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  1. Thank goodness, I was feeling your desperation. I totally understand, as I am sure other LP'ers do. Enjoy the new scents!
  2. As a 'newbie' to LP I was waiting patiently but now knowing 2 months will be released shortly I am over and beyond ecstatic. LP was the best thing to happen to me, the scents work in a way on me that makes me feel great and refreshed. Keep up the great and fabulous work!!! :banana-computer:
  3. I have found a new friend in LP. I ordered 3 samples all relating to relaxation the other day. Synchronicity, Le Sommeil Des Anges & Taxed. :abvb: Tonight I ordered a full sized bottle of 12th Night in New Orleans since I cant stop slathering on the sample I got from Sultry Brunette.
  4. I have been slathering 12th Night in New Orleans when at home after work. It gives me that need, want & obsession to smell myself continuously. Very comforting scent, recommend it highly.
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