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    Kittenish 2015

    I ordered a fb without even sampling it. I missed the original kittenish, but I love all the notes in it. Also, I love Mango-ish, which I believe was a PE inspired by kittenish (I'm still nursing an almost empty bottle of it).
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I packed synch, h&s, and the ep. Will report outcome
  3. So, I'm packing for a week long music retreat. I will be spending an entire week with a fairly small group of people (I have never met any of them in person), all music instructors or students. We will have private lessons, small ensemble group lessons, informal jam sessions, lectures, meals together. (fyi I'm one of the students) My intents are not so much to draw social attraction to me but to foster communication, forge lasting friendships and collaborations, and enhance everyone's overall goal of studying the music that will be taught and shared. I'd like to take just one or two phero boosted or enhanced scents. I will be checking a bag with my cosmetics so I should be fine with a bottle. I'm considering the scent as well as the phero blend in terms of being congruent with my intent. My choices are: top picks: synchronicity TMI (scented) Une boosted with Heart and soul Empathy potion lightly scented with sugared honeycomb I'm leaning towards synchronicity and the empathy potion. Or heck, maybe I'll take them all. Any input?
  4. xev


    It is on my wish list also.
  5. xev

    Garden In The Rain

    This one was all about the wood notes on me, especially the sandalwood. I could smell the floral notes in the vial, but as soon as it hit my skin the sandalwood amped. It had a very incensy vibe on me.
  6. I wore this yesterday. The fruit is lush and juicy, and the freesia (or something) reminds me of gardenia, which is fine with me as I like gardenia. I cannot detect the patchouli in this at all. A really nice summer scent. I will definitely wear it again, and I might want more.
  7. Woah, this one did. not. work. I don't scrub too many LPs off, but this was a scrubber. Oh, well, can't win them all. The list of notes sure sounded good. It's hard to explain what I didn't like. I think it is just a chemistry clash, and it seems like it is the amber that is not working. It is turning strong and cheap and masculine on me. It doesn't smell that way in the vial.
  8. xev

    Cotton Candy Clouds

    The fruity notes disappear pretty fast on me, and there seems to be a vanilla note goes through a plastic phase while drying down, but the amber base that's left is really, really nice. I'm considering a full bottle.
  9. I got an order confirmation from LPMP -- I'm not sure if that means a person has looked at the order and determined it is available or not. fingers crossed!
  10. Is there a may sampler left? edited: well I took a chance and ordered one. Hope I'm not too late!
  11. I finally got around to ordering a full bottle of this! So I can quit hoarding the dregs of the one tiny sample I have.
  12. I agree. Copulins last a long time and the effective dose is very small. Androstenol not so much. In my experience these, even in oil, don't last 24 hrs.
  13. Hi Mara: I added reviews for Cougar, Squeaky Clean, and Mara's Rocket Fuel III.
  14. xev

    Elfin Plum

    This one is really nice! It reminds me *a lot* of Fairy Musk, which sold out really fast. I'm surprised this doesn't seem to be generating much interest yet in terms of reviews.
  15. Probably will be passing this one along. It smells nice wet but goes really manly on me.
  16. Okay, I wore this to bed and applied it again this morning. I do love it! In terms of notes, I am getting mostly vanilla and fig, with the musk and pollen grounding it and letting it really meld into my skin. To my nose, the vanilla is similar to Ebil-ish 2014 vanilla. It is not overly floral, IMO, just in case the honeysuckle is making any flori-phobes afraid to try it.
  17. My first trial was "interestingly pleasant but not sure about it". Maybe it was a weird nose day, though. I need to try it again, because just going by the list of ingredients, I should love this.
  18. Oh you are sweet. But it was my own clumsiness! And bad luck. There was probably only one angle at which that bottle could strike the floor to break. Yes she is! :-)
  19. No, I dropped the bottle and it broke on my wood floors. I was scrambling to keep the pets away from the broken glass, and by the time I got that cleaned that up it was all evaporated. I guess I inhaled a dose but I didn't note any self effects.
  20. Sadly, I broke my sample when i was unpacking my package last week.
  21. This is really nice. I tested some last night and again this morning before I showered. I can smell all the notes! It smells to me like the honey and amber notes are the same ones as in Horny, but whereas with Horny the amber overwhelmed my nose, Dom Noire is very well-behaved. I anticipate that my husband won't care for the patchouli :-( But really, this is just a lovely scent. The vanilla is warm and comfortable, like in Synchronicity. Not foodie.
  22. I'm wearing this at work today. It is really sweet and feminine. Right after application, I smelled the grapefruit and coconut a lot, and it was reminiscent of Cougar Potion with a twist of coconut. Several hours later, the sugars, floral notes, and coconut are most prominent. This is really nice. If you like Betrothal Potion, Vampire Bait, and/or Cougar Potion, you will probably like this.
  23. I guess it depends on whether you want to coax or assert the favor from someone. Est brings out nurturing feelings. I'd go with a bonding type blend with est, but that's what I usually reach for anyway.
  24. Yes, I'm definitely going to try perfect match! I haven't tried balm bomb or mlh. The reason I think is because I'm guessing the main effect would be coming from androstedienone. I tested that quite a bit, and never got any self effects. Of course, it could still affect other people, so I shouldn't discount those blends completely.
  25. I have not tried open windows. I've always felt more of a connection to b-nol than a-nol, but maybe I should try it. Oh decisions! I really can only get a few because I've already scolded dh to stop spending on non-essential stuff.
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