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  1. Garland and Lace Perfume Oil. Smells very good but, is very foody. You smell delicious in an edible way. It smells like eggnog and nutmeg and pumpkin pie to me. While wearing it several people ( men and woman ) commented to me that I smell like maple syrup. This has EST in it and I really love that stuff because I do notice a gentler, kinder vibe from men while wearing it.
  2. PheroGirl perfume Oil is amazing. It smells so natural, honey-like and feminine and fertile. I love the smell. It is very pretty while being seductive and I feel very confident when I wear it. It has copulins in it and those combined with the smell, I have noticed a reaction in men. Men that normally don't hit on me do when I have worn it. It is awesome and as a LP perfume oils, lasts a very long time.
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