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  1. OMG! LP Red with IS is such a dream combination for me! I would ask for a set aside bottle, but unfortunately I just got laid off and I don't know when I would be able to pay for it! Good luck with this one girls! ***note to self*** next job I get, be sure to open a separate account stricly for LP emergencies!!
  2. This smells fantastic! Light and girly like I have always been looking for but not quite able to find! Anyway... My male cat Felix (who normally follows me from room to room but stays just far enough out of reach so I don't bug him) has been all over me since I put this on. And I love it! I have missed my sweet boy cuddles! I should have been wearing pheromones a long time ago!
  3. I should have ordered a sample with my most recent purchase but I didn't. What do you ladies think about it?
  4. Hi ladies! I'm new here, LP Red was my first purchase and I love it. So, I'm not good at describing scents...but you know the end scene in Closer when Natalie Portman's character is walking down the street and all the men are turning around to watch her and that beautiful song "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" (the blower's daughter actually) is playing? Well, when I wear RED, I picture myself in that scene! If that makes any sense at all to any of you!
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