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  1. Hello there, i'm just a guy who is 23 years old and live in Singapore. I came to know about this site from my good friends in Pherotalk so here i am & i'm very interested in potions especially the phero ones here :D I noticed that there is a different variety of products to choose here which is great ;)


    To be honest here, i have been browsing the site for some time & i have decided to join this site & make an order soon as i want to see how the phero products here work. My aim to use pheros is to attract ladies which i'm not good at, gain respect from others, make people feel comfortable around me & yes like i said before i want to see if they work.


    Ok for my order, i'm planning to get Woodland Man, Super Sexy for Men, Synchronicity & two pendants(Malachite Point Pendant & Tumbled Tiger Eye Pendant). I also wanted to get Phero Boy: SUPER but it's out of stock so any idea when it will be restocked back? So if you have any comment on these products, feel free to voice out & i welcome any feedback :) Thanks for reading my introduction & see you :wink2:

    :D Hey PhatSounds, how ya goin buddy, Yeah iv'e been on this forum for about a forghtnight and all is well, I haven't even been repremanded for my sexist joking around yet TE, I think the women here are all pretty well cool, and i have found some real treasures of beauty in reading their posts concerning what makes up their days, and i have been touched by the innocence and unique beauty that the depths of their souls reveal.

    I did order some Love Potien E Black 1/3 oz. Also i did order the Unscented Pheromone Blend "Super Sexy 4 Men.

    The pheromones come in at a ratio of 1/10 ratio of dilution.


    So my 10 mL of Unscented Super Sexy will contain 1mg of pheromone formula Concentrate

    that works out roughly at 1.7 mcg of Concentrated Pheromone formulation per drop.


    I have taken the option of adding my choice of Unscented Pheromone the Super Sexy 4 Men to the full size bottle of Love Potion Perfume that i also ordered in this package ie

    the Love Potion E Black.


    The potion may be a little sweet for a man, but i also love some of the "Beautiful" Floral creations that the girls use.


    If i find it a tad sweet i can always add an itsy bity little Stinky Androstenone concentrate that i have, and that will add some depth and warmpth to the integrity thereof.


    At my advanced age of closer to 60 than 50 ha ha , I can get carry a decent application of added Androstenone and still manage to resinate within happy harmonys


    So testing out my product say starting out at around 5 or 6 drops that will give me around 10 mcg of excellent world class and proven Concentrated Pheromones Combination to offer to the Universe hand in hand with the E Black Ultra Sensuous le Love Potion


    Ill probably double that for a wild night out on the tiles at say up to 12 drops,

    Well at a max application rate of say 12 dr then it would work out at around $1 Australian per application, Which in my estimation for a wild night of endless possabilities,,,, then $1 is very economical going i might add.


    After i receive my order i am actually taking one of the products that you have on your list its a fragranced item called Synchronicity, im actually practicing how to pronounce the word ha ha i will get it.


    Yeah it looks like it may be a smooth oporator the Synchro nicity Hmmm i hope i'v spelled it ok.


    Hey Phat S i have read some of your posts on Phero Talk Forum good Man, May i add that i like your refreshing style.


    Oh and welcome, I hope we can compare a few observations on the Blokes er um Mens Potient Potions in the future. Ok Sea ya Phat Sounds, And good Phero Fishing, And may your rod bend often.... :)

  2. We keep Danna very busy with our incessant demands for more more MORE smellies!


    Te he thanks for the lil pic cute, it says it all,


    So much work involved in all the creative workings, Must be a furiously fast turtle.

    Tis really so important that a person actually does obtain decent quality sleep time for optimum health so i hope she can find time to completly unwind, so as to, um er just retain her sanity lol. ;)

  3. :jumpforjoy::smilies-23596:
    Hey Thanks and WoW What a welcome, well it is genuinely appreciated.


    Just looked at your profile "sleep" Huh? I take it you must be a very busy person.

    Anyways i will have a look at some of your postings and will find out for my self so as not to take up your valuable time in asking questions that are most probably obvious to those that take the time to look a little huh.

    And i did also notice that you are amoungst the first members on the forum and i think that therefore you may be associated with this establishment, but i had better have a look around so as not to jump to conclusions after only having just sorta skimmed through a few threads and therefore not really absorbing so much of what is going on and also exactly who is who sorta.

