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  1. Thank you for the advise Rose! I chose to get the OCCO: Ambrosia instead based on what you said. Cocoa/dark chocolate is okay on me but it's better with vanilla. However I don't know how it would turn out with the combination of honey. I envy you for being able to wear honey! I can only eat it!
  2. Is the honey strong on this one? Honey seems to disagree with me. I've tried multiple LPMP products and those with honey just don't meld well with my skin. (Examples: OCCO: SLF, Honeyed Love Potion) I'm considering getting either this or OCCO: Ambrosia because that one doesn't have Honey.
  3. A coffee shop type scent (with caramel) A long-lasting fruit scent (something with peaches or mangoes) Something homey with vanilla A fresh work/study scent (minty)
  4. I'm wondering how a spray version of this will be like. I know it's still an OCCO and would be much better as a roll-on, but since it hides the cops very well, I'm thinking maybe it will be fine being sprayed on. What do you think ladies?
  5. Is this sold out forever? I hope they make new ones or put this in the permanent collection! I just got a sample of this and whenever I wear it, interaction with people just goes very smoothly. I'm just skimming over the surface of its effects with that statement, but this is a definite hit to people and I've been getting self-effects from it too.
  6. Onyx

    Passion & Envy

    I'm not the type to comment about notes for I don't have much experience in identifying them. I just smell something and attach them to a certain sensation, or perhaps an abstract description. Since I started wearing this, almost everyone, who came into our room at work would comment, "Your room smells so good!" At first I thought it was just because our room is so small, but when we moved to a larger room and we had at least 20 people in it, someone asked whether we sprayed or lit something in the room. In fact, before she left, she became quite emotional and said, "The smell here reminds me so much of home. Thank you so much!" It would have been enough for me if it was a diffused smell that made the whole area smell good. I thought the scent couldn't be traced back to me. But when I would pass by, quite a few people would go, "You smell awesome!" And when I would join a group of people, after some small talk, someone would randomly say, "Someone smells good in here..." and they would start sniffing. A little goes a long way, and it lasts the whole day for me. Some scents are gone by midday, but this one I can still smell even while showering at night. It has great staying power and most people love the smell. I know two people who don't seem to like it though. One girl said that our room smelled like Play-Doh and she didn't like it, and this was during the time everyone else was complimenting the smell of our room. One guy said, "Someone smells like a candle shop and I don't like it," It depends from person to person. With that said, I love Passion & Envy. So far, this is my favourite scent. It makes me sad that this is limited edition and I feel like one day it will just be gone.
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