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  1. Thanks for all the replies. They've been very interesting to read. I think the guy I've been referring to does respond to the pheros I've been using. He says he can only smell bad smells like gas, so I guess his sense of smell isn't completely nonexistent.
  2. Do pheromones affect someone who says they have no sense of smell? Can a person subconsciously smell the pheros even if their sense of smell is not very good? lyrical.poetess
  3. Well, I have to chime in and say that I really like the fragrance of Cougar Potion. The grapefruit smell blended with the others is wonderful. I haven't noticed any hits phero-wise, but then again my husband is very stressed out today and not in the mood to flirt, I suppose. I'll have to wait and see with this one. It does make me feel younger and sexy though. :-)
  4. I'm very pleased with Sex and Violins. I used it for the first time today, and I love how it makes me feel. I am normally shy, but when I wear this, I feel more confident and ready to take on the world. People were going out of their way to hold open doors for me and give me good customer service when I was out shopping earlier. I got a lot of compliments and respect from people, even though I just rolled out of bed, had messy hair and was wearing a baggy shirt and yoga pants. I LOVE it! It is a very nice dark, sultry, exotic fragrance. At first I was concerned it might be a bit too strong for using during the day, but it blended very well with my body chemistry. I'm definitely glad I ordered this as a full bottle. lyrical.poetess
  5. I don't notice much of a reaction from people when I wear Treasured Hearts. It seems like my skin soaks up the oil and I am concerned that it doesn't last very long, but it's hard to tell, since it's unscented. It's not an attention-getting phero, but it does seem to make people act mild, pleasant and calm around me. I wore it to a family reunion, but I didn't notice much difference in their behavior. I think Sweet Chic is more fun to wear to social events, IMHO. lyrical.poetess
  6. I like Heart's Ease a lot. It's not one of my main choices usually, but it's very relaxing and a very nice "rain" type of scent to me. It's a cool, calming fragrance which lasts a long time on me. I tend to prefer the more exciting, social fragrances, but this one's nice when I just need to chill out. lyrical.poetess
  7. I love Bosom Bows III. This fragrance mixes very well with my body chemistry and it tends to become a warm cinnamon scent on me. It also makes me euphoric and cheerful. Oddly enough, my husband responds very well to this one (much much better than Cuddle Bunny 2009). I haven't noticed any particular responses from anyone else yet. ~ lyrical.poetess
  8. NuTrix - Well, interestingly enough, I tried Bosom Bows III this morning, just for curiosity sake, and my husband responded EXTREMELY romantically to it. (LOL, I thought it was for women to attract women because of the G2 in it). In fact, I had a tough time getting ready for work this morning because he was all over me LOL. I happen to love it too and will probably order a full bottle. I'm not sure how my stepdaughter would respond to this one, she's not here today. I would like to try Sex and Violins. The description sounds like something I'd really like a lot. As for my stepdaughter, I think I'll stick with Sweet Chic around her because the popularity potion in it seemed to really make her friendlier and more chatty with me. I'll also try Treasured Hearts around her for a similar effect. Definitely nothing with copulins in it though.
  9. At first I wasn't too crazy about Soaked, but now as it fades with my body chemistry, it's really growing on me. It fades very nicely and the response I get from people is pretty positive. I don't typically wear tropical scents, but I think this one is a keeper. ~ lyrical.poetess
  10. I love Cuddle Bunny Scented 2009. This was the first bottle I ordered. It mixes very well with my body chemistry and fades into a sweet, clean laundry type of smell that I find addictive. ( I keep opening the bottle and sniffing LOL) However, I find it interesting that my husband doesn't respond favorably to it at all. He is the type of guy who says he likes demure, feminine women, so I thought Cuddle Bunny would be a great hit with him. I actually seem to get a slightly negative reaction from him, which is too bad because I love this fragrance. Other people (mostly guys and a few gals) seem to respond very well to it and are very helpful toward me when I wear it. Another interesting thing I've noticed is that my teenage stepdaughter seems to act very jealous and competitive when I wear this (probably because of the copulins) so it's not a good fragrance to wear around her, because she becomes more clingy toward my husband and a little more catty toward me. It seems like when I wear Sweet Chic w/Popularity Potion around them, it's a much more pleasant situation. I'm really enjoying experimenting with these phero blends and I look forward to the next sample. :-) ~ lyrical.poetess
  11. I love Sweet Chic. I tried it as a sample at first, but quickly fell in love with it. I notice that when I wear it, I feel more confident and happier and people around me treat me much better. So yeah, this is definitely going to be a FB order for me.
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