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  1. I'm testing this right now & it is wonderful!!! I wish (can you hear me universe!?!?!) that I had a hottie to wear this for. I get self-effects from pheros & the cops in this one are definitely affecting me (mmm...dirty thoughts about my crush) & the a-nol is making me a little giddy. The scent is really yummy, dirty sweet honey is great way to describe this. Excellent job ladies!!!!!!
  2. coffeemama

    Drakula's Bakery

    I love that name!!!
  3. I haven't had a chance to wear it around him, I won't see him until next week, I'm trying to be patient!
  4. I'm naturally a confident, happy, flirty woman & this seems to magnify my personality. A quick note, the first time I wore this I walked past a married male acquaintance of mine & he grabbed a hold of me & started talking to me, he was beyond excited to see me & he is normally not like that.
  5. I haven't tried PP or TC, but I love Me, Jane! For me, Heart & Soul is somewhat similar to Me, Jane, but not as sexual. Heart & Soul is definitely more of a social phero, it makes people very comfortable around me, like we've known each other forever, even if we haven't. It makes me feel happy (even happier than I usually am) & it seems to amp up my natural charisma which is great. I'm going to wear this around my crush & see how he reacts, I'd love to get some of that touchy-feely action Ail was talking about.
  6. I haven't gotten the package yet, but I did get your paypal. I haven't had a chance to mail out your package yet I've had finals all week, but it will go out tomorrow, I promise!!!
  7. O.K.! I'm really curious about this one, it sounds sexy & exotic.
  8. liz, I might be persuaded to split a bottle with ya!
  9. I'm going to have order some Un-Sexology & Open Windows & I think I'm going to order some of my favorite scents boosted with the new pheros....
  10. Ail you did an amazing job on this one, I can not say enough about it, it is wonderful!!!
  11. I wore Heart & Soul today & it is awesome! Acquaintances treated me like an old friend, male friends were chattier & a little more touchy than usual (no pawing, just casual touches), there was lots of laughing & joking around, even random people would smile & say hello. This blend makes me feel all happy & warm inside. I hope this stays around FOREVER, I must never be without it!!!
  12. I wore this today for one of my finals & I was in the zone! I was done in 55 mins. (we get 2 hours) & that included checking my answers twice!
  13. I personally notice more mature male attention when wearing Intellectual Woman.
  14. Exactly! We must have that one on the label! I can't stop myself from giggling every time I look at the picture! *snort*
  15. OMG!!! A penis footed sheep!!! I can't stop laughing...my stomach hurts...
  16. This is definitely a snuggly scent, sweet & sexy, the dry sandalwood reminds me a of dry tobacco, but richer. Good stuff!
  17. I am sooooooo happy I got a tester of this!!! Oh my goodness, it has the cotton candy sweetness of Sugared Pure, but this is definitely sugary pink cotton candy & the lemon adds a brightness to it, I may have to get a big bottle of this one, it is deliciously girly!
  18. Absolutely! Feeling better about yourself is the most important thing, so vent away!
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