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    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Beautiful art work. Is the MLH the original or the one with extra DHEAS?
  2. Wow! Mara does it again! This is far sexier than I thought it would be. The coconut cream is a soft base the lends a hint of coconut, it doesn't overwhelm the scent, leaving plenty of room for the fruity, sweet papaya and the soft honeysuckle to come out and play. The honey adds a sexy, warm glow and a but of body. The zing of ginger is light but adds a dash of gingery heat. This is great on it's own but I feel it's begging for a light dash if cops. So warm and pretty, sexy. Very nice for summer or whenever you want to add a dash of warm sunshine to your day. Thank You Mara it is wonderful.
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    Yes. Totally. And, congruent too.
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    I have not experienced biting with cougar. Either me biting or getting bitten. But, I'd say, in the more rare circumstance I could [possibly] see it. I have gotten the "rwar" factor from men [younger] that seemed to be 'under the cougar influence' and it was intresting. Nope, only LAM and Sexpionage have given me the more hardcore , not to be dramatic but I might say "dangerous" response from hapless males clearly easily wound up by pheros. To bad I was not intrested in those dudes. But, that is not uncommon.
  5. Dom Noir is Dom+eow that's probably why.
  6. I have not done that. Though I did BAM + PM which is really nice when you want to get extra touchy. I haven't done the Straight B with already B heavy blends. But, based on what I have tried (BAM with PM or GOTCHA) I would bet the Bnol would soften the PM reducing the DHEAS effect. I did like it with TH as it softened the "edge" I sometimes personally feel when I wear TH. I have done it solo. With what I mentioned above and with Topper and LACE just for the experment. I tried it once with Sexpionage too. Some of these last few felt a little counter intuitive for me. But I don't like the BLAM combo either. I know others do. With straight B'nol I don't get the "truth serum" effect I get with TMI or TC. Then of course there's Gotcha which has also brought out some seriously intense disclosures. Straight B'nol is not as intense as those. Which is really nice sometimes. I get the relaxed, deep talk without the extra intensity.
  7. On me, straight B'nol sets a sort of mellow, reflective mood. I remember sometime back, someone on the forum called it the "poetry writing" phero. I thought that was pretty close to my experience. My favorite use for it was to add a spray on top of Treasured Hearts because alone I don't get selifies off that blend. I did like the results I had. I am sure I wrote a review, maybe in the TH (or B'nol) thread. Alone I don't get the chatty thing with it. It is just soft and mellow.
  8. I use both now. Some I favor in Unscented more than others. I will always go for a phero enhanced scent that I love (meaning I love the scent & phero) over anything. It's the perfect storm of fragrance, phero and intent. Except for Bang, I had tried all the others I listed above in enhanced scents first. I remember I got both UN Cuddle Bunny and Scented CB at the same time. But played with scented first. I don't really bother with LAM or BAM in un. It's much easier [for me] to work effectively with those in their scented versions. I have plain EOW but used OCCO's and EOW enhanced stuff far more. When you have Unscented full stregnth pheros remember that they are 3X as strong (1000 mcgs) than the phero dose in an enhanced scent (300 mcgs) that LP puts out. [If you order a phero "boost" to a scent and that is also in full stregnth] You can use your UN pheros no problem just go with a less is more approach. Note how much you use and tweak it the next time and compare results. It takes time and patience. Also, keep in mind if you are using pheros in your relationship, someone you have lived with etc you are changing your personal phero signature and going easy at first may not be as big a shock.
  9. Is there a Mad scientist thread? anyway.. I wanted a place where I (or anyone) can sound out ideas for MS blends. Get advice from the experienced phero-perts so to speak. I know all the blends that are available and have most of them. This is about a different effect than what's in the catalogue. So an idea I have is basically Lace with a bit of enone. In an ideal scenario the effect on a man would be one of Lace plus that added super-sex nudge from the Has anyone tried something like this? I like the idea. I'd probably add a dab of my own EOW, I prefer to keep that separate.
  10. Snoop is more versed in pheros than I am. But, have you ever tried PM + BAM? That's what I have reached for looking to amp up the cuddle/purring effect. It's a pretty good combo. There was a thread I don't know if it's still there.
