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  1. Fairy Cake: Oatmeal

    Not oat's. But, that has happened to me with other notes. The only thing I can say is try it one more time. Different times of the month (cycle) can have an impact on some scents with me. Otherwise it might not be your thing.
  2. Fluffy

    Thats what I want...
  3. You got it. I think Maga Watt was intended to have a more energetic effect. Kind of a get busy get it done thing. Not quite the same, IMO. I cant use it either. Give me a headache. Its just too much. Its not phero'd but Mara made a spell potion "Focus and Acuity potion" back in '13. I'll check to aee if i have that trial. Its very herbal/bright. Its not a subtle scent but it does the trick.
  4. LMAO. Men don't do this? Omg... its manipulative male 101... Sorry had to laugh. Anyone who behaves in the full extreme manner noted above is one of 2 things period. 1 IMMATURE; A teen aka child could be forgiven here as its the nature of the child to manipulate to get what he/she needs. But after 21 you gotta grow up or seek help. Unless you are both teenagers you are stupid if you stay. 2. Manipulative; Run away... just fucking run. The End.
  5. Soaked

    This is far more sultry than Mermaids. Its not as aquatic. I stand by my little review above your last comment. When I first tried this the honey and combined notes came off salty/smutty. But, after a time, I got more of a summer/sultry scent. Its a very warm scent on my skin.
  6. I did not know that about Chinese lore. Very intresting. I know pomegranates are a symbol of fortune & plenty in some cultures.
  7. I went FB with my sampler on this because I used my '15 bottle up. I thought '15 would be around for a while..oops! Anyhow we all know PCMP works no matter what version. Probably should have more on that in the Magical advice section. Scentwise this one is all warm red fruit. I get pomegranate as the most forward note. Its a warm, musky red fruit forward scent. Nothing poking out at me. Can definitely wear it to work and my work situation can be a real pain/drag when it comes to fragrance. Restricted is the word i'd use to sum that up. I was worried because '15 was a winner in terms of work scent. This one does not set off the so called sensitive noses though. I love those sensitive noses, yea ok my GOTBM is tooooo much for you but you stinking like a fucking ashtray is a ok??? Insert "bitch please" baby face #2 from the chat page here.... lol This scent is perfume camouflage. Dont think they pick it out as perfume. (Evil laugh) SWS, as always... so good at work. It took me a while to get in the SWS bandwagon. I get no big selifies. It took sometime but I do get the subtlety of the blend. I'm a bit more business like, practical. Almost neutral in my mood and approach to people and tasks. Hit wise, its obvious, again subtlety is the rule here but bosses tend love me and people are moved to work with instead of aginst me or play games. The vibe is a definate no games here message. You gotta love that in a competitive environment. The only negative on this version, and this is a very IMO point here. The red. In my brain I have a hard time connecting it to $$. I know fruit, especially seeded fruits like Poms are a classic age old mode for signifying plenty and prosperity. But, red also has me think of "in the red" and then I remind myself of the traditional significance. Its like the mojos there but i have to access it a different way. I had an idea to make it more bad ass the other day and wore a couple of dabs of Victoria's Black Cobra with it. That was a great paring. It was subtle badass. Lol. I'll definately enjoy using this up. But, I really miss the greener '15 version. That one just melded with me.
  8. Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    I'd like to request Jenna's Domina Venus and Latte Peche. Also..erm.. if you were to make a bit more or I can request it or wait list, I am solidly down for Orchid Vanille. "Solidly" another new purchasing term. Lol
  9. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    HELL YEA!!!
  10. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    I've read all the notes and I have to say I am dying over these NRs.
  11. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Omg.... I could finally get in! Got to get familliar to the new look. But... Yea!! NR'S. Time for a sampler.....
  12. Ok. Now I have to say I originally had 5 or 6 bottles of the original. I'm down to 1 1/2 now. I like this '18 version. The whole general feel and fragrance (not going note by note) is the same so thats a big win for me. There are just some LPs that although we may not be able to have the exact same notes the overall vibe and scent, for me, are more key to reproducing. Sometimes its just all about the mojo. I love this as a vehicle for Teddy. Its mood elevating and relaxing. I get that EASY relaxed vibe. All is right with the world and in order ahh... The main difference, scentwise this version comes off a bit cleaner and has a soapy edge to it. The former having a more herbal/clean'ish scent. Sages usally fall into one of 3 catagories for me; Beach/clean, soapy or herbal. As with the original, I'm loving this. A win. I love wearing my Big E. Though I'd love this as a wax melt too.
  13. EXACTLY. Its a mutual form of respect. Nice.
  14. I want all the bottles!!!!! Love