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  1. I wore this to a breakfast meeting yesterday. It was so perfect, it had snowed a little and this just made me feel warm and cozy. I love how the pepper "mediates" and keeps the vanilla and brown sugar from being too sweet together. I could still smell this later in the evening too. I added a couple refresher swipes and then I put on some Sexology. OMFG!! These two go so well together! You must try it. Anyway, usually I am the wallflower of my group, but not last night! All the attention was directed and centered around me. I felt overwhelmed and awkward at first, not used to this kind of thing, but then it just became so much fun. I have a quiet voice that doesn't carry well, but everyone listened to me last night and they all commented that they never knew I was that funny! I love this combo, but next time I think I'll wear it in a smaller group situation. I just wanted to say thanks M&D. This peppered sexpot is so much more than I thought it would be, you guys blended it beautifully!
  2. I just love this! This is exactly what I wanted. This smells like what I picture the "beautiful people" smelling like. Thanks so much, you ladies did a wonderful job! When I first put this on, I think I smell the vanilla mixing with the gardenia. Now that it has dried, I smell the gardenia softened with a little powdered sugar, it's just lovely!
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    CC~ I replied to your Me got you want? thread. I would love your smokey kisses, and maybe your sugared cherries also. Let's work something out!
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    I am completely loving this! I am not normally a fan of fruity scents, but the cherry in this is amazing! I also tried layering this over eow (which I am having the damndest time getting the hang of) and it covered the nasty nicely.
  5. Mmm, I like this one! I was going to pass on it because of the tonka it had, but luckily I don't smell this at all. No offense, I'm just not a fan. But I think I will purchase a full bottle of this stuff, it reminds me of a hot summer day, which I am so ready for right about now!
  6. I'd say that's a pretty safe bet! *runs off to find my bottle*
  7. Oh I am so glad you like this! I haven't received my bottle yet. I was really looking for something to spice things up, but I can't wear too much cinnamon on my sensitive skin. I'm glad the pepper works!
  8. Hey D! What did you think of To Soothe A Broken Heart? That one is calling my name right now! Besides Hotness Personified, which one would you say is a 'can't live without' potion?
  9. The honey really faded on me too, I am wearing this again today. I am hoping this is going to work for sultry brunette for the same reason. This one is just too yummy to miss out on!
  10. I haven't smelled this, but I have been running around the house all day saying treacle trollop over and over, it's just fun! What is treacle anyway?
  11. I love this also, so glad I ordered some! First sniff when wet, I thought of Sugared Honeycomb right away. I have completely fallen in love with honey so this is a good thing. Now that it's dry, the honey is almost gone and I get the brown sugar, maybe with a little cinnamon, but mostly just brown sugar. Whoever said delicious was absolutely right! Sultry Brunette...how did you fare with phero girl or sug'd honeycomb? Normally my skin will amp the sweetness of the honey, but with Sexology the honey has definitely died down. So this may just work for you afterall!
  12. I received samples of Gretel's Candy Corn and Taffy, Christine's Yin Ylang, Kim's Cherry Almondine, Adrienne's Honeyd Sin and Shelly B's Honeyed Amber and Musk. I will try all of these later, right now I have on Sexology! All of these mixes sound so yummy though I'm not sure which one I want to try first!
  13. I just checked the confirmation number from my email and it says that my package is at my post office! YAY! Now the question is do I wait for the mailman to come at his own leisure...or do I hunt him down??
  14. I do love this, I really do! My skin really amps the peach, which is not usually a good thing for me. I am normally a floral kind of gal rather than fruity, but this is a different kind of peach, just as you all have mentioned. This is just lovely!
  15. Hey D!! I'm so glad to see you here, I've been thinking about ya! Things are going good. I just ordered two custom sugar'ds (that doesn't look right does it?) and the lovely Danna has some on hold for me as well. The bills are being neglected but on the bright side...I will be the best smelling homeless woman ever! Just kidding!
  16. from starlite girl: But this time I will try to limit my bottle purchasing. No really. I will. I only make about $70 a week, but that still doesn't stop me from spending more than I should on these! Maybe there should be a pheromone enhanced perfume to establish or enhance money saving abilities?
  17. The labels are so cool! Thanks M&D, I'm over the moon for you both!
  18. Ooh, I want the LP with BI so so so bad! Next week...next week.
  19. Mmmm, that does sound yummy! I absolutely love gardenia, but honey surprised me and is fast becoming a new addiction also. Let me know how you like this combo, it sounds really good!
  20. I just ordered two custom sugar scents. One with vanilla, gardenia and powdered sugar. And the second one is with vanilla, pepper and brown sugar. I'm really excited about these two, I'll let you all know what they are like as soon as I get them. Oh, I also ordered a sugared honeycomb, the reviews are just too good to pass this one up! Waiting patiently and imagining the dream girl I will turn into once I put on my vanilla/gardenia scent!
  21. Hi ladies! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! I've been gone for so long...doing what I'm still not exactly sure...but it sure took up a heck of a lot of time! Just wanted to say a quick hello, I'll be around, but now I guess I better get busy ordering!
  22. I just got my bottle today and I love it! I do have a slight obsession with cherry blossoms though, I have a big beautiful one on the hood of my car, a tattoo on my right arm, and a whole wedding day fantasy that revolves around cherry blossom season!! Anyway, I'm not good at picking up on what scent is what, but I get a slight spice with this one. It smells warm and sweet and cuddly...I love it so much! You ladies did such a great job on this one!
  23. Ooh, I am most excited for Smokey Kisses...cherries and roses, mmm, and smoke...sounds dreamy!
  24. I fell in love with this when I read the desription, even though I do not usually like peach. Your reviews sound so amazing though I can't wait to try it!
  25. Aww D, I think I'm gonna cry! How incredibly sweet of you. Seriously, thank you so much! OMG, I'm speechless right now, thank you so much girl! :banana055:
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