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  1. Ohhh Yesterday I didn't have much time so I just left 2 more review for LFM and Essence Oil... under Princess Ayana too! thanks for the boost!
  2. I posted my review on Amazon under Princess Ayana.... The review is for Blatant Invitation...
  3. Thanks everyone I will hold on to your advices... I am looking to getting more blends and perfumes with cops(of course) this may... Anyway I was looking for the scent that would smell like refreshing maybe like floral with citrusy gingery type. Something that is invigorating and fresh. Any suggestion? Oh another thing I got my orders last week and I LOVE THEM My self... now I don't care about other people's reaction on this Blatant Invitation, Gotcha and LFM with cops... I just love the smell and feeling I get. I also loved the FERAL perfume but I went to the store and it's not there anymore ... Also the CANDLE IN THE WIND ....Hopefully they will be back. Those scents relaxes me...They just smell soooooo yummy... I love the chocolate and coffee smell too... so I will be reading some more and search...
  4. Is it ok if I mix the 2? like for example I buy plain perfumed oil and then I will mix drops of EoW oils to in in a bottle let it sit for the night, is it possible? and if I have to put pheromones which Unscented pheromone blend should I get? this is for if you want a positive reactions from people towards you. I know I have read somewhere that Women reacts nicely with copulins too. and it's not for me it's for my mom on her immigration interview. I know some consuls are bitchy sometimes and maybe if she's wearing such she'll lighten up the room. please help...
  5. Yay! For now I am on the waiting game.... I hope it's not gonna take more than 2 weeks.... So excited to try them out! Hello there Liz!
  6. ahhhhh I am anxious about getting a shipping confirmation from paypal... I'm sure I'll be more anxious when the babies I ordered are on the way!!!
  7. I would def. look forward to trying their scents. I can't wait till I get mine.... I am so excited... right now I am wearing pherX and I am giddy and I don't even know if its the self reaction to it.. or just happy because of the coming pheros and cops. Anyways if you guys love it I would def. love gotcha and blatant... and oh I got my mom LFM for her interview....
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone! @ missdarlyncherie I didn't get any scents to go with the pheros, I was thinking it should be unscented so I can use my regular perfume to cover the cops and nones scents... I am really new... I am not really sure... so I just read about the reviews and maybe I would like it or it will have same effects on me...
  9. As Soon as I get my pheros with cops I will use it and see for my self the effects and I will give review on Amazon... I've been an amazon customer for YEARSSSSS...
  10. Hello everyone glad I found forum that will help me read reviews about pheromones.. anyways I am currently using PherX I know it's not from here but I have 2 coming pretty soon from here LPMP, Blatant and Gotcha! I also have Alpha 7 but I haven't really used it... Anyways I am looking forward to see the results of the other 2 pheros with cops. mmmmm can't wait actually ahahaha....
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