    Cool signature te he, and username, quite mysterious, sorta keeps one guessing and pondering.

    Thanks for taking the time for your introduction/welcome. Sea ya ^_^

  4. Hi Terry and welcome to the forum. It is always nice to hear feedback on masculine scents. Hope you are enjoying the forum and fall in love with the products like us ladies have ^_^


    With regards to posting links and talking about other sites (pheromone included), the ladies are usually pretty good about it. AS long as you dont spam the heck out of us and dont try to steal us all from the fabulous LPs that we love, you should be fine.


    You will find that a good amount of the members on here are actually members of the androtics pherotalk forum. So when you are checking in the Womens area of that forum keep your eyes open for some familiar names from here.


    Welcome once again and it is so nice to have you!

    Yes thank you Curiouschic, indeed i am enjoying the forum inasmuch as the personalities here seem to be those that i may share an amount of empathy with somehow because of the special and unique qualities that each does posess, and maby there is a reason that we are drawn together as a part of the fabric in this place.


    Yes i have in times past once or twice ventured onto the Womens forum at P-T and i do remember observing many postings on the sugered type of fragrances and concentrated oils, but at the time it all seemed way over my head and somewhat alien, And it has only been since my interest has shifted from pheromones to Pheromones and Fragrances that i am now beginning to have an understanding of some of the qualities and characteristics of these products, and especially the ones that i have seen here are inspiring me to learn more and also experience more also.


    Maby i will have to take on some extra work to cater for my new taste, te he.


    Some of them that post here i am familiar with the names because over the years even though i have not replied to so many womens threads i have often read comments and opinions and humour that they have written.


    Well it looks like a whole new world is to be explored here now so i will be having a good look around in the hope that i may retain some of the information for my learning and also that i may also interest some of my close friends also in the delights that are here on offer.

    So good to have made your aquaintance, Sea ya.... :emot22:

  5. Welcome to the forum Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hey Hi there girls, Ajia and Esmeralda, Its so nice to have received these warm welcomings, hmmm really leaves a nice warm feeling of good will in the bosom.

    All the best girls.

    Tomorrow is the first day of Spring here in these parts, so whilst many will be preparing for the cooler climate products i will be entering my spring fever phase, well i hope as much.

  6. Hi Terry, YES !!! Pumpkin Head is something else ! But I indulge his every whim and desire :001_tt2: . Sad to read about your little "Furball", I can sympathize. I feed "strays" and one in particular was my fav, I named him "Snaggletooth", he was a strong macho male, appeared like he had been a quite a few brawls, one of this eyes was squinty, like a wound that didn't heal right and he had a tooth that stuck out, like a vampire. Every morning for nearly 3 yrs I fed him am/pm, I bought him a dog house and winterized it (we have freezing weather here in CT), but he wouldn't come in my house, trusted me enough to feed him but not that much. Anyway... twice he appeared with huge wounds on his chest, once he even let he clean it up a bit, he was in pain, then one day he just never came back. I still see his squinty eye and his vampire tooth, peeking thru the screen door calling to be fed. I hope he's not in pain any more. But..... I think you'll get some useful info from the ladies here, I'm afraid I'm not as knowledgeable but occasionally will give my two cents.
    That two cents worth can mean so much at times and the spirit that it carries along with it for the ride.

    I had better not talk too much about our animal friends just in case this place is not exactly appropriate, But Your Snaggletooth reminds me of a few characters i have befriended along the way of lifes journey, they seem to appear avery now and then for some reason.

    Yeah it sure is a funny old world at times.

  7. Hi Terry ! and welcome ! :hotjump::hotjump::hotjump:

    liz :001_tt2:

    liz, Hi darlin, Thankz for the welcome.


    Thats an unusual name for your feline friend "Pumpkin Head" he must be a real character, I have been gifted with the companionship of one or two cats over the years, and my last house guest was a little burmese girl that i had raised from a new kitten, I called her Orthagara meaning small furry creature in Aboriginal language,


    She used to sleep curled up in the crook of my neck during the cold Canberrra nights in Southern Australia, She was so clean and never wet in the bed.


    I moved out and leased a small cottage on a farm in the foot hills and Orthagara would go out hunting and bring home snakes, she could climb the tallest trees and be up them so fast it was amazing to see her go.


    She was wild in nature and we used to spend many hours by the fireplace of a night play fighting ha ha she would cling on to me with her sharp claws and bite me and look up at me outa the corner of her eye to check my reaction she was so cheeky.


    She never returned home one day, maby she tangled with the wrong snake, Nevertheless i'll never forget this wonderful small creature and friend that she was.

  8. Some that I like for my (boy)friends which aren't necessarily strictly male are Sugared Forest, Sugared Patchouli, and Naughty Minx (which is an anise-based scent). Hopefully LP Black won't be too sweet on you, but it's one of the greats!
    Actually the Sugared Patchouli was the very first one to excite my interest but the LP Black just pipped it at the post by a nose ha.


    As you say, it could lie a tad sweet with me, And in that case i have some good stinky Androstenone, yes stinky in a real nice way with the ability to tone the sweetness down without compromising the crisp freshness and or top notes of the fragrance when it is added in sensible proportions.

    I had better not go mentioning what part of the USA i did aquire it from as i am not familiar with the forum policy on mentioning product names.


    By the same token i also may not post up and mention competing products information on a certain pheromone forum that i sometimes post on.


    But i have many friends with whome i trade notes, and when i appreciate something good they will also get to know about it by email.


    I copied the whole home page here, and emailed it to one of my buddies today,

    I'm sure he is going to be in for a nice suprise when he sees some of the great male products on display, even as i was, yes i was most suprised and also delighted with the products, the discriptions and the Artwork displayed is just so um er what can i say ?

    Inspiring and excitingly pleasing to behold.

  9. Yeah, I think Dirty Sexy would be appropriate for male use.....so would Turn On and In the Mood....I think Nasty Habits would be a little bit too sweet.....BUT 976 Girl is very spicy, if you like spices also......


    As far as the men's scents specifically, I love Super for Men, and UN as well (the non-phero version of Super), and I also really like Bad Boy.....it is a very sexy leather & dark vanilla blend.....YUMMY.....


    AND the August releases contain Down and Dirty for men......a very dark, dirty, resinous scent.....you may want to check that one out....


    Oh, and WELCOME to the forum!!

    Hey there Katz and Dolly I have a heart felt thank you for the welcome that you have shown me here girls, and your advice and opinions i appreciate and will take notes.


    The items i have ordered are Love Potion AE Black 1/3 oz together with the Unscented Pheromone Blend For Men Super Sexy.


    Yes i do use some womens fragrances mainly from my g/f's ( Sheela ) surplus supplies and also fragrances that she chosen not to use, otherwise i probably would not have had the opportunity to try so many.


    What impresses me is the more enduring nature of many of the womans products, and also Sheela is of the opinion that some suit me, I notice that she enjoys the fragrance on me and comments that i smell sexy usually some hours after my applications.


    Ok Sea ya,s later Girls, and thank you.

  10. Several days past i was looking in on one of the Pheromone forums with the intention of looking to gain a little knowledge on the subject of Fragrances, and it ended up with me being led to order several products from the Lovepotionperfume dept, Then i discovered this message board and have decided to have a look in so as i may learn.


    By way of introducing my self I am a mature hmmmm Gentleman, I'd probably say that i was the quiet shy reserved type of guy, rather the type who preferes to remain out of the direct glare of the public spot light, even so i do enjoy conversing with both men and women individually as i seem to posess an empathetic and caring nature and i must say i am happy to receive attention and also talk to women, Young, old, pretty or plain all are beautiful, even so it appears that there are some that seem to get my heart beat rate elevated at times as well as other parts.


    I would say that i appreciate applying fragrant oils sprays and sometimes pheromones because i enjoy them for the pleasing of my own enjoyment and also that others may appreciate also, especially Females, Hmmmm glad iv told the truth huh.


    I would really appreciate it if i did receive some opinions as to what love potion or fragrant scent were a favourite for a man to use, so as to delight the senses of a woman.


    I know that i like deep sorta musks and i love the smell of some perfumes like Beautiful ( Estee Lauder ) or Coco : ( Chanel ) Anais Anais ( Cacharel ) even a spray of Giorgio isnt bad for a floral. I realise what i like may not be to the liking for ladies to actually smell on me, so it looks as if i will be collecting some of the truily wonderful creations i have seen here, But But that i know so little about, therefore would appreciate some suggestions if any are forthcoming. thank you. :drunk:

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