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  1. That sounds great! I once was given a bottle of bath and body works warm vanilla lotion and ended up always layering it with gardenia fragrance oil. It was scrumptious.
  2. xev

    Sugared Honeycomb

    I'm a new sugared honeycomb fan! I just ordered a big bottle. I'm glad to hear it is one of the permanent products.
  3. I tried nakai nectar last night for the first time. I love the scent, plus it elicited the appropriate response from the husband ;-) Today I wore it again layered with sugared honeycomb and Androtics Instant Sexiness B. I was in love with myself all day long. I'm going to have to get a full bottle of this and Sugared Honeycomb as well. Urg, if my husband knew how much I'd spent on scents and pheromones in the past month...
  4. xev

    Honeyed Seductions

    I still love this scent! I just noticed it is on the heading towards endangerment list so I purchased a large bottle.
  5. Yes, I will do that. I have quite a few more that I haven't tried, and I figure the odds are that there will be a couple more that don't work out at all.
  6. I tried this for the first time this evening and I don't care much for it. I do not smell bananas or coconut at all. I'm smelling hazlenut coffee and pipe tobacco. Maybe the maple note some people reported. I ordered this because TAH seemed to work well for me in Instant Sexiness B, but I'm not sure I can tolerate the fragrance. xev
  7. xev

    Honeyed Seductions

    I just tried honeyed seductions this evening. The interesting thing is that when I first got my order and was smelling each vial, this one and several others did not appeal to me at all (I haven't worn the other "unappealing" ones yet --the only scent that instantly appealed was Cougar Potion.) Anyway, the honeyed seduction mellows and changes on me. It smelled cloyingly heavy with a harsh edge to it in the vial, but after drying down on me it smells light, sweet, and slightly powdery. Very subtle and nice, like sweet skin. I like it! I put this on with Intellectual Woman phero blend, but alas, the husband has a head cold and can't smell anything (much less be interested in any hanky panky) so it is all wasted tonight, except for my own enjoyment. xev
  8. Eep! I just ordered a bottle. I hope I get one!! I wore it again today and really enjoyed it. Two people called me "young". xev
  9. I tried my Cougar sample today for the first time. I love it!! It certainly makes me feel younger. I love the light fruity scent. I wore it a while and then layered some single-note gardenia over it to flower it up a little, and I liked that combo too. xev
  10. I must not have PM privileges yet. But yeah, sure enough there's a ball that was stuck in the cap. That makes a lot more sense. I thought it was very strange to bottle a product so it poured out so quickly. Thanks (also to Jo Anna) for pointing that out to me. xev
  11. I'm very excited that I got my order today. I opened my full size bottle of Intellectual Woman first (after shaking it carefully, looked into the opening to see how the product was supposed to be applied, and *thought* what I saw was an apothecary type dispenser that allows one drop at a time to come out. I tipped it tentatively towards my wrist, but I was expecting drops and instead it poured out. I think I poured about a fifth of it out. So I was feeling sorry for myself, when just at that moment, the heater repair guy knocked on the door, and there I was in a giant cloud of pheromones. I'm sure I ODed him on Intellectual Woman. He is talkative anyway, but tonight he just wouldn't shut up. He kept telling me all the mechanical intricacies of how the heat pump thermostat works.
  12. xev

    new member saying hi!

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. I just got an email that my order has shipped! so excited to get it!
  13. Hello, I'm xev and I joined a few days ago and also placed my first order (can't wait!). I have tried some phero products from Androtics and really like them. I wandered over here because they've been out of some of my favs for a while...so I decided to try some LP products in the meanwhile. I just ordered a full size "Intellectual Woman" unscented, plus trial sizes of: Original Love Potion Sugared Honeycomb Cleopatra's blend 2008 Honeyed seductions Phero girl Cougar Me Jane and La Vie de boheme for women. So a mix of Phero and non-phero products. I had a hard time choosing which unscented product to buy in a large bottle -- there weren't alot of reviews here for Intellectual Woman yet. Does this sound like a good set to try out? I'm in my early 40's and married. So far, the husband seems to "respond" very well to EoW, and I have great self-effects from Androtic's TAH -- but for all the other phero's I've tried, the results are unclear to me. I'm not interested in picking up guys, but I do enjoy male attention ;-) I'm introverted by nature so I feel I'm not as tuned in to reading other people's behaviors as I need to be with respect to testing phero products. xev
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