  11. You are going to have to do your own experments to get your answer there. But, I will say pheros (and cops) are very situational. I can give you a list of my personal "biggest hits ever". Keep in mind I bought my first LPs in December '12. I joined the forum the following Spring. IMO to get a true gauge of the effectiveness you need a few trial experments of each type. Even then, with pheros, it is still very personal. But, if you read the review threads of some of the blends (and EOW) you like you might see some common ground. My most notable/memorable hits came from: •LFM (my first ever phero experience, if you can manage to start out with enhanced scents I favor that (because I did). It's very easy to OD on UN's. Don't let over enthusiasm get the best of you. •LAM (the first public trial was not even a favorable experience but lesson learned and wow it never fails. •CB (some of the best hits and one super funny experieance) •Gotcha (These hits are burned into my brain) IMO this baby is powerful. •Treasured Hearts (I almost left this one for good. I get zero self-effects and an OD can be miserable. But wow does it work on EVERYONE. Hits can be subtle I tested this and H&S over an entire holiday season. •BAM (the cuddly mellow inverse of LAM sometimes underrated IMO but then thats the point. LAM is fun, its all clevage and nipples. BAM is a fitted hi-neck dress with bare arms. People may pet you.) Like a fabric softener for people.) •Cops (They can be great or cause the exact opposite of what you want. They can cause trouble, be sexy or way too much for an individual or situation.) *Practice makes perfect. Start out with less than you think you need. They work and you will notice they are in a fair number of blends I mentioned. Keep them off your face and outta your hair. COUGAR- (I did not get a lot of hits in the enhanced fragrances but my Un Spray delivers big time. Thanks to reading the forum I finally got this one down. ) •BANG (fun, sexy but also super social. I'm a social network on steroids with this. And that is not me. So thanks Bang.) •Open Windows (when you dont know what to do but you want everyone in a good mood. Done. Easy) •Teddy BB (if I need to just chill..... and I want everyone else chill and comfortable. Done. ) •Heart & Soul (I don't know if it is available anymore But it was soft, comfortable, feminine and friendly. Nicknamed the "sweetheart blend" but worked well on all. IMO of course.
  12. Oh I am sure he'll recover. Poor baby overdosed on sex.... lol
  13. Well it's a bit of trial and error. Everyone has their "sweet spot". That perfect dosage. It's not always the same for everyone. The general wisdom is start off easy and work your way up.
  14. Try it again in a few days. Do a little swirl on you stomach use your wrists to smoosh it around a bit. Put a dot or small stripe in your clevage (great if you love a scent) Let it drydown before dressing. Also if it's on your hands or wrists make sure you don't accidentally get it on your face. That's happened to me. After a couple of times you'll learn. Lol Don't let him get a whiff until you have dried down and don't mention anything to him so you can get a clear response.
  15. Where did you put it and how much did you use? That scent is a pretty decent cover for cops. You may want to try again but give yourself drydown time, meaning give it 10 or 15 min before you dress. As always keep cops away from your face and hair. I'd leave it off the neck area too.
  16. Remember with pheros less is sometimes more. Try a bit less. I agree, in some cases that can be. I can relate to that. But, I have noted that some people are indeed more flexible than others. Its really down to what play they are talking about. I definately read it one way.
  17. Yes. There is a Mara's Rockst Fuel and LAM thread about it. I think its in the review thread.
  18. Well in response to your request I say we have Dominance and Leather. Leather is full on dominant by the way. Well maybe thats IMO. Anyway.. But an un in either should be fine. LFN is another choice. He should wear SWS. But, I don't get why he can't ask her to stop. Basically he can. Either directly (if shes so upfront) or more subtly. For example she steps in between you two, HE says excuse us we are in a conversation, walks around/past her and you two exit together. Easy-peasy. If after a few clear but soft attempts like this its time to get real clear. 2 choices tell her to her face to stop or go to another co-worker of equal or higher rank and tactfully state his business. Cleanly & politely explain the level of discomfort. Think about what Luna said. But, I will tell you that anyone in the business will tell him that he first had to let her know hes not intrested. If hes done that and she is fool enough to persist then someone else can step up. But it will be best if he can clear it up himself.
