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  1. Malzmom

    My First Order

    My First Order...I want more Blissful Caress and there is no more.... Heart's Ease - Pheromone Enhanced w/ Balm Bomb for Women Happy Water 2012 - Pheromone Enhanced Blissful Caress - Pheromone Enhanced Spray La Femme Mystère - Phero Blend for Women Bonded - w/Perfect Match: Sandy Bottom Sands of the Nile: Liquid Moonbeams: Stealing Heaven w/ Open Windows Mermaids of Atlantis 2012 Neverland Amphitrite:
  2. Malzmom

    My First Order

    Received ALL my wonderful yummies! Thanks so much for this wonderful place so I can spend time reading and going to far off places where I can smell delicious! Love all the ones I ordered..(16) and now can't decide what to where when!! What a dilemma!! Thank you,
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