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    At the end of the road by the river.
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    I love the outdoors, Nature, Herbs, the healing goodness of the earth . My children and Family.<br />
  1. Thanks Dolly, I forget about the time change. That wouldn't be very polite. Hey wake sleepy head!!!up I want my free stuff" I am not worried I think they will see it. If not then it wasn't meant to be. ***psst. I posted on the free stuff thread to already*** I'm off to facebook to tell the kids!! Oh wait maybe after I get them and decide if they are getting any? No, I will tell them to come to the sight and buy there own darn samples.....hehehe
  2. I replied on the confirmation email for the original purchase. with the names of the 2 fee ones (woot) I am not sure how to contact them other then that. Well,. Ok, the phone, but who does that anymore? Ummm should I call?
  3. I am so glad to be here!! Thank you everyone!!! I just bought! trial size of these: Summer Solstice Limited Edition 2008 LPS P Boheme F La Vie De Boheme Allegro ~ Happiness Potion Violitious Thank you Dolly for telling me about it! O my goodness, I bought these to be Christmas gifts for my girls but I am afraid they will never see them.....oh smell them yes. ON ME!!! I cant wait. There are so many to try I just started at the top and am working my way down.
  4. Hi everyone, I am so happy to have found this sight AND you have a forum what can be better!! So much for getting ANYTHING done at work.. I am only on at work so it may be a bit sporadic. I am a mother of 4 lovely little one's weell not so little some in collage. I am a nature lover, I have been called a hippie, a witch, crazy, but my most favorite is eccentric. I have made many of my own home remedies and totally believe in the magic of the earth. Everything is here for us to use, we just need to figure out how to use it. If my avator is to naughty please let me know I do not want to offend anyone. That is NOT ME!!! It's Janice Jobline.
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