  19. XSP96 Vibe Glace Tease Bliss Babe I dont know these because I dropped trying other companies pheros once I tried LP. Anyone know these? Components etc.
  20. I agree, in some cases that can be. I can relate to that. But, I have noted that some people are indeed more flexible than others. Its really down to what play they are talking about. I definately read it one way. Yes. Exactly. Well put, "hair of the dog". For me, I needed warm up time with TC & TMI, "Indiscretion" being a fav LP. But, others may have more control. It is one of those... be careful what you ask for things when it comes to those.
  21. In real life, for most of us, yes. I do think she is on the right track with Leather. On a personal note I enjoy both sides. But, not at the same time. As long as everyone is true to their desires & comfort it is fine to indulge and try on the ropes or tie the knots whatever you like. But, its hard to be both at one time. On the other hand, being one thing (in that extreme) all the time & forever is exhausting. IMO, with BDSM play it would depend on everyones expectations. From the description of the boyfriend being submissive and she's looking at the Dom role for this experience... I say go all in. If that is what she's comfortable with. Its hard to be a Dom if you are not comfortable with that.
  22. Hi. Welcome If it were me, I'd be merciless and go ALL Leather, as the big thing is your club event and you mention he's submissive so I am going to assume that's what he likes. IMO, that's going to be the best way to have an impact in that particular space of time. Stay on top, blow his mind and he will remember. You are asking for two different things. You want to be the Dom and you want sweet/cuddly/bonding. I would choose one of those, for this experience, to make my impact. Most of the bonding stuff is more cuddly. It's softer and at odds with the other Dom stuff. You are already doing a compromise going Leather instead of DOMINANCE. Definately add cops. I think if you slip into the Leather and cops (maybe read up on keeping the upper hand in a top/bottom experience) and go all in, you will both have a lasting impact on eachother. You will have other opportunities to test drive some other mixes. My rec's for the Bonding: •GOTCHA- in my experience, is the MOTHER of all the bondy/lasting impression stuff. But, again totally at odds with the roles you want to play here. •Bonded- (natch) works super well, upbeat and a dash of cops is very complementary here. •Cuddle Bunny- very EST heavy so make sure he's Est friendly before you try this one. •Treasured Hearts with a dash of cops is also great. •TMI- with cops is nice but IMO you will get chatty. So with both TMI and/or True Confessions I would do a couple of test runs before something big was at stake. IMO look at your phero experiments with a bit of a long term goal. You have specific plans so you need to decide what you and the boy want out of this experience. Good luck.
  23. IMO. Topper is easy to use and fits a lot of social situations. Its flexable. I am not a big time DHEAS user. Though I did get it single molecule, just bacause. Most of my single molecule bottles I purchased 4/5 years ago. I still have a quarter of a bottle of DHEAS left. I go in and out if favoring pheros. I got burned out on the "giddy" from DHEAS. I think I had left Topper alone for about a year then Mara came out with Summershine. I just loved that. I think I've gone through 2 bottles of UN Topper since 2013. They are all uplifting & highly social. Just nuanced differently. Levitation is OW with a big splash of DHEAS. Mara first made it to go with a fragrance of the same name. It was such a hit she offered the phero un and it became the perfect partner for Flying Potion. Levitation, on me, is more mood elevating than DHEAS or Topper alone. Though they are all upbeat. If I really want to lift my mood (outside of OW) I'd probably go for Lev. If I was looking just to be more upbeat I'd choose Topper or DHEAS. But... I can argue that Summershine just made me feel so damn good about myself... so... The single molecule bottles are definitely great for expermentation. That's always fun. Try a shot of DHEAS next time you wear Treasured Hearts. IMO, its really down to my mood. Also, a perfectly enhanced scent (the perfect paring of scent and phero) does amazing things and definitely influences my choice.
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    New Releases for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2013

    That Defensive Magic was the BOMB.
  25. Omg! I've been waiting for this review.