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  1. To finish up order, could I reserve 2B Lariel
  2. Please add: Buttercream Lemon x1 Sugar Cocoa Butter (small) FC Gingerbread (small) FC Pumpkin (small)
  3. May I reserve 2B: Desperation & Djinn 2B: Gargoyle Gargle <<I AM SORRY, SEAJAM, THE LAST BOTTLE OF GARGOYLE WENT 1 POST BEFORE YOURS!
  4. OK, I can't help myself. If they are still available could I reserve: OCCO Creamy Almond OCCO Buttercream Lemon
  5. Lap of Luxury - $50 Upping my bid because I decided to wear this today and OOOMMMMGGGG......this has aged to perfection!!!! The entire Bohemian Collection is rare treasure.
  6. It does smell amazing on women and men. I still have a backup bottle for me and I have gifted this a couple of times to men who adore. Guess time to head to auction and up the bid LOL
  7. This has aged to perfection!!!! That's exactly why I put in a bid. I always get compliments when I wear this. It's one that needs to be in everyone's vault!!!
  8. Have you noticed that evil Black Cat keeps outbidding you
  9. Mara, I only saw 1FB of Sunshine of Your Love reserved for me. If another unavailable that's ok, but if there is another I would love to have total of 2 bottles. Ooops, sorry about that! Thanks for catching it! They are reserved for you.
  10. P.S. I won't be mad if I'm out bid
  11. Would like to reserve the following OCCOs OCCO trial set OCCO Lavender Buttercream OCCO Mocha OCCO Orange Droolious
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