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  1. Add me to the list of people saying thank you. Very adorable card and very thoughtful of you to send it.
  2. That sounds like a nice hit. I'm big on using Lace when my mood is a bit off too. It kind of brings back some balance and peacefulness.
  3. To me, it's almost an exact replica of the original. Good stuff. As usually, Mara has worked her magic once again. I see bottles of this in my future.
  4. Maybe it was her look and behavior as well. She sounds like an extreme personality almost attention seeking and demanding from her outfit and behavior toward you. So add some flirty behaviors toward the men and there you have it. Easy catch slore trumps respectable woman most every time in certain social settings like clubs or places where the men aren't looking for a woman for the long haul but rather for short term fun. I'll add that I think the new rule of thumb should be to sit downwind from your competition. Or is it upwind? My brain is very tired today.
  5. I guess so. It was a simple three mix blend before. I think she must have given it a little more staying power and rounding it out. Can't wait to try it and see how it compares.
  6. It was vanilla, ylang ylang, sugared grapefruit and pink sugar if I remember correctly. It smells tangy like the name. Sweet and citrus.
  7. It's awesome as a spray! I got one with H&S and for the warmer weather it is fantastic. I love it. Mara did a great job on this one. YUM! Cougar is awesome for this one. I think Lace would be too. It sings 'happy, happy, joy to the world!'
  8. Very pretty labels, Mara! I'm surprised my tangy ylang made it. It is great in a spray. I wear it a lot lately! YUM!
  9. Amazingly awesome! Has me thinking of all the good yummies to come!
  10. I didn't realize it either until recently, and I've been doing labels with Mara for many months now. I knew they weren't as strong, but it was only recently when someone was asking about the strength that it sunk in.
  11. The Love Scent EOW used to do that to me. Me, Jane burns when I apply it so I have it in a spray now. And G&L turns my skin red sometimes - almost always if it catches under my pendant - I'll have a pendant shaped red blotch for hours probably from the spices. EOW is basically a bunch of vinegars if I remember correctly, so it's going to be acidic. Maybe that's why your skin is having this reaction.
  12. There's actually a semi popular theory that soy milk during infancy and youth can cause this. It's an endocrine disruptor and also triggers early onset puberty. My brother was given it because he couldn't have milk. He's gay, and I'm a believer in soy as a trigger. ETA: I LOVE John Barrowman... and I find him ridiculously sexy. He's perfect for captain Jack, which BTW got picked up by STARZ.
  13. Actually, I think I'm seeing what might be the issue. The pheros you seem to be using are generally the monthly amped ones that Mara makes. Those are a chance to get a nice scent with a sample of the phero in there, but it's 1/3 strength which is why they're only $30 since the pheros are rather pricey. Rocket Fuel, Magnet and maybe phero girl are the only ones that are full strength if I'm remembering correctly. RF might actually be stronger than full strength. Not sure but I know it was higher than the average monthly amped blend. Open Windows looks like the only one that would be full strength. Cuddle bunny if it's not the scented one would be also. So I think what's happening is that you're not getting effects because your getting low dosages of them. You'd have to put on a lot to get effects and they may wear off with time as you become accustomed to them. They do with me. Garland and Lace gave me self-effects initially but not for more than a month. Cougar doesn't even touch me. But like I said earlier, I need four or more sprays to notice effects. Roll-ons where more like covering my neck/chest area and down between my cleavage. I get much stronger effects with sprays than roll-ons. I think you need to pick one you think you really want to give a shot and go for the UNscented version and apply a lot around key areas where you would get some self-effects (neckline and between cleavage) or if targeting others I'd say pulse points (wrists, neckline, between cleavage and if you talk with your hands a lot the back of them or back of your wrists would be great also). Pick a phero that would best suit the situation for which you want to use it and that is most likely to give you the best hits... like OW for social settings or even just when you're around people.
  14. As you can see, bipolar even with my phero choices.... minions or monks, how's that for extremes?
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