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  1. Something to keep in mind but no...its the full moon and I'm ovulating...or trying to anyway. I did try lower abdomen, back of neck and a bit on my arms. Much better and no headaches.
  2. I will definitely try the back of the neck. I was getting headaches even on non-phero scents. I went fragrance free and allergy med free today and no headaches....we'll see what happens when I change up the application spots.
  3. I noticed I'm getting headaches a lot while trying out my samples. So of course my inner research librarian started showing through. I created a quick little spreadsheet listing my samples in alphabetical order. I put in columns for The Hubs responses, my responses, what note I think I amped, how I liked it in the vial and how I liked it after wearing it for a day. Oh and a column for how I felt while I was wearing it. I included the notes listed in the description so that I can expand the spreadsheet in a few days and cross-reference which notes particular scents have in common to see if there is a theme when it comes to headaches. I have also considered that I may have some allergies going on right now causing the headaches but the allergy medicine didn't help. I am contemplating the fact that I shouldn't put any more scent in my cleavage despite it being an excellent place for The Hubs to catch a whiff... (I'm a foot shorter than he is so when we hug and he leans down...perfect.) The girls are rather large and in charge. I think I'm throwing a lot of scent from that area and its all up in my face. I did get a "you smell gooood" yesterday while wearing compromising positions from him. I suppose its only a matter of time.... So, in your opinion, is this obsession with charting effects etc....normal? lol
  4. Thanks for the welcomes!!! Actually I was pretty happy with his response. I like it and it didn't bother him so I can wear it. He is one of those guys who likes to smell candles etc. so I'm not worried about annoying him with asking him to smell my arm. I don't plan on doing that too often but I liked CB enough to want to buy more. I have to be careful with scents as they can give him headaches on occasion although that usually happens in the perfume sections of the mall where you are bombarded. I've never worn a lot of perfume but I do know that his favorites before were ones with vanilla or raspberries. Of course my favorites are the dark smelling ones or the clean scents. Missdarlyncherie, Love Potion Pink, Cuddle Bunny 2009, Cougar, Phero Girl, Love Potion, T.M.I., Love Potion Red, Love Potion Black, Sneaky Clean and Betrothal Potion all came in the sample pack. I think it was just a sample of best selling fragrances. I also ordered a sample of Compromising Positions (I wore that last night after my nightly bath...it smelled divine!). Also got three tiny freebie samples of Premeditated Passion, Sinister Pink, and Saturday Night Special.
  5. I just recieved my best selling sample pack today. I decided to try on some Cuddle Bunny because it sounded like a fun scent! I tried to put it on somewhat lightly because I had a slight headache...just a swipe at the back of the neck, right wrist, cleavage and torso using the teeny tiny sample stick. I'm amazed that I can still smell it four hours later!! Usually I get used to perfume and can't smell it anymore. I ran two errands and made it back after The Hubs and our 3 year old returned. He didn't seem to notice anything at all and here I am worried that I put on too much! So a little while after giving him a few hello hugs and kisses, I ask him if the new perfume was going to be a good one (he can be sensitive to smells). He said he didn't smell anything. I let him smell my wrist. "Smells ok," he said, "Reminds me of laundry detergent." Really??
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