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  1. StacyK

    Jardin Tropique-Summer 2018

    I always love Orchid. But this one is a monster. Big and grabby. It slapped me around a bit. I was just surprised. That flower usally plays so nice with me. Its like invasion of the flower snatchers came down and swiched it out. Maybe time will tell. I'll retry in a couple of weeks. 💥
  2. StacyK

    Forum Upgrade!

    The lack of a back button (as before in the upper left side) to go to the "general chat page is tough. When I want to get out of a thread, lets say this one, I have to go to my browser and enter the http for the general forum page. This is on the mobile setting.
  3. Thank you for the condolences. Poor me. Seriously its been rough. I'd love my skin to smell of fab orangey cupcakes... but alas....
  4. Definitely. Now I want the pedicure too.
  5. Attention all PINK scent lovers! Get it while you can. This a BIG PINK summer scent. Pink, Pinky, Pink, Pink, with smooth oakmoss. Are you kidding me... This is pink heaven. I could go on and say the strawberry is really just there for the [summer] pinkness and the mulberry tames it adding more glorious pink. This note, that note.... Its a freaking wonderful pink scent. I had the same reaction I had when I tried the original MERRY (thats winter pink) and Lick of Pink (floral pink). It's freaking PINK and if you like pink scents, that's it. I love the slightly dizzying complementary addition of the pheros because when you smell this pink who cares.
  6. Oh the joys of a big fat orange cupcake. I LOVE orange. There's an orange cake with spice I make in the Fall (thats what Inspire Desire reminded me of). Sadly my taste buds and skin chemistry cannot agree. As is often the case in what I term "Super Foodies" or Heavily foody scents, usally containing that dairy note that my skin turns sour (litterally). Oh well But, having tried a few of Mara's orange cupcakes. Why? Well, the orange cupcake has become one of LPs "classics" and if you love LP you must at least try them all. I never tried Darling Clementine, to far before my time here. I did however have a bottle of Darling Catalina. I remember trying it w/o knowing the notes and I smelled like it had, no kidding, chocolate in the scent. It smelled brown not orange to me. Then the dairy came out. I had to say goodbye. Atomic Mandarin was a bit lighter than this. It is a little easier to wear. This is super foody, decadent cake. Orange cake with cream and sugar and all those mouthwatering things that we crave from time to time. That is out of the vial and on a piece of paper i waved under my nose. On my skin it overwhelms me. Then the dairy goes sour. But, off my skin I can appreciate the scent. I may try the remaining in an oil warmer. I would not mind the house smelling like this A great pairing with the phero. The bright citrus and pink sugars just scream pop potion.
  7. StacyK

    Leisha-Summer 2018

    Straight out of the vial this takes me back to our Turkish neighbors kitchen. Baklava, coffee, figs, honeyed sweets, exotic spices and something always cooking on the stove. The sage comes forward a bit later. It adds a [sort of] hippy/head shoppe scent to me that I actually do not identify as a traveling companion with the rest of the notes. Lol. Its like a Turkish family living in Venice Beach (c.1980s). Amusing as that is I could do without it. Usually I like sage. But, it is a detergent/cleaner to me. Here it just brings on that caravan scent and I was grooving on homemade exotic cooking and sensual sticky figs 5 mins ago. The sage just sort of cleans up if you will, the sweet figs and all the other nommy notes are pushed back a bit. Like someone scrubbed the kitchen clean. We will see about the longer drydown
  8. Another floral winner. I like the juxtaposition of a resinous floral. This is soft, powdery, pretty with the added depth of pale resins mingling on my skin. The gentle hedione elevates the scent teasing my nose and drawing me in to huff, adding another dimension.
  9. I broke down and snagged a bottle of this in my last order. Its just too delightful to pass up. The florals are soft and rounded and I firmy believe you can never go wrong with a dash of LP Apricot. Just ask my multiple bottles of Sugared Apricot. Then of course, the Cuddle Bunny, which is always a win for me. Great selfies and interactions. I am definitely more pleasant wearing it. I usually love violet. But, here I think its the infusion of freesia, a floral I like but tends to be used in very young smelling/kiddie type scents. For good reason, freesia has a very youthful pinky scent to it. I think, in the right application, it can be the floral equivalent of pink grapefruit. Its just perfect here. Youthful and mood lifting but still myself. Not like I'm trying to squeeze my boobs into a top at Forever 21. Nicely done.
  10. Very fruity forward. Mostly mangoes galore. I do like mango and the twinge of ginger is a noticeable difference for me. This is a cooler, more tightly blended Ambrosia. Overall its lighter, like a sheet of semi-sheer silk. This version will be great for layering. Nice.
  11. First on this is very a pretty, big peach forward scent. My nose was twitching carefully because it noted a green twinge in the peach which usually does not work for me. Here, it's well balanced, the green'ish does not take over or go sour. But, the overall fruit is dominant on my skin. I'd like a bit more of a mixture with the other notes. If they come through a bit more this will be ideal. A nice scent carrier for LACE. I'll be back after the long drydown to see what has evolved. Evolved? With was I thinking. Greatness just IS. This is gorgeous. I did get a bit more of the other notes in the slightly longer drydown. But this is great. I did not think I needed another peach scent but this beauty is too good to pass on. The combo with LACE is perfect. Love.
  12. StacyK

    Cowabunga Gazunga-Summer 2018

    I really like this at first and in the mid dry down. Mostly it's fresh fruits & a splash of summer on my skin. Reminiscent of a fruity drink by the sea. I love melons and more specifically honeydew so I was not worried. This is just my favorite type of summer scent for a light dose of "white amber". The kumquat is bright and juicy. It does take over somewhat in the very long dry down. After about 6.5 hours it is mainly all I'm left with. But, in its early and mid stages, it is glorious.
  13. StacyK

    Cananga Coco Cacao w/ Aja-Summer 2018

    I am dying over those who are getting tons of coco butter. I just did not get that in this try. Tons of coconut, ylang, a bit of the butter & Aja. No myrrh tho I am glad I got another Lisa's. As Luna noted you really can't go wrong with any and all of these notes in some combo. I am not sure what I was looking for. Less coconut more coco butter and cream I guess. I will try again. I think I have a large back log of LP beachy scents to get through the next few years. Coconut scents have poking at me a bit lately. Maybe I have coconut burn out?
  14. StacyK

    Evening Breeze-Summer 2018

    I had to go right to this one. I love night blooming jasmine. I was a bit concerned it might go too floral for me. But, I wore this yesterday and it stayed in my floral sweet spot. A pretty jasmine crown with a hint of cool green. Supported by the other florals on a breeze of summer evening air. Gorgeous. Elegantly mood elevating. This is an evening of summer happiness in a bottle. More please
  15. StacyK

    Cananga Coco Cacao w/ Aja-Summer 2018

    On my skin this is coconut forward. A little meaty. The Ylang is right behind the coconut. The cocoa butter is far in the background. I dont get much "coconut cream" which, along with the musk are my favorite elements of the original Sweet Pussy. Coconut, ylang lovers will like this as a summer scent. I'll be back later to report on the longer dry down.