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  1. Holy shit! You're going to have fun with that!
  2. That is on my short list for sure!! I'm thinking about DHEAS and LFN as well. And levitation potion.
  3. No, I'm considering what I have as either unscented blends, or full boosts. The phero enhanced perfumes only have about 1/3 the amount of phero as a full boost or unscented bottle.
  4. I've ordered the monthly sampler, and I'm trying to figure out what unscented phero blends to trial. What I have now is: Blatant Invitation (60/40 spray lightly scented with sugared honeycomb) Empathy Potion (60/40 spray lightly scented with sugared honeycomb) Lumina (60/40 spray boosting Moon Sugar Candy) La Femme Mystere (boosting Nola) Flying Potion Spray Heart and Soul (boosting Une, but I've had it as a spray also) I've also enjoyed cougar, treasured hearts, sexology and intellectual woman in the past. Any suggestions? I have plenty of copulin products so I don't really need any cop-heavy blends like BI or Sexpionage. I'm not sure alpha female type blends are congruent with my personality, but I haven't tried them much either.
  5. I think OCCO white or Beth's Blushing Milkmaid would be good copulin blends to layer with LP Pink. In terms of pheromones, I think what is congruent with your personality is more important than matching to a scent. LP Pink is really feminine, so Lace would probably match up with it in that regard, but I think Cougar, La Femme Mystere, or Lumina would work as well.
  6. I got a trial spray of this in a trade and it is just amazing! Love, love, love! It is sweet and sexy and melds down perfectly with my skin. I need more!
  7. I can't wait to try a couple of phero blends I've never tested!
  8. Well real pheromones and copulins *might* affect hormones (copulins affect testosterone levels in men after all; no studies have been conducted on their effects on women) BUT they are doing so in a way that has been field tested by hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection on our species' chemical communication systems. It is normal for us to be smelling these things. So within reasonable dosages, copulins, est, a-nol, b-nol. or androstenone are probably safe and not likely to do serious or permanent harm to wearers or those around them, or cause any kind of hormonal imbalance. The same cannot necessarily be said for every product out there, which includes non-pheromone steroids that people are advocating to "use as pheromones".
  9. There is this idea in the pheromone community at large (NOT this forum; I'm referring to ideas and attitudes found other places on the internet) that anything that is volatile and modulates behavior or emotion can be "used as a pheromone". Biologically speaking, this is incorrect -- you can't call nitrous oxide, for example, a "pheromone", even though it would certainly affect people's behavior if added to a perfume or worn as a volatile. This is an exaggerated and obvious example, of course. It is not even correct to say that naturally-occurring volatiles that modulate behavior or emotion = pheromone. Ethically, it is a slippery slope into a really grey area to adopt this kind of definition of pheromone. Thankfully, most of the so-called "pheromones" that are actually not pheromones (for example, oxytocin and cortisol) are also not very volatile, and so in the form of externally-applied products, have a really limited capacity to affect anyone outside of the actual user.
  10. Wintercherry, I wrote some things about pheromones vs. hormones here: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=9150&hl=pregnenolone and here: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=7312&page=1&&do=findComment&comment=212006 est is not meo-est, and as far as I know, Mara doesn't sell anything with meo-est. Pregnenolone is a hormone, and there is no scientific evidence that I know of that it is a pheromone. DHEA is also a hormone, but is also present in human sweat, so it at least potentially could function as a pheromone. Androstenol, androstenone, androstadienone, and estratetraenol are putative human pheromones, or at least, have been shown in scientific studies to have pheromone-like affects. They are also naturally occurring volatiles in human body odors. Copulins are produced by normal bacteria breaking down fatty acids, and have been shown in scientific studies to have pheromone-like affects.
  11. It is not a pheromone. It is a hormone. I have no idea whether it is likely to have a real effect used as a volatile or not. We've had other threads about pregnolone that you can find with a search. I have provided more information in one of those.
  12. Hi Mara: I reviewed Une and Vampire Bait.
  13. I got a sampler this month, and a fb of Horny, then I just broke down and bough a fb of Ebil-ish and a small bottle of Sugared English Toffee.
  14. I'm lucky enough to have a full bottle of the original brew, still pristine and wonderful, and this was an especially strong formulation, so only the tiniest bit is needed. I'm sure my bottle is a lifetime supply.
  15. xev

    Warm & Toasty

    This is more bread and butter than banana to me. The butter comes out really strong.
  16. OCCO Ambrosia is not a typical copulin blend because the consensus seems to be that it doesn't need a dry down. I think Pherogirl needs 15 mins or so.
  17. xev

    EBIL-ish 2014

    Even given my limited ability to smell this (which seems to get better as time goes on btw), this is really feminine. Late in the day dregs of this (after morning application) are reminiscent of Pink Sugar or Midnight Masquerade.
  18. xev


    I have tried this once. Wet, it was a lovely blend of all the listed ingredients. Spices did their usual thing and amped on me like crazy following dry down, but hey it's spice season so I just went with it. By the end of the day, it was mostly dry spices. Looking forward to trying this one again. I don't get any smoke notes. I think oud is a resinous base note, right?
  19. xev

    EBIL-ish 2014

    Okay, so after dry down, it did eventually bloom a little on my skin such that I could smell it. And I can still smell it faintly this morning. It is a sweet, delicate vanilla to me. Noses are so weird. Sept 29 edited to add: I'm wearing it again today, and I believe that I'm starting to smell it more. For sure, when I huff my wrist, I'm getting it, and am even catching lovely wisps of it without huffing slathered body parts. It's still not "dark" but at least it is "vanilla"! Surprisingly, the spices are also hiding from me. Spices usually amp. I can detect the faintest clove not when wet, and on drydown it is elusive vanilla and some nice musks (actually smells a little like white musk, though that's not a listed ingredient).
  20. xev

    EBIL-ish 2014

    I am crying. I cannot smell this. It was the same for me with the original Ebil-ish. I just slathered some on. It is pretty but so so faint to my nose. My husband says "it's vanilla, and it is definitely there" when I asked him if he could smell it (and he liked it). So it's just me :-( I don't know if I have the "vanilla blindness" that Mara has discussed. I can smell and taste vanilla extract, and I can smell vanilla in LP original, pink, black, etc. Not sure why Ebil-ish treats me so badly.
  21. I can't find a thread for this one yet; my apologies if I missed it. This is not quite what I imagined it would be, but very lovely just the same. In the bottle it is juicy honey and fruit. I cannot detect the cops or the aja at all, even when wet. The amber becomes very dominant on me as it begins drydown. For an hour or so after drydown, it was almost an overwhelmingly perfumey amber. Hours after application, It is a really nice light scent that has melded seamlessly with my skin. It reminds me of 221B, but with out the wood notes. It is really nice, I'm just not getting a sense of horny, arousal, sex, etc. and it doesn't fit my concept of gourmand. In fact ( just reapplied some), it smells really, dare I say, clean and fresh. I was expecting OCCO SLF + fruit, but to me it isn't nearly as blatantly sexual as SLF. I think the musk in horny is a lot tamer. Take all this with a grain of salt, because I'm the girl who thinks sugared honeycomb is innocent, and I wear it to work. Clearly my sense of what's sexy scents is a little atypical.
  22. How long had it dried down before he made the comment? The copulins in pherogirl need a 15 min or so dry down time, before which certain sensitive people may find them funky. I don't know if LFM has cops or not.
  23. For the moment, I settled for a sampler set and a bottle of Horny, cause I *KNOW* I'm going to love that one.
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