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  1. Lol Thank You. I Loved It Too, But My Absolute Fave Mara Made For Me Was Castle Walls. N Thanks For Advice.
  2. Hoe long do pheros affect a person when no longer in presence of the wearer. Sorry if this ? Has been answered. Thank You.
  3. Ajia

    Stalk Talk!

    It was gorgeous!
  4. Ajia

    Stalk Talk!

    I would so love to see an LP: GOLD again! It was beautiful!
  5. Ajia

    New Releases for MAY 2010

    Thank you I so will. As much as I loved Ravens it was a tad to strong on me.So i really hope this one will work on me. Me loves the dark scents.But i will have to wait till my next order. Pooh , I need to win the lotto.
  6. Ajia

    New Releases for MAY 2010

    Hi all ! I have a ? about Majmua S. Just how close is it to Ravens SW ? Oh and btw they all look wonderfull (as always)
  7. Ajia

    Ishtar's Star

    Awesome! This is one I cant wait to try , me loves the figgy scents.
  8. Ajia

    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome Cinnamonmel!!!! Looking forward to reading your reviews!!!! :banana-computer:
  9. Ajia

    Jouir De

    Okay, after reading this thread I had to give it a go. Normally I dont wear cops( hubby and i not in a good place right now). Anyhow, put some on the other day to see what its like.(home alone) Ittybitty swipe.At first ....not bad,not bad at all. 20 mins. later ,it still wasnt bad, just alittlebit dirty. 30 mins later, I could have gagged a magot! ...all I smelled was feces! I could not wash it off fast enough! ETA: When I got the moth. sampler with this one in it,my girls and i started to go through them all , my oldest picked this one out and took a wiff and said ,eww whats this one, a repelling potion? I said no, its suppose to attract men. She then muttered ,'men are such freaks'.....
  10. Ajia

    O/T posts from October thread

    Dearest Djac, Im so very very sorry for your loss...... You and your family are in my prayers. Peace be with you, xoxo Ajia
  11. Ajia

    October Releases

    Whats in Domino?
  12. Ajia

    Pomme de Poison

    This is a beautiful scent! It has a dry woody feel to it , with crisp apple peeking through.......
  13. Ajia

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2009

    They all look fabulous!!! I really hope my money fairy gets back from its vacation soon , I so wanna try them all.
  14. Ajia

    Jouir De

    OMG!! I havent laughed this hard in a long time!
  15. Ajia


    Its beautiful cheezy ! I think you'll love it..... Its very deep ,rich smelling . And it has good throw.