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  1. As a newbie and former lurker myself, WELCOME!
  2. I definitely will recap the date. I'm way too excited... feels like I'm in middle school again.
  3. Seriously guys thank you so much for the warm welcome. Making me feel special and whatnot.
  4. Get ouuuuuuuuuuut! That is literally my favorite name in the world. I mean, ENTIRE universe. Lucky.
  5. I didn't even think of Sneaky Clean! And yes I did get the sampler. Sneaky Clean it IS! It is law. Thank you guys for the suggestions! Y'all sure do help a gal! Quietguy, yeah... funny signals indeed. LOL.
  6. Okay I going to try to sum this up in the most succinct way possible: So me and.. let's call him R, have known each other for close to 8-9 years. We met in freshman year of high school (I'm 22, btw), but we were just friends then, both in relationships with other people. There was still an attraction but neither of us acted upon it, for obvious reasons. Blah blah still friends blah, until I broke up with mines since he was..well.. insane.R broke up with his girlfriend, but by then I was with someone else, and he then got back with her, yada yada. So I've been single for a while (by choice), and he broke up with his girlfriend last year, so this is pretty much the first time we've been single at the same time. He let me know he was interested in me, and he asked me out. We've been hanging out more and more often, and then he (FINALLY) asked me on a date. Unfortunately, work got in the way with both of us, and we've had to cancel 3 times because our schedules are out of whack. But we FINALLY set a date... the 19th. Perfect timing. Get my ordered products so he succumbs to my feminine wiles and whatnot, and wear something killer. I mean KILLER. I guess my question is, out of the products I've ordered (Love Potion original, LP Red, LP Pink, LP Black, and Pherogirl), which is the best option for a SORTA KINDA first date? I didn't include Agent XXX, Compromising Positions, or Sexpionage... prooooooobably not for first date at least. Also if you have any personal recommendations I'd looove to hear them. Since this definitely will NOT be my last purchase.
  7. Thank you! Everyone is so friendly. Loving it.
  8. I definitely did read it. It's why I bought it. lol. I'm keeping that in my secret weapon arsenal. I even have a space for it, no kidding. My mind and my body... I mean heart... is ready! Ahhh I can't wait to get it.
  9. Haha thanks to all of you! I already feel the love! And the journey from Lurkville was long and arduous, but worth it!
  10. Oh I've read the stories... and that's exactly what I'm hoping for. lol. But I also read that I should be super careful when I decide to wear it. Believe me, I live in NYC and I constantly travel on public transportation at night. This is strictly for adult sleepovers only!
  11. Thank you!!!! I'm so excited for them. Believe you me, I will DEFINITELY be reviewing them when I get them.
  12. I came juuuuuuust in time. And that's no problem since I love Ramen. If I get bored, I'll pour some sriracha to make it "fancy". lol!
  13. Why thank you, kind sir. And yeah, I see that I'm going to have to. I was planning on spending less than $100 this go-around and I failed... had to dip into my grocery budget. But totally worth it.
  14. Okay so I've been lurking these boards for about a month or so. I can't even tell you how I found this lovely place, but damn it, I'm glad I did. It involved a bottle of tequila.. that's all I remember. I'm 22 from Brooklyn, and my middle name is actually Phoenix (unfortunately my first name is incredibly ordinary). I placed my first order (of many to come) a couple of days ago and I'm so excited. It's gonna be the longest 2 weeks of my life waiting for them... how do you guys do it? lol. I ordered samples of Agent XXX and Rocket Fuel, as well as the Best Selling Women's Collection set. And because I've heard soooooo many good things, I jumped and bought both Compromising Positions AND Sexpionage. Let's just say there's a special person I specifically want to affect.. muahahahaha. No popularity ones for me, for some reason people are drawn to me because I have a friendly face... unfortunately, that also means the crazies. Only problem I see is that there's soooooo many awesome products on here, and I have a hard time deciding which ones to get. It took me 2 weeks to decide what to order. Anyway, enough of my rambling.. HI GUYS! Glad to be here!
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