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  1. Eggers, I do not know how copulins are detected. I do not think it is known. However, I did find a paper that showed that est and androstadienone stimulate hypothalamus in normal test subjects, but not in anosmic subjects with nasal polyps:
  2. I don't put any cop-heavy product on my wrists, neck, or chest. I generally put them on my lower abdomen or inner thighs. I've written a more detailed description of why I do this in my journal: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=8246
  3. In terms of this month's releases, Candy House would be superb for spiking with EoW, and so would Titian Sweet and the Bewitching Hour. In terms of permanent scents, Love Potion Original, Red, Black, or Pink would all be good. Two of my faves are Pherogirl (which already has perfectly balanced amount of cops) and Sugared Honeycomb, which is one of my favorites to spike with EoW.
  4. Waahh! I don't want to be a toothless fairy!
  5. OMG. Okay, this is probably TMI but I'm sharing it anyway. When I smell anything that smells even remotely like Coty Wild Musk I have a *very* ahem, physical reaction, stemming from my memories of wearing this as a very hot-and-bothered-but-virginal teenager. Gosh, I may have to get some of this.
  6. Welcome to our addiction! If it is a very cop-heavy blend (BI, LAM, BAM, OCCO, etc.), I limit it to torso, whether spray or oil. For other blends in the spray option, I usually get them "lightly scented" with my default scent (sugared honeycomb). But if I were using an unscented spray, I'd probably spray it on top of an area that I'd applied perfume to. I think the base notes would help hold onto it and meter it out. RE: vanilla scents. Oh, you will be in heaven here. Mara caters to us vanilla whores. Definitely try LP original, pink, and red. Black if you like resinous, incensey notes too (as an aside, I find black the most richly vanilla, but you have to like patchouli and other resins) There is a sold-out scent called Nola: vanilla, bourbon, praline, smoke. I have a spray bottle boosted with La Femme Mystere. Maybe it will get re-brewed someday.
  7. xev

    Titian Sweet

    I know what you mean halo, maple tends to amp like crazy on me. A few times it has sent me running to scrub off the offending scent. But the maple is tame like the orange in this.
  8. FYI, some later studies on female scents indicate that males might have a reaction even if the scent is not on an actual woman. Still, like all research on human pheromones, what we know is very, very preliminary.
  9. Oh that's dangerous. And I have money in my etsy store account.
  10. This has been a "sleeper" in my stockpile of untried samples. I used 3 sprays this evening before my violin lesson (thought that would be appropriate). Anyway the lesson went very well, and it seemed to put my teacher and myself in a good mood. I need to get something boosted with topper! The scent is is something that would mix with most everything else I like. Clearly I missed out getting a bottle of this.
  11. xev

    Titian Sweet

    This is delicious! When I put it on, I hadn't reminded myself what the notes were. It seemed like fruity baked goods, but I didn't immediately recognize orange.The orange seems much milder than Darling Clementine (which I liked but the orange was overwhelming).
  12. I finally figured out that this is reminding me of the long sold-out potion Captivation Equation. So if someone was a fan of that, they'd probably like this. The more I wear this, the more different I feel it is from my bottle of Flying Potion 2012
  13. The licorice does not seem strong to me. Also, didn't some previous versions have clove? I don't detect, and I'm not detecting the allspice, nutmeg, or cinnamon, and those notes usually amp like crazy on me. Basically all the notes are just really soft and well balanced. Love it!
  14. The apple is not overwhelming to me. It adds a sweet, clean, fresh note to balance out the heaviiness of the resins. To be honest, I didn't even notice it as anything other than a vague fruitiness until this morning. I put on the hoodie I wore a couple of days ago that has traces of Betwitching Hour on it, and now I'm like, oh, yeah, there's apple in this.
  15. xev

    Candy House

    This is nice! The spice is very prominent on me, but I'm getting vanilla and pumpkin also. I smell like I've been baking pumpkin cupcakes all day.
  16. xev


    I'm guessing the musk in this is white musk, which tends to overpower my nose--it has a fuzzy, numbing, scattering kind of effect. At least right now, it is hiding all the other notes. I just put it on about 15 mins ago. Raq on, don't be afraid of the smoke. Even with the white musk so prominent, I can tell the smoke accord is very pure and clean -- not a pipe or bonfire kind of smoke at all.
  17. Wet, this had a strong medicinal kind of thing going on, but after it calmed down on my skin it bloomed int someting much softer and warmer. I thought this was going to remind me of incense, hippies, headshops, etc, as resins + patchouli often do to me, but it is much more refined than that. I like it!
  18. xev

    Dance With Desire

    Just got a fb of this in a trade. Wow, I don't know how I missed this! I love it so much! The tuberose is lovely. My skin seems to eat up cocoa butter quickly, but I like the remaining notes just fine.
  19. I just left reviews on amazon for Sogni Incantati and Betrothal Potion :-)
  20. Yikes, I sold something earlier this evening on my etsy store that was paid via paypal, and the paypal payment is not showing up in my transactions. I hope they figure it out soon.
  21. Just nabbed a sampler set, now I have to check out the etsy sale!
  22. xev

    Kittenish 2015

    Hmm...well I like this but is not what I expected. When I put it on, I didn't have the list of notes handy, and I could swear it has some kind of floral note in it -- a sweet floral like honeysuckle. I guess this is how I'm detecting the peach. It smells like a really clean sweet flower garden after a rain. After a couple of hours, the maple is amping on me, as maple is want to do on me, but I'm still detecting that clean rain-washed sweet flower smell underneath it.
  23. Oh Mara, you hit a home run with this one! I ordered a fb unsniffed and am just thrilled with it. Wet, the chocolate is the strongest note. But I knew it would fade. After dry down, the chocolate is just barely there. It is a perfect sheer, soft, powdery honey-musk skin scent. As with the previous incarnations of Ambrosia, the copulins are totally covered by the scent, even wet. Just perfect :-)
  24. I was thrilled to get a sniffie of this with the order I received today. I only sniffed it in the vial but I'm very intrigued. I usually don't do well with unisex resinous scents, but I liked it. It has a cleansing feeling to it. I can't wait to try it.
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