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  1. To me this is not similar at all to honeyed LP, which didn't work for me despite my love of honey scents. Went soapy on me. LP Rouge, to my nose, smells almost identical to LP Red. I've worn it twice now and the honey is just not registering to my nose. It is all vanilla and cinnamon.
  2. I can't believe I am just now trying this. I didn't expect to like it but I do! It is a really fresh and clean floral, to me it is in the same category as Sneaky Clean, though Betrothal has a lot more nuance.
  3. Wow, this smells just like a really rich chocolate brownie when wet. Dry it blooms into something much more complex with the amber being dominant, and the patchouli adding just a hint of earthiness. And like everyone says, a dry cocoa replaces the gooey chocolate. I really like this, and I think it is the first chocolate scent that has worked for me.
  4. This was all delicious creamy vanilla to me when wet, but after dry down it just turned a little funky on my skin, like soured milk maybe. I did not detect any of the other notes.
  5. It's kind of like chumming a bunch of sharks.
  6. After wearing this quite a bit, its distinctiveness from Lors PE is more pronounced. I think the peach is less prominent and it does remind me a little of suckled honey. It is also a nostalgic scent that reminds me of something I can't quite place, but it's like when it is really hot and muggy in the summer, and you take a bath in the evening and then go to bed all clean, but still smelling of the day's honeysuckle flowers, in a super air conditioned room.
  7. I'm late reviewing this, but I've just now tried my sample. I was a little reluctant because I started out loving Darling Catalina, but it became brutal to my senses. I think the orange was amping too much. Anway, Atomic Mandarin is similar, but softer and more well-behaved. It doesn't seem to be amping on me, nor is is disappearing into my skin.
  8. I got this because I like Mango-ish so much, though this is quite different. I am not getting very much fruit from this; it is all cakey vanilla wet, very nice, but as it dries down my skin seems to be eating it up.
  9. I have sampled mine last night as well. My immediate thought was very similar to Lor's peach, honey, and orange blossom PE, one of my favorites from a few years back. It was most prominently a light, clean peach to my nose, when wet. Then I piled on too many other new scents to test and lost track of it. I will report back when I've worn it a whole day.
  10. xev


    I have just discovered that mysterious note on the bottom of this scent of which you speak. yes, it is a little like a dank basement, but for me it evokes something slightly different: moist primordal earthy soil. This note--and the booze of course--is what makes this not a "cupcake" vanilla. I love this perfume. So complex. Always something new to discover.
  11. xev


    I got it amped with cops and la femme mystere. It doesn't even need a dry down.
  12. I'd love to reserve a honey buzz if there are any left.
  13. That's true. 20 drops has worked well for me for sugared honeycomb, une (turns it into Pherogirl), and heavy vanilla mixtures like LP original, red, pink, or black. You can also add cops to any perfume for only $5 when you order and Mara will mix it just right for you. It is worth $5 to me not to have to pry the top off the bottle and put it back on without spilling everything. But I have done it when I've wanted to add cops to something I already have, or something I've gotten in trade.
  14. Yes, you can add cops to perfume. Mara stated in a thread that 20 drops of essence oil in a near full bottle of LP perfume would be a fairly cop-heavy mixture. Balm bomb, G2, and are supposed to be good for combating bitchiness and grouchiness. Empathy potion or Heart & Soul might be good also.
  15. I draw the line with dosing other people with hormones. In nature, pheromones are transmitted from one individual to another as volatiles through the air. Hormones are not. Hormones have disproportionally large consequences from tiny concentrations, so changing the amount of hormones in one's body can be a really serious thing, not at all like getting a whiff of androstenol, for example. People get dosed with pheromones in social situations all the time. People do not get dosed with hormones from their environment or from other people under normal circulmstances. Also, the effects of pheromones in humans are generally very subtle mood modulators. So subtle that it has been quite difficult to even prove their existance. The fact that pregnenolone has made some people have depressed crying spells says enough for me. Would I experiment with something like that in my own body, as an oral supplement? Maybe. But how could I wear something like this to a party or to work and do that to other people without their knowledge? When you dose yourself with an artificial hormone or hormone precursor it is one thing, maybe a good idea, maybe not, but dosing someone else's body with even a tiny amount of a hormone without their consent is just something I would not do. I wrote in more detail why pheromones and hormones are different in this thread: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=7312&page=1&&do=findComment&comment=212006
  16. The culprit here is almost certainly androstenone. A small percentage of people are extremely sensitive to it and smell it as a sweaty b.o. urine kind of smell; LucasBly's wife is obviously one of those people. I don't know if the original poster is still hanging around, but my suggestion would be to try a social blend that doesn't have androstenone it it, like open windows maybe. And I agree, other brands that are not offensive to this woman are either 1) watered down crap or 2) blends without any androstenone.
  17. There is the unscented stone cougar (a pheromone mixture), and there is also cougar potion, which is a perfume enhanced with stone cougar. Fragrances help disperse the pheromones over time.
  18. FYI on a related note, there have been no studies of how women may or may not respond to cops. Just to clear thing up as there has been the claim floating around here and there that science has proven that women defitively DON'T and CAN'T respond to cops, and this claim isn't true. No studies, no data. We don't know, outside of anecdotes, which are mixed.
  19. I agree with halo-- you are fine spraying cougar on your hair. What you wouldn't want to do is spray the OCCO, magnet, BAMs, or similar cop heavy mixes on your hair.
  20. For a long time, only my hubs knew. And even he is not aware of the degree to which he is steered by cops. But then a year ago Christmas I gave a friend some cougar potion and subsequently showed her my LPMP hoard, so now she knows.I don't really talk about phero use with anyone IRL. My friend is now hooked on cougar but I don't think she would be one to become too interested in testing pheromones; cougar is just a terrific perfume to her.
  21. My vote would be more and now. And I'd buy it again at Halloween!
  22. Okay, I will try to find something. Most of my good dance photos are by pro photographers so I don't think I can use those. I'll see what I can come up with.
  23. I have been missing my sugared apricots ever since I traded it away. I'm glad htese are coming back!
  24. Sooo late to the party but I just got a sample and... OMG I LOVE THIS MUST HAVE MOR!! How did I miss this? There is not a single bit of it up for trade in the trading post right now, although it seems to be on many peoples want lists. Pretty pretty please, Mara, make us some more?
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