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    Trials please (5 total): 3 Trials Coca Amor 2 Trials Scandalous YAY got the Glace spray! Oops, I requested this on the rules thread. Lol sorry
  2. Omg! I've been waiting for this review.
  3. StacyK


    1 bottle Lait du Citron << No bottles left, sorry! 1 bottle SPRAY Cafe au Glace please. Not "hubby" but Honey
  4. StacyK

    Lovers in the Clovers

    Definitely. 😙
  5. StacyK

    Dari's Rocket Powder

    Can't wait to try them both.
  6. StacyK


    1 FB Pesky Pixie please. 😙
  7. StacyK

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    1 Choco cherry occo please
  8. StacyK

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    1 Dari Gold 1 Dari's Rocket Powder Omg!
  9. StacyK


    1 FB LP Pumpkin
  10. StacyK


    1 Bottle tee kay oh 1 Bottle Rebel 1 Bottle oil MVP << None left, sorry!
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    1 FB IVORY CATS Closer 1 FB Raspberry Chiffon 1 IVORY CATS Veridian Muse Mara *I didn't notice the Coca Amor was trials only. If there are not 5 trials, I can drop it. Thanks <<< DROPPED!
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    All Bottles please: 2 Winter In the Tropics 1Sensual Harmony 1Cougar: Panther 1Cherry Blossom musk << all gone! 1Cacao Amor << no bottles!
  13. StacyK

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    They looks amazing. Happy to see the SPL in there nice. Sold
  14. For a sexy/social Cougar would definately fill your need. That would be my choice in that category. My perfect scent choice with that wkuld be something like Adrienne's Tangy Ylang. Really need to request a rebrew of that if Mara still has the necessary components. My choice out of the NRs, like Eastwood rec'd would be Carta d Amor in spray. In a perfect world i'll have that someday Hope you are having fun 🎉🏳️‍🌈
  15. I am frozen with indecision. 😨
  16. Ouch. When we fail we learn. There should always be a bit of truth in there too. Its like baking a cake. You have the basic ingredients then you embellish with all the fancy bullshite. I wore this yesterday to test out the longevity again. Its a bright musk heavy scent. More complex than my nose got the first time. The "China Musk" is pretty and feminine. I get the subtle bits of floral and of course the citrus. The E. Musk is noticable too. Its like they sit side by side mingling and complementing each other. The saffron is light and calm here. Staying soft and well mixed in. It can be medicinal on me. Not this time. I love the smooth cedar too. I do wish its lasted a little longer. A pretty orange, musky scent. Breezy. I never thought I'd want a Sexpionage scent in spray but... yikes!
  17. StacyK

    Back by popular demand!

    Yes. I still have a teeny bit left.
  18. StacyK

    Back by popular demand!

    I really, reeeally think we are about due for a fab carnation soon 🙄 Something "Bonded" like would be awesome. Maybe a spicy fall carnation incarnation. 👢
  19. Most of the Fairycakes I can do. The cake is light, they dont have that strong note that turns on me. Liebchen is heavy, it sort of walks that line. But when I tried it (lightly) I did not get the sour dairy. I wore Fuzzy Wuzzy just fine which was similiar to Liebchen. In general I do better with marshmallow (Aurora). But there are cakes I can do. Civit is not usally a win for me. The only exceptions were Tattooed Lady & Cat's Eye. I couldn't wear Tattooed Lady though because it has BI and BI feels like someone took a cleaver to my frontal lobe. I think Deliciae and Carta would both make great wax melts too. I put some of this in an oil warmer to test it and it was great.
  20. StacyK

    Jardin Tropique-Summer 2018

    I always love Orchid. But this one is a monster. Big and grabby. It slapped me around a bit. I was just surprised. That flower usally plays so nice with me. Its like invasion of the flower snatchers came down and swiched it out. Maybe time will tell. I'll retry in a couple of weeks. 💥
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    Forum Upgrade!

    The lack of a back button (as before in the upper left side) to go to the "general chat page is tough. When I want to get out of a thread, lets say this one, I have to go to my browser and enter the http for the general forum page. This is on the mobile setting.
  22. Thank you for the condolences. Poor me. Seriously its been rough. I'd love my skin to smell of fab orangey cupcakes... but alas....
  23. Definitely. Now I want the pedicure too.
  24. Attention all PINK scent lovers! Get it while you can. This a BIG PINK summer scent. Pink, Pinky, Pink, Pink, with smooth oakmoss. Are you kidding me... This is pink heaven. I could go on and say the strawberry is really just there for the [summer] pinkness and the mulberry tames it adding more glorious pink. This note, that note.... Its a freaking wonderful pink scent. I had the same reaction I had when I tried the original MERRY (thats winter pink) and Lick of Pink (floral pink). It's freaking PINK and if you like pink scents, that's it. I love the slightly dizzying complementary addition of the pheros because when you smell this pink who cares.
  25. Oh the joys of a big fat orange cupcake. I LOVE orange. There's an orange cake with spice I make in the Fall (thats what Inspire Desire reminded me of). Sadly my taste buds and skin chemistry cannot agree. As is often the case in what I term "Super Foodies" or Heavily foody scents, usally containing that dairy note that my skin turns sour (litterally). Oh well But, having tried a few of Mara's orange cupcakes. Why? Well, the orange cupcake has become one of LPs "classics" and if you love LP you must at least try them all. I never tried Darling Clementine, to far before my time here. I did however have a bottle of Darling Catalina. I remember trying it w/o knowing the notes and I smelled like it had, no kidding, chocolate in the scent. It smelled brown not orange to me. Then the dairy came out. I had to say goodbye. Atomic Mandarin was a bit lighter than this. It is a little easier to wear. This is super foody, decadent cake. Orange cake with cream and sugar and all those mouthwatering things that we crave from time to time. That is out of the vial and on a piece of paper i waved under my nose. On my skin it overwhelms me. Then the dairy goes sour. But, off my skin I can appreciate the scent. I may try the remaining in an oil warmer. I would not mind the house smelling like this A great pairing with the phero. The bright citrus and pink sugars just scream pop potion.