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  1. I think I am going to go with the levitation but I have only used the oil what is best ratio in spray?
  2. Are heart and soul and levitation compatible together for layering?
  3. I am inquiring to see if any of you have experience with pheromones that work best for people in the salon industry? I am a stylist/colorist and most of my clients are female but I do have males as well. I use essential oils at shampoo bowl for relaxing. Just have been wondering if there's any pheromone potions that would be a good addition? I was possibly thinking levitation, smells so good too.. Any input helps! Thanks xoxo
  4. Oh me ohhhhhh my let me say this smells so lovely! Very feminine and lasted about 6 hours of potent smell. I could actually smell it on myself and could not stop sniffing :-) I say yes to this!
  5. Love love love this stuff! So very thankful for this blend. It has done wonders for me at work around females and also I feel it helped me out at my doctors appointment for radiation the girl was so good to me I've never been treated so well by a doctor nor actually listened to of my concerns! Will keep stocked on this! I do one line from beasts to belly button then use wrists to rub out then two dots behind ears. AMAZING!
  6. Perfect thank you :-) that helps out a lot making my order as we speak. So very excited!
  7. Now Im in a total toss between the Cougar and Popularity lol! I know I am going to end up with both and most definitely going to do the sampler pack deal! What is everyones preference on the oil or spray? I currently have spray but am thinking of giving oil a try. Is it just preference or does one seem to have better results?
  8. Thanks all! Truly appreciate the advice and thank you for the warm welcome! I cannot believe I never even heard of the phermone stuff until recently and now I feel as if it is going to be a complete addiction for me!
  9. I need some suggestions I have been so ready to order just so many options. I have my eyes on the Popularity but have been eyeing the La Femme Mystere as well as so many others. (currently been using stuff from a different company planning to switch here:) ) That being said I absolutely love intensity and energy I love the spotlight effect and less jealousy from the popularity but am also looking for sexual attration as well in the mix. Like I said intensity I like. I do work with and around females but do males as well ( Hairdresser ) So it is a toss up. Any suggestions I would appreciate. I even thought about doing the Popularity and adding couplins? Im just throwing it out there I honestly have no idea! THanks!!!!!
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