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  2. "There are plenty of pretty lesbians. Hasn't he seen the Real L World on Sho time?" - You're making a joke, no? Of course there are some pretty lesbians, just not many since they generally don't try much to be visually attractive to men. Don't watch much TV and will almost never base my factual store of knowledge on a situation comedy on TV. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so plenty of real world examples before me - come on down and I'll take you to some dyke bars in SF although I won't be welcome to stay long. "There is no excuse ever for anyone's coworkers to disrespect them on the job." - Of course there is! For example, if they demanded and got the job through politics (affirmative action) and then couldn't do it - and YOUR life depended on them doing it compentently. That's not an "excuse", that's self-preservation. Or consider a newborn ward in a hospital - would you respect the nurse who was always ignoring, or worst, dropping babies or the bridge engineer whose bridges cost too much and sometimes fell down? My bottom line is that if a any woman wants respect on a police force, she needs to display the values of the police force. She'll make a better impression with some rough 'n tough pheromones but ultimately she has to walk the walk. Police organizations are the way they are for a reason and you change the values at society's peril. As I noted, there is some place for offering comfort to the victims of crime but that's not the prime function of the police. The link is, I think, a very perceptive summary of gay and lesbian behaviors and their contrasts and almost all rang true in my experience. The fashion summary may indeed be a bit dated but there is a signaling function being served. Ever hear of "gaydar?" If today's signal is not plaid, there will be something else and it will change over time. A significant fact is that the Department of Defense has expelled many more lesbians than gays from the military since the 1990s under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Lesbians are the ones clamoring for command in the physical violence departments of government - look at Janet Napolitano. The science of homosexuality is still full of unsolved questions. So a poster wrote for advice and I gave it my best shot based on my knowledge of science, society, and pheromones - so shoot me.
  3. If she can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. A police force is institutionalize physical violence - femininity has little place except in providing solice for the victims. Police that can't use violence will soon offer no protection at all. She'll have to go Super-Butch and out-guy-the-guys (including the bad guys) if she wants to advance up the hierarchy. Using A-none and A-rone would help - and showing no fear. Here's an interesting piece on why lesbians aren't gay. http://www.isteve.com/lesvsgay.htm
  4. We know so much more now! But the base was a solid mix.
  5. So, ladies, what is the sexiest pheromone mix from LP for a man? I've ordered trial sizes of Ambruscade and Dirty Old Man based on the very poetic product descriptions. Did I miss any great ones? Note that my normal go-to pheromone product is NPA.
  6. Unfortunately,. the chemists have yet to replicate real musk on a commercial scale and the synthetic "musks" lack the biological stimulation of the real thing. The synthetics can smell nice, but they are not the equal of the natural musk deer pheromone.
  7. I really like the scent of vertiver on me. Eau de Savauge is my all time favorite of non-pheromone colognes. I do remember REAL musk and would love to get some in a sophisticated blend with a load of A-none. That, a clean shirt, a fresh-pressed suit, polished wingtips, and an expendible bankroll and I'd be ready for some serious lady-killin'.
  8. I just ordered a trial size (amongst three others) since the product name fits my image but a clean "dirty," as in "dirty martini." I remember "Witches of Eastwick" very well! I spent some time in Eastern Connecticut on the shore and ran into a covey of three women that matched the movie characters all too well - and I wasn't even TRYING to be Mr.Darrell Van Horne. I did dress with more taste though.
  9. Are there any LP pheromone mixes with real musk, something like the first commercial pheromone product Jovan Andron? Or do we Americans still have to get real musk from France and the Middle East?
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