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  1. I have really really been enjoying this, both the scent and the mix. It starts out tobacco/liquor to me and eventually evolves to a more vanilla/sweet tobacco, with the tea balancing it out. I have a hard time pinpointing any of the other scents specifically, but the whole scent has a rich depth to it, like nothing else I've ever worn. And it lasts for hours. The scent alone is easily worth the purchase. It is my favorite scent right now. Wanted man seems to make the girls around me more interested and seems to give my presence more alpha. The effect is definitely noticeable to me. I was surprised at the level of effect given the dosage but I have had nothing but positive female reactions so far. Men also seem to be respectful but not enough of a change to attribute it to this. Needless to say I never want to be without this stuff. However: I am looking for a similar scent unpheroed. I really am enjoying the effects of Wanted Man, but I have yet to find a scent I like for SS4M and I'd really like to try that one as well. (super is a little too much maple/tobacco - and one of the notes is too harsh on my nostrils)
  2. I like this one a lot. Its like sorcerer but the sage is way less dominant to me. Anything similar unphero'd anyone can recommend?
  3. What are the chances of this making a return? I enjoyed my sample back in the day and still have a bit left. Liked the scent more on the most recent try. Went to order more and I find out its gone....
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