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  1. I'm the complete opposite, my skin eats HAM within a half hour, but NSD lasted all day on me! I layered it with Sugared Honeycomb today & I smelled divine!!!
  2. Oh Shelly, that reminds me of last week when I was at the gym & my crush (I guess he could be considered a TIC) was there. He was working out & his shirt kept rising up & he kept pulling it back down & I was talking to myself saying "don't do that" & then I realized that music on my iPod was only in my head & I may have been using my outside voice instead of talking to myself.
  3. Ooooo, I think I'll layer this with some Sugared Honeycomb tomorrow, I will be yummy.
  4. You might be 78, but you'll still smell damn good.
  5. No sticky wicket for me at least, I tend to be dominant in my every day life, but I really want to find an alpha male that can make me submissive occasionally, if ya know what I mean (luna I'm sure you know what I mean, I've read your stories. ).
  6. I live vicariously through you Dolly! and countess & luna & Rosebud & liz.......
  7. coffeemama

    Hey Ladies!

    Yay!!! Le Wizard, it sounds like you're a huge help!
  8. This is very strong on me too, it is definitely one that needs to be dabbed & not slathered (for me atleast), but the scent is intoxicating.
  9. Oh Shelly I know what you mean. I wish my crush found me mouth-wateringly, knee shakingly, mind-bogglingly sexy. Oh yes I do. <sigh> Although I can always dream that he already does think that way about me......
  10. I wore Sugared Pure yesterday & I smelled like I had rubbed cotton candy on myself, yum!!!
  11. Thanks djacquelynstew! Maybe today we'll get the descriptions?
  12. It's showing up on my computer, maybe try clearing out your cookies & then refresh the page.
  13. I'm right there with you ladies, I've always had more male friends than female friends. I talk to many male friends though out the day & only 2 or 3 female ones.
  14. Thanks! I'm really excited to see the descriptions for all of them, but especially Eve's Temptation, Dirty, Pretty Thing, & Body Paint.
  15. coffeemama

    Cheap Girls

    Why!?!?! Why does my chemistry hate me!?!?! I also get bubblegum/candy from this, I can't smell the beeswax at all!
  16. I'm not freaked out at all, I have a huge girl crush on Orla Brady.
  17. Wow Lillith, I hadn't noticed that option before, that's a great price too........
  18. I was thinking the same thing Dolly! Looks like another monthly sampler for me & lots of phero blends!!!
  19. coffeemama

    EGG 2009

    So this was really light on Quin, but one me it was strong (but not cloying) & lasted a long time, over 6 hours! On me it's a dusty chocolate with marshmallow & sugary amber, very good stuff! And curiouschic I agree with you about wearing this around guys. "
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