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  1. ComingUpRoses

    Private Editions for NOVEMBER 2016

    May I please reserve 1 bottle of Madame President and 1 bottle of Tyvey's Bermuda Breakfast? Per email -if there are any remaining of those two once everyone has had a chance to order, please keep me in mind. Thank you so much ​
  2. ComingUpRoses

    A Treasure of Aquamarine

    Thank you for your affability. Yes, I most certainly will hereon. I genuinely did not think to this time because I didn’t believe it was overstepping boundaries. Those posts were an attempt to learn, engage, be creative -and helpful while at it. I’m sorry things went so awry. I would have stopped right away had I been told to.
  3. ComingUpRoses

    A Treasure of Aquamarine

    Dolly –gurl!!! Thanks for keepin’ it real, I appreciate the dialogue! It’s not my intent to cause annoyance. Please don’t let it be so…life’s too short to get ruffled over trivialities. Of course I’ll cease and desist posthaste I’m not able to detect the various ‘notes’ like the ladies with wonderfully discerning noses. So I go to the Perfumerie, read up on a blend I have or I’m interested in learning more about and post in the respective thread. The newer threads in the forum have the labels and ingredients. The labels are tres exquisite and make for a “purty” thread. The older threads don’t have that so I thought doing something similar would standardize the old with new. I hoped my posts might initiate dialogue which would benefit everyone. And ultimately, if interest was created or increased –that has to be a beautiful thing Regarding the post count, it matters not -truly . The free shipping here at LPMP is most kind. Insofar as that goes, I resolved to never request the two monthly samples or dollar credits for any posts. Have not done so thus far and never intended to. I’m quite taken with the shipping and feel that’s more than enough. I wanted to learn about the LPs and found this to be a good way. It's easy enough to regroup. I’ll go back to the drawing board and try really hard to “’learn notes!!!” Sniff-sniff-sniff . When I have breakthrough and better erudition of the LPs, I’ll post again
  4. ComingUpRoses

    Totem: Goat w/Cops

    ....for explaining
  5. ComingUpRoses

    Goodie Tooshu

    Ohhhhh YESSSSS! Predicated on the quality of the LPs I have had the opportunity to test, absolutely BlueBear -unabashedly so. I would highly recommend any LP blend. They’re THAT good
  6. ComingUpRoses

    Pure Sugar

    All great ideas Stacy! I work around a few super-sniffers so I'll definitely try Pure Sugar in a few UN pheros. As well I ran into my first pointy edge this week wish I would've been armed with PS Thanks again for everything girlfriend! ...the scent equivalent of Topper . THANK YOU Beccah! That'll be an easy way for me to remember how versatile Pure Sugar is
  7. ComingUpRoses


    How did the Gotcha run go
  8. Sneaky Clean is a nice-nice blend and the fragrance suits the name just so. I second the notion! Would buy this as a fragrance even without the SS4W. Just realized Sneaky Clean and Stone Cougar are the same acronym...no wonder it takes me awhile to process when I'm reading posts with "SC" in the text, lol.
  9. Nailed it great order NuTrix! Thrilled about your upcoming 3X SC adventures and can't wait for future reports. Hope the scented TMI works out for you. Totem: Goat not saying a word
  10. CutiePie -- thanks so much, will request email trade so we can discuss further...
  11. ComingUpRoses

    Jennifer's Black Cat Mojo

    Snagged the last bottle of BCM a few weeks ago on ArtFire. Cannot wait to try it based on uber rave reviews
  12. ComingUpRoses

    Pure Sugar

    http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/PureSugar/ Pure Sugar A Layerable Scent Sugar, sugar and more sugar! Enjoy the sweetness of our blend of five kinds of sugars - nothing but the sweetest of notes! If you are a sugar lover this one can be worn alone, or, add some additional sweetness to your favorite blend! What are some of your favorite scents to layer with Pure Sugar divas? How can a new person determine that a scent would be layerable with Pure Sugar? Do tell pretty please.
  13. How do you determine Stone Cougar to be a good layer option with Pure Sugar? I've been interested in PS for quite some time as I luv sweet scents...I'm going now to look for the review link for Pure Sugar
  14. ComingUpRoses

    Mara's Rocket Fuel

    @ LoveStruck -- a hit's a hit! No such thing as 'lame' as it pertains
  15. ComingUpRoses


    This is such a great list to have on the forum. I've come across it only 2-3 times in the past 2.5 months I've been a member. Have to find a better way to navigate thru the site's pages. Still finding it hard to remember where I saw what . For quick reference, I normally click on the pheromone link in the perfumerie...