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  1. So this is weird on me. I get a "flat" sweet scent. No creaminess and no cops scent. This is the first scent I've tried with coconut, so maybe that is what doesn't agree with me. Also near TOM, so maybe I will but this sample away for a few weeks and try again.
  2. So, I just received my 2nd order from LPMP and opened up Focus Potion. Have high hopes for this, but almost immediately got a headache and nauseous. Anyone know what is in this? To be fair, I may have put a little too much on since it came in the dropper. I am fairly new to pheros, so maybe it's still just trial and error. Any advice? I will be really bummed if this doesn't work for me. Also, close to that TOM...so maybe body chemistry off? Thanks all!
  3. So, I did my second trial with this last night at home with hubby...seriously IN LOVE with the rose!!! It dries down beautifully on me. YAY! As for the effects on hubby...normally there is a lot of foreplay leading up to the main event (not complaining!), but he went straight to it!! He said "hmmm, you smell nice", and away we go! Later I asked why he was so aggressive, and his reply was "it wasn't your perfume!" HA! He is such a non-believer that even when he knows I'm wearing pheros, he doesn't think it works.
  4. I really love this scent!!! The rose is so lovely. I am new to LPMP and I only ordered a sample of this. Wore it to a black tie event last night, and I felt wonderful. My hubby loved this on me, and apparently so did the gentleman sitting to my left! Since this is my first outing with pheros, I was conservative in my use of this. The man sitting to my left kept engaging me in convo all night long. It also could have been my dress, which accentuated the girls nicely! ;-) Will have to test this again in a few days. Can aanyone recommend a scent that is like this w/o pheros? I kept smelling my arm last night to the point of distraction. Seriously wanted to lick my arm!! Lol!
  5. Wow, such great info. Thank you all for your help! I can tell this forum is going to occupy a lot of my time! ;-) I really loved LP original, but I was hesitant to use it since I am unfamiliar with the concentration vs reg perfumes. Maybe I need to slather it on! I feel a bit like a mad scientist...that smells awesome! :-)
  6. Hello everyone! I have lurked for about a week and finally decided to post. I ordered some samples a few weeks ago, and tried out a few. My order was: LP orig; LP Red; Agent XXX w/Sexpionage; and Raven Moon. Not sure why I ordered RM, but something in the description must have caught me. I was so happy to discover a few free samples in there...Phero Girl; Under your spell; and Tangy Tart (Thank you for the freebies!!) In the interest of full disclosure, I have never worn anything with Pheros and I am only used to using commercial perfumes. Very intrigued by all of the offerings on LPMP...I predict I will need to order some Focus Potion soon to keep the house clean and work done!! I am addicted to this site! Anyway, really looking for some unique perfumes and love the idea of Pheros. My husband doesn't seem to care either way about Pheros, and truthfully I am looking more for self fx than anything else. So, here are my thoughts on my trial runs... LP Orig: LOVE THIS! Only downside is that it doesn't seem to last long on me...maybe spray? Phero Girl: Took the advice in the description and only wore this at home..hubby likes!!!! Agent XXX: Will post my thoughts in the appropriate thread!! WOO HOO! I am so happy to have found this lovely little community. Can't wait to really explore the perfumes/pheros! General question: How do I decide which spray to order? Alcohol; silicone; 60/40 mix? Is it just really a trial and error to see what works best with my chemistry? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Looking forward to joining all of you on this fun journey! Crystal
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