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  1. Oh. My. God. Seriously contemplating full bottle collection. Will probably chicken out on it but still shell out a boat load of cash on these.
  2. Me too! For me it even works a little better because there is a note in Cougar that sometimes doesn't play right with my chemistry.
  3. xev

    Ricotta Sonata

    Hmmm...I have some samples of this. I need to revisit this scent.
  4. I have layered LP Black with a buttercream vanilla private edition called Nom, Nom, Nom (sold out) to tame the resins. But you could try one of the vanilla sugareds, or maybe sugared birthday cake. Experiment with the blending. I have found all of Mara's scents to be very conducive to layering and blending.
  5. I've been thinking about this one to layer with second-batch TMI, with the thought that it would make it more like the more caramely first batch that worked so well on me. Hmmm...add it to the list I guess. There are about 10 or so sugareds that I want.
  6. xev


    So...as I suspected, this is quite different from the scents I gravitate towards. And I'm not too familiar with tonka, wood, tea, or tobacco notes, so it is difficult for me to express my perception of it. I do like it. It is more "perfumey" than I normally do, which I kind of suspected it would be. The tobacco seems to be behaving itself (I'm still traumatized by memories of another artisan perfumier's scent that smelled like the cigarette crumbs in the bottom of my mothers purse when I was a child). I think that the tea and vetivier are giving it a really fresh feeling. The honey is really subtle on me, but I think it is the honey that makes this one feminine rather than masculine or unisex. I'm not sure it would work on a guy even with the woodsy notes. Overall, I think it melds really nicely with my skin. I'm glad I got it!
  7. xev

    Honey Whip

    This is just gorgeous! It is light and baby-powdery but with a lot more depth and warmth. The ingredients are perfectly blended; no single note is amping or overpowering anything else. It has not changed much during dry down. I will have to see how this wears through the day, but I'm thinking I really need a full bottle of this.
  8. My first thought was that this could be due the rats being calmed by female pheromones, or agitated by male pheros like (androstenone), or a combination of both. It could also be something about males' body odor that has nothing to do with pheromones. Also, I don't think that it matters whether a molecule is hyper sexy or not -- this is an interspecies effect, so what affect a molecule has between individuals of our species likely has no bearing on what they do to rats. A good experiment to start with would be to simply do a controlled test exposing rats to male vs. female body odors in the absence of an actual human.
  9. I can't wait to try it. LP Pink is a fragrance I think I would enjoy no matter the variant. I've been wanting to get an unscented phero spray lightly scented with LP Pink.
  10. I'm not sure what you are referring to here. LP Perfumes are not essential oils, though some may contain essential oils as an ingredient. Essential oils are made by distilling all the volatile chemicals from a particular plant species (and perhaps a particular plant body part). By themselves, they don't make good perfumes because they lack base notes, so they don't last very long. RE: the typical use of the sugareds. I think people do both. I know I have always used sugared honeycomb on its own and added to all kinds of other kinds of scents. I have also used sugared apricots layered with LP original and some other things with the LP base, because that base mixture has apricot in it, and sometimes my skin chemistry eats it up and starts amping the patchouli. So one of the nice thing about the sugareds is that they allow the user to fine tune a fragrance to her/his individual chemistry.
  11. I always feel like I'm behind in trying everything (I haven't even tried anything from July yet), so if anything its just less stress.
  12. xev


    I picked up a bottle of this in the sale and am excited to get it! I never got a chance to try it when it was released. The woods and tobacco make it not my normal thing, so I'm hoping that combined with the honey (which I love) it will help me push me outside the box a little bit and expand my perfume boundaries. The reviews make me think this one is really special: nuanced and complex, while at the same time light and fresh. Just giving this thread a bump as I see there are quite a few bottles left of this on the sale freebie list.
  13. Can we order the ones that don't have labels posted yet? I just put a sugared pink grapefruit in my cart then started wondering if I'd messed up...
  14. xev

    Vampire Bait

    I just recently discovered I like Betrothal Potion, so I'm definitely going to try a sample of Vampire Bait!
  15. Cinnamonmel, I was wondering who that hottie was with the baby, but I didn't want to ask and sound like a lecherous old woman :-)
  16. This is so cool! Everyone is gorgeous. I am Sugared Egyptian Musk, and I can't wait to try it. Somehow that is one I never tried in the first sugareds.
  17. I am going to have to get me some of this after wearing my sample of Fairy Musk today. I do feel that people treated me positively and affectionately today, like I was charmed or something. I was surprised to see that this blend doesn't have betanol in it, as it seems like the blends that work best on me have betanol. Oh well, something new to try.
  18. The original sugared apricots was special. I traded mine away, regretted it, and was thrilled to nab another bottle on the trading post. If you like fruit at all, I'd recommend it. Sugared berries was also good. I used mine up ages ago. Of course sugared honeycomb is one of my staples and it is permanent. I still have a partial bottle of sugared vanilla mint. It is one of my favorite bedtime fragrances. I don't see it on the new list, but you could layer sugared vanilla and sugared mint.
  19. Who else is stalking the upcoming August sale? Do you have a strategy? Favorites you are hoping will end up on the clearance list? Do you have a budget set? Have you sold your spare kidneys, blood, and first born?
  20. Ooo, that actually sounds like my kind of scent :-) Almond is usually short-lived, but jasmine and vanilla are really strong, tenacious notes. I can't think of a fix involving an LP fragrance, but my idea is try layering some bergamot essential oil with the fragrance and see what happens. You can probably pick up a bit of that for under $10. I think it will go with those notes and freshen them up, cut the cloying sweetness of the jasmine.
  21. If it is a certain fragrance called neroli from the place I'm thinking of, I've tried to cover it without success. It is just truly terrible. If it is one of that places other fragrances, then I may have some suggestions. Can you tell us what it is or describe the scent.
  22. I was biased against the name, and so this is one of the last LP variants I've sampled. Tropique just sounds like something I'm probably not going to like, because i haven't liked any other scents with tropic or tropical in the name, and I don't like tropical tanning oil scents. But I love this! I love the fruitiness, the vanilla and honey, the magnolia (my favorite floral note). It starts out with the fruit in the forefront, then the honey and vanilla come out and play, and the last note to linger is the magnolia. It is somehow light and summery while also being extremely rich and decadent. In terms of its place in my scent collection, I'd place this in the same general category as Mango-ish and OCCO Ambrosia, two of my favorite LP scents.
  23. I was just recently wishing for a scent besides Down and Dirty that has a leather note. This is really nice, and I usually do not care to wear unisex scents. I'm also usually scared of tobacco notes, but this one is very subtle. Overall, it is very fresh and clean, and the leather makes it just a little sexy.
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