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  1. I can't believe Drac's Pink Pumpkin is gone already, this breaks my little lp heart! Just by chance, if someone decides this isn't for them, I would be more than happy to take off your hands!! I'm just sayin'...
  2. Snipped the quote a little! I crave honey daily, if I'm not wearing it I feel like something is missing all day! I was so worried this would be gone before I got a chance to order but I just snagged one! I so want to be a fierce honey ho, too!!
  3. I'm pretty sure I am going to break the first page! I keep looking at all the pics, and based on those alone, there is so many that I want! I wonder if Neanderlicious is going to be similar to Me Jane, I realized after it was sold out that I loved it!
  4. I think I might be a BAM girl, even though I haven't tried any yet. I am definitely not an alpha female in my every day life, so I'm just guessing.
  5. I'm making my list now! Holy crap...I might need to add a bottle holder to it this time! Well done ladies!
  6. Oh lordy you girls are giving me hot flashes over here! I feel like I need to be hosed down! Well I got mine and wore some Sat. night, but I was around all new people so I didn't notice anything fun. My neighbors, all super nice, but not too many of them speak english, so I just mostly got a lot of smiles while being handed pina colada after pina colada! Hey CC, next time my pop makes a trip up to Canada I'll tag along with him and we'll go man hunting together! (you and me, sans dad of course!)
  7. I was so hoping my LAM would get here today, I even hunted down my mail lady to see if she had a package for me! But alas, just bills. The tracking number shows it just hanging out in Arizona since the 6th...me thinks a road trip may be in order!! I'm camping out under my mailbox tonight!
  8. Yeah that's what I did. They say 1 oz. but didn't specify spray or roll on so I was just wondering. I also looked at the am website and they have the sprays, 1 oz also (but I could be wrong) but not the roll on.
  9. I noticed these in the store, but I was wondering if they are the spray versions or the concentrated roll on version? Anyone know? Kinda pricey, but they sound like they will be worth it! I don't know, I may have to wait for some b-day money!
  10. Oh I just knew I would love Vampire Bait, it sounds so perfect! And I think it's about time I start smelling "disgustingly sexy", holy frijoles!
  11. Aww CC...I need a crush too. Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett will just have to hold the place until my real one comes along (I'll take one or the other, preferably both!! )
  12. (I'm sorry I was just being nosey, please disregard my question in my original post!) I am super excited for these new blends, and unfortunately my money situation makes it easier for me to wait. Who am I kidding, I've never waited for the money to come before I spend it!
  13. Please send your little fairy my way after she visits you! :bizoo:
  14. Vampire Bait sounds awesome...I want my own sexy vampire a la Angel or Edward from Twilight...yummy!
  15. MyDogDaisy

    Top Five

    Right now my faves are: Mara's Rocket Fuel LP: Pink 2009 Scandalous 2009 (thanks so much Djac) Smokey Kisses Native Soil I sleep with a fan blowing on my face at night, and I apply Native Soil to the backs of my hands so this wafts around me as I drift off. I love it!
  16. MyDogDaisy

    Sugared Roses

    Mmm, that sounds like a great combo. I'm wearing sug'r honeycomb today (and loving it!!) but I just can't do rose. I love it, I really do, and at first it seems to love me too. But then the honeymoon is over fast and the bitter (and rancid) breakup begins. I also have noticed that what I think smells good one day, smells completely different the next day, but alas I do not know why. Sorry I can't help, I can just say "Dude, I totally get you"
  17. I don't get ice cream from this at all. Actually, I get a buttery vanilla, and I love it!
  18. Fellow hermit here too starlite! The few times I do get out of the house though, I love to be smelling awesome! You never know, I could happen to pass by Orlando Bloom smelling damn sexy...he falls madly in love...follows me home...and we're hermits together! So, I figure I gotta have the pheros just in case! (or maybe a dom nana would be more appropriate in that case!)
  19. CC, I hope you've received my package and the cuddle bunny will lift your spirits! Yes, I did tell the ladies my ss4w leaked. Would I completely ruin the effect if I mixed it with some scented lotion? I was just thinking the lotion would help it from becoming powdery but I don't want to kill the phero diffusion.
  20. Oh dear, you ladies are having so much phero phun! I've notice that when I use my ss4w, it dries white and looks almost powdery where I've applied it. Does that mean it's soaked in and not working anymore? Mine leaked in the mail and I only have less than half left, so I'm trying to use it sparingly.
  21. I was thinking of getting this for my sister. Hummingbirds have been big for her since they were flying around us at her wedding (they were so cute!) I don't know how she feels about nectarines though.
  22. I have BI in Something Voodoo and I really can't tell a difference between my reg. bottle or my amped bottle. I think LP Pink sounds like it would work well with BI, good choice!
  23. I am absolutely over the moon for this! Really, I love it ever so much! I am not good at picking up on scents so I don't really know what it is I am smelling...it definately is unlike any other...I just know it's lovely. I will definately be the best, and most unique, smelling girl in the room! Currently hoarding this like a mad woman!
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