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  1. Wow, I have to get me a man to wear this for, you ladies are killing me (in a good way)!
  2. Joanna, that does sound nom, nom, nom!!! I will have to get bottle, now to decide what to amp it with.....
  3. Wow CC, that is AWESOME!!! I got all giddy just reading that, I need to wear LAM more often!
  4. Joanna, can you give us addicts an idea of what's in your Nom, nom, nom? CC, I would love to split Pink Amber, Spicy Brown Sugar, & Sandalwood & Resins LAM's, would you also be interested in splitting a bottle of Sugared Vanilla & Honey BAM?
  5. Now for the tortuous wait for descriptions....
  6. *dies of the happy* It just gets better & better every month!!!
  7. CC, If you're still looking to split some of these let me know, I'd love to try Pink Amber, Spicy Brown Sugar & Sandalwood & Resins!
  8. Great idea Lor! I hadn't thought of combining the two, but I'm gonna try it.
  9. I'm considering getting Shelly B's Sugared Mango, Melon and Cucumber boosted with Stone Cougar, do you ladies think it would be a good combo?
  10. Really....I may have to look into getting some of that, I love me some Sugared Honeycomb anyway!
  11. Here's what Dolly said Here's some more info from Ail
  12. Great idea Danna! And Mara, OMG! I think I may need every one of those. *faints*
  13. Shelly, you are my hero! I hate people like that, if people don't like me just the way I am then screw them!!!
  14. I didn't see him today, damn it! But I will not rest until I have cornered him & enveloped him in my H&S cloud, and then I'll give you ladies all the details.
  15. Can you believe I saw him yesterday & forgot to wear this!?!?! I wore Rocket Fuel & LAM instead, but I'm going to wear H&S with EGG 09 today & I *may* see him again.
  16. Shelly, it's sounds like you're having a great time. I'm hoping to see my TIC tomorrow & I'll definitely be rockin' the Rocket Fuel/LAM combo!
  17. So, Mara's Rocket Fuel & LAM together would be really, really, really good to wear around my TIC?
  18. It is this one? http://lovepotionperfume.com/table/pherota...pherotable.html
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