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  1. Hahaha! Good to hear! Will do! I gotta re-learn all the application procedures again. Hai Ya! Nutrix!! I've been well!! Thank you!! Glad to be here!! lots of loves! Thanks Halo!! I need to do some more reading into the base options, as I'm still living with eczema blehhh
  2. Trying to work out what would make sense for me to get and what would be practical for my lifestyle. Any input will be appreciated! My Initial got phero journey started with the wrong reasons with unrealistic exceptions, masking it with 'I'm doing this to become a better me' when I had other ulterior motives (Long Story Short: Lonely desperate boy who thought pheros could get him out the friendzone backfires) After alot of bad decisions and relationship breakdowns from the drama I caused in my friendship circle and being too late to realize how much of a shitty person I became during the so called bettering myself phero jouney. I ended up graduating highschool without the friends I used to have. That was the moment I learnt what true loneliness was which was a depressing experience. I decided take break from pheros until I believe I am worthy of using them again and sort myself out. This was about 2012 ago.... Anywho... Now I'm back and I want to do this for real and for a genuine reason. Getting over reading the men's journals back in old forum I used to be in. It's stating to remind the past relic of myself. Lately all the content became all P.U.A ish and . more about the using phero's on girls... -"So I used attraction/lust/alphamale phero A,B,C all the way to Z on girl E, F ,G all the way to Z and she reacted in H,I,J,K, ELEMENOPEE! all the way to Z, she even said 'Hi' to me omg X phero is so good highly recommend you will be laid!!" -"That is sick man, holygrail review you are awesome! so gonna buy!! cannot wait!" *testosterone everywhere Rawrrrrr..* that's all they talk about. Sad reality of how products are being advertised targeting the lonely and low self-esteem crowd and we fell for it. I loved reading character development but I barely see any of that anymore So came here for a change.
  3. Halo!!! can't seem to find Pm here so i'll try here.... and I'm so confused with ordering :S.

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!! I'm starting to like this community already! I haven't ordered any products yet, let alone use any as I'm currently dealing with a skin condition that gives me rashes and cases of really dry skin. spraying it on those areas tend to speed up the process. Been quite a nuisance for me lately. Might have to resort to spraying it on my clothes.
  5. Hello wonderful people! Didn't realize there was another active community here! I've only so far come across two and only stayed with one so far. Been using pheromones for over a year now.. What first inspired me into it was when I came across those annoying ads in youtube!!! and a pherazone ad happen to gauge my curiosity. Basically in the ad they were talking about what pheromones are etc then got a guy who claimed he was a bit of a ladies man to approach 10 women of he's choosing, however.. he was restricted into using only two lines... which was to ask them to smell his cologne and if they wanted to have lunch. At first he was a bit of skeptic as well thinking it's pretty silly and didn't need it anyways as he believed more in confidence, his own skills and game. But for the sake science he'll do it anyways. So his first 10 sets he did, 8 rejected him and 2 accepted to have lunch. After coming back the girl who was conducting the was like to him.. what happened?? and he complained that 'he would of done alot better if he didn't have to stick with the same pickup line to each girl he approached. Then they sprayed with pherazone and did 10 approaches again coming back with 9 out of 10 accepting to go lunch with him. After watching it i thought "OMG is these magic sprays for real?? this might help me get out the friendzone with a particular someone yay!!!!!!" Although I got lost finding that product.. instead a link directed to androtics direct instead which became the very first pheromone products I started to use. After becoming a member in their forum I came across a thread created by 'Tisha' explaining about the 'reality of mones' what they dont do... what they can do... they're not magic sprays....... it won't make womens drop their panties begging fuck me please!! They only enhance was already there or what you're trying to create, you're the key to making results. Got a bit dissapointed after reading that and got into fellow members journals, reporting their results who have been having some successes. So I was in the mind set of... if it worked for them it must work for me!!!! only to be proved wrong.... I didn't know anything about dosages, I just sprayed it like how I sprayed cover scents got weird results later realizing that I overdosed. Tried dosages based on someone else's dosage. After wasting it all pretty quickly... (5ml togos). when i thought I was going to order the 10-30ml they jacked up their prices and also changing formulas and based on peoples reviews claimed they're not like they used to work like for them. Since I wasn't a big fan of that big change I thought that it can't be just them selling phero products. So then I came across pherotruth and spent most of my time there learning more there. To the present day, it's a bit quiet now... alot of the people who inspired me and taught me alot of life lessons and self development don't post in their journal that much anymore. Some of them found the 'one' and retired from mones completely, some are career and life busy, and some just disappeared out of nowhere... kinda miss them a bit. Then I found this place!! there's a few members here I'm familiar with. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone in this community! SeeUSmiles!
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