both to slather daily for, oh let's say...until I'm 90!!
  10. These sound so wonderful! I can only pray to the gods that you ladies leave some for me and don't snatch them all up before I get some spending money!!
  11. Mmm, this is the one that sounded the best to me of the new releases. I can't wait to try it!
  12. Mmm...I love baby powder. I know a lot of people don;t like it, but to me, it is the classic smell of clean and fresh. I may have to give pandamaniac another look!!
  13. MyDogDaisy

    Constant Craving

    I am loving this one also. I'm horrible at picking out individual scents, but all together this is just plain yummy! Definitely induced a craving, I tell you what! I'm begging my money fairy to be swift and carry heavy, 'cause I have some major shopping to do here!!!!
  14. Oh Shelly B, how do I love thee...let me count the ways... :abvb: :bizoo: :lovebuggy: :emot138: I just received a sample of this today and I am deeply in love! It smells very innocent on me, but with something dark and dirty underneath, might be the musks...I don't know. This one is a winner, though, definitely!
  15. Hmm, that's interesting. When I was younger I adored my dad, called him superman and even told my pre-school teacher I was going to marry him when I grew up. But now...I'm 29 but this started in early high school, maybe late middle school...my dad and I cannot stand each other and fight constantly. It's very heartbreaking, for him as well, I'm sure, but we simply cannot seem to go back to the old ways. I wonder how much this whole "science of smell" has to do with it...or maybe we're both just giant buttheads!
  16. Oh good lord! I am literally freaking out that y'all will snap up all the bottles of Jouir De before I get any money that I am almost in tears! (not really, but I'm going for the dramatic here!) Hee! All the releases this month look ridiculously amazing! You ladies did such a great job, wow!
  17. Mmm...they both sound so yummy I can't wait to try them! These have both been on my wish list since I got the email saying they were available!
  18. MyDogDaisy

    Sugared Honeycomb

    I was just in the hospital for four days, I had my gallbladder removed, massive stones and a toxic liver, it was a mess! Anyway, I wore sugared honeycomb and I was the belle of the surgical floor!! The er nurses had commented on how nice it was to come into a room and "have it not smell of disgustingness" And even though I was awakened several times throughout the night, all the nurses said they loved the smell and would probably be back several more times because of it! It was great. And plus, it was a very soothing scent for me as well. I was in the hospital by myself and did both procedures by myself too (family had work and stuff) so the honey scent really helped me stay calm when I was so afraid and anxious. Sugared honeycomb was such a life saver for me! :kiss_sun:
  19. Oh I loved American Gothic and I reference Sheriff Black a lot still! Every time I see that little boy too (not so little anymore, still don't know his name) I say hey it's that kid from AG!
  20. I'm really excited to try these this month, the pe's sound wonderful! So, I added who I could find and recognize on facebook, but I didn't see many. I'm Aunt Manda on lp's page if anyone wants to add me too! eta: Oh, and Djac...I'm planning something special for you sweetie. It's not to pay you back in any way so please don't misunderstand...it's just something to remind you how special we all think you are here, you need some joy too girl!
  21. The new JALN's are up!! I saw 'em and I wants 'em!
  22. So someone with a better nose for detailing specific scents will have to better expand for you, but right now all I have to say is mmmmmm (I'm drooling like homer simpson) It is somewhat soft and gentle on me, but at the same time I keep getting a whiff of myself and saying God that's good! Over the moon for this one!
  23. MyDogDaisy

    Thief of Hearts

    Thief is unique and oh so lovely! I got some from Djac (love you lady, I'm workin' hard for your money, so hard for it honey!) and even though it got stolen with the rest of my stash, I remember really liking this one. In fact, my jacket still smells lightly and I am loving it! I got so many compliments wearing this, one lady even walked up to me and said that I had "just brought the most wonderful fragrance over here" Watermelon is a great scent for me, I love it and in the summer I eat it almost everyday. I do smell some other things, but I am not good at deciphering "what" I am smelling. But they blend well together and you are left with unique and sweet smelling skin that will get you remembered!
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