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    painting, creating poetry, reading, making jewelry, anything that sparkles, my lovebirds and my family, managing my art business online www.AmberLightz.Etsy.com and www.ALCreations.vpweb.com
  1. LOL all this monkey talk makes me want to eat a banana ha! :banana006: LOL no prob Liz. Have an awesome night!
  2. Aaahhh I love that monkey! Would you wear a monkey necklace lol? For real? haha!
  3. Hiya Liz, I see my Sis there is stirring up trouble on the computer lol :banana-computer: haha, that piece is sold but I can make another one. Cost is $65 + $3 shipping but I can make it for $45.00 + shipping if you really like it. Up to you so no worries if it's too much. It's all glass beading. Dawn Marie <--- he is my mascot! lol
  4. Thanks Mara!! I will put one up on my page. I'll send you a couple for me and you can see if you like any of them. Thanks!! Yay! Now I can share my perfume passion! :dancingfruits0nm:
  5. Yikes. Stinky! Customs can be tough sometimes. Have no fear, your goodies will make you feel better lol!
  6. AmberLightz

    Hello everyone

    Welcome RMC!! You'll just find sooo many you will love. You'll have a hard time figuring out what to wear every day lol! I love deserts and vanilla so this place ROCKS! :banana006:
  7. AmberLightz


    LOL is that because you have too many hahaha!!!
  8. AmberLightz


    I was wondering about that one too. I haven't tried it. Sorry I can't help on this one :unsure:
  9. Ok I just totally ordered another $100 worth of perfume. I can't get enough!!!
  10. Ok I just tried out Vanilla Mint and OMG I looooovveee it. It such an interesting blend. It as the sweet smell and at the same time a freshness. I am taking it to Atlantic City next week. It will smell wonderful after the beach and a shower!!! Yeah! <---That's a three fruitie dancer for Vanilla Mint! Who else has tried it and likes it?
  11. Awww thanks everyone!!! Yeah, I have a big heart for any animal actually lol. I like them better than mean people, that's for sure! If anyone likes something, I can make it for you via Paypal and Perfume people get 25% off!! That deserves two dancing fruities!!!
  12. Oh thanks so very much on the paintings! That means a lot to me. I am envious of your country house Mara! I was born in NY (moved to NJ at age 7) and worked in NYC for 12 years! I hope to have a little house in the country someday too. About 6 months ago I left my job to be a full time artist. I am hoping things take off soon! Thanks for the warm welcome to everyone!!!
  13. Hi Everyone! Hello my name is DawnMarie and I am a Perfume Addict. LoL hahaahah! I just had to say that. I just love these perfumes! I am artist who makes artisan jewelry and paintings. www.AmberLightz.Etsy.com or www.ALCreations.vpweb.com I started using LP about 2 months ago and just could not believe perfume that smells this good exists. It blows the designers out of the water by far! So yummy to smell you just want to take a bite out of yourself ha! I have two lovebirds Myley and Delilah. Delilah is still a baby . They keep me company while I create. I love them to pieces. They even get bottle water, warm food and seeds and sleep with baby blankets in their little huts at night. You can tell they are spoiled lol! Anyway, that's all I can think of right now!!
  14. Hi TherapyGirl! Welcome to you too! I have a bunch I bought that I am testing out. That trading post will sure come in handy too. This is such a great idea to have a board like this for the members. Really cool! Hope to you around!
  15. Thanks Dolly! I was going to order again this week! Yay! I hope to be back often, this place looks like so much fun. If I want to point people to your site from my website (www.ALCreations.vpweb.com) , who should I email? Is there some sort of set guideline you have? I think your perfume is just awesome